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Mighty Victory, Chicago, Nov 5, 1944, dictated using Edna Ballard (Lotus Ray King), excerpts

Beloved Minutemen of St. Germain, as I come to you this morning watching the light as it has expanded here in this group thruout the months past, I wish to give you the encouragement, the great joy which it is to Us to see the steady, all-powerful, ever-expanding mighty blazing increasing light which has gone forth from you over the months past. We add to every wave that you send forth. That which has gone before stands ready & waiting for cosmic amplification to move into quick action in the outer & hold dominion. There is no use in accepting or acknowledging anything but the Victory of Light! I wish to charge you this morning with our positive feeling of the inevitable victory of the Light, & if you will take your unshakable stand not to acknowledge anything except the Victory of the Light which produces perfection for you & thru you, then you give Me the greatest power & opening thru which to act!

That enables all the powers of Light to amplify everything which goes forth from you with their cosmic Victory as well as mine--but takes your continued acceptance, your continued acknowledgment of Victory to bring that into outer manifestation in the physical conditions about you.

Everything to which you direct your attention can be changed with the cosmic flame of my cosmic Victory & those ascended master qualities which have brought Me my Victory for so long.

The outer world has awakened to a great deal within the last year! Now it but remains for the people to take their stand & acknowledge that which they want in order to open the gates wide for the onrush of whatever cosmic power & assistance is necessary to change conditions in the physical octave into the perfection which was once here & shall come again!

I would appreciate very much over the next 30 days in your I AM decrees & as much of your private application as possible you would keep acknowledging my victory of Light, St. Germain's victory & freedom of Light, Hercules' victory & power of Light, Lord Maitreya's victory & love of the Light, the Silent Watcher's cosmic silence & power of Light! The more you give acknowledgment to the victory & then to the special quality of each of the cosmic beings whose assistance you have been calling, the more you will intensify the protective power & pressure which is the impelling Victory of Light forward into outer authority, into conditions of the physical world!

Call forth the cosmic Victory & Authority of Light from the Great Divine Director! Call forth the victory & wealth of Light from the mighty Lord Maha Chohan & mighty Virgo--& I would call it also from the great beings who direct the forces of the elements. Call forth the Victory & power of Light from the Goddess of Light & the Queen of Light! Call forth the cosmic Victory & healing by Light from beloved Nada, Mary, Meta, Quan Yin & Diana!

In the recent star which has appeared there is an intensification of the outpouring of the fire element for the accomplishment of peace! Therefore if you will concentrate on the acknowledgment of my power of Victory, the cosmic flame of cosmic Peace & all the cosmic assistance required to compel it into physical action, then command it to take possession, produce perfection & all needed, you will give us an opportunity to draw forth certain actions of cosmic Law which otherwise would not be possible. We would deeply appreciate your concentration on this acknowledgment over the next 30 days.

The sinister force is caught in the recoil of its own qualities & like all conditions of that sort, the nearer they come to their complete annihilation the more frightful becomes their viciousness because of their increasing fear. That reminds Me, I wish everyone under this radiation would definitely take those two qualities--doubt & fear--& compel their annihilation from the universe forever! Selfishness & discord cover a similar activity because all fear is selfishness & all doubt is discord.

There is so much that acts in mankind's mental & feeling world which is but an aggregate of acceptance in the feelings of the mass of the people thruout the centuries! For some time after the whole negative condition was removed the atomic structure still felt the old condition when it had really been consumed. This is what needs a definite positive call from yourselves using the authority of your lifestreams to acknowledge that you are free from all race consciousness which is not the victory, freedom, purity & perfection of the Light. Then it is as if the hand of your Presence drew out of your atomic structure every rate of vibration which was of the quality & feeling of mass pressure or acceptance of that negativity in all mankind. You will find this will bring you very much greater courage & then you are more conscious of the power & mastery of your own Mighty I AM Presence. It will give you a sense of buoyancy, courage, mastery & control over destructive forces which will allow the light to blaze thru you with very much greater speed & power of action. The mass feeling more often touches the individual's world than anyone knows in the unascended state.

Very vicious threats have been made by the communists about certain things they are going to do if America does not sell out wholesale to them. Well, America is not going to sell out wholesale, We have determined that! (applause, audience rises) Thank you so much. We offer that to the mighty St. Germain for the freedom of America's Light until the Earth itself is freed forever from that which is no part of the divine plan. In acknowledging your Victory of the Light in America be sure you consciously remember South & Central America as well as North America because We want to bring an intensified acknowledgment of the victory, authority & power of Light thruout the Americas & to root out that which already has struck its fangs & claws into the Argentine. So I warn you today, don't let down on your calls for the protection of the three Americas (Canada, USA & Latin America) & use your "drive & bind" decree to drive & bind all that is war or communism back into the brains & bodies of those who own the munitions plants of the world! There are many caught in making munitions yet they don't want to make them at all--We do not have reference to them, they were but caught in the mass onrush of that stream of energy. But if you will drive & bind the intended chaos & destruction intended for America back into the brains & bodies of those who want to continue this war longer, you will find the recoil in the next three months very much more rapid than in the last nine months!

I come this morning to give you the feeling of the cosmic Victory which you must outpicture in America! I shall stand by your sides! Give Me your call & not one shall remain unanswered, but We need all the acknowledgment possible by the people in the physical octave of the victory of Light which they really want & not the acceptance thru fear that the destructive forces are going to get their own way in America. The currents of the sinister force are being thrown back into its midst.

Take your stand that you won't have anything to do with anything except that my Victory is in all that you do. Charge my cosmic feeling of Victory into every bit of substance you contact! Call the Light of my Victory into everything you do! Feel my luminous Presence! Feel my cosmic flame! Feel the power of my voice & BE the manifestation of my cosmic momentum of that victory for which you call! Only the Light can overcome that which has opposed the divine plan & its fulfillment thru mankind! Only the Light is Victory!

If you reread many times the closing discourse in The Ascended Master Light (for excerpts of this see please) you will know just how close you are to my heart! Then you should realize just how close you are to Victory because your victory & my victory are one! You cannot divide Light! Then you should realize that all which is of the shadows flees at my approach! My legions are the angels of Victory & wield power that none on earth have ever seen, none have seen my cosmic Legions of cosmic Victory in full action in the atmosphere of Earth. That is why I wish you to call into action for the next 30 days into the physical octave of Earth the full cosmic action of my cosmic Legions of angels of Victory. & may the atmosphere become so charged with their Light blazing & rarifying the atmosphere to the point where mankind see those flashes of light & are compelled to their knees until they know from whence the mighty powers of this universe come, until they know the power & authority of That greater than themselves! Call to prevent anything bringing revolution into America attempting to cause destruction within her borders or to create hatred of part of her people against others who belong here also.

Well do I know for I have often seen the fear in the sinister force around individuals who have opposed the victory of Light thruout the centuries, for when the cosmic circle of blue flame stands before them & closes in & around them, then they know the authority & power of the Sacred Fire! I AM the cosmic action of the flame of cosmic Love, cosmic Forgiveness & cosmic Victory, as gentle as a summer breeze or as the power of lightning instantly manifest at my command! Those who have for long centuries sought to stand with Me for the victory of the Light to the Earth--now in the hour of final adjustment shall I stand with you. I will reveal what your heart's love for the Light thru the centuries can draw to your beloved nation in this hour of her decision for the final freedom of mankind! This must come before peace can be permanent on the Earth. I decided of my own volition to be that power of victory around you if you would accept Me! That is the end for all time to the sinister forces of Earth!

The beloved Goddess of Light in her constant call for more Light by which she won her victory is my own daughter in service! It is but a gathering of more & more Light by your conscious acknowledgment of Light which brings the overwhelming onrush that is Victory forever. In the mighty host of ascended masters & cosmic beings who govern the destiny of the Earth, in the mighty service that your beloved St. Germain has rendered to mankind thruout the centuries, in all that your beloved Master Jesus brought for the freedom & victory of mankind I have stood always & drawn the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory to assist them! Let there be no acceptance in your mental or feeling world of anything for America but the victory of Light! & if you would like to call for the cosmic power of Victory from the electronic Belt around the physical Sun, you will find an amplification in its cosmic action of that which I represent from the orb Venus.

When you wish to call forth any particular quality from these great individualized centers of cosmic action of the Light & Sacred Fire you have but to place your attention upon them, giving your adoration to your I AM Presence, & your call to It & to them will start into action by the very energy you send forth the power of victory for which you call. Then you must know the cosmic law has sent us to your assistance because it has demanded the end of that which has destroyed God's gifts to mankind for so long, the end of that which has dared to oppose itself to the fulfillment of the divine plan of all creation. There must come these manifestations of Light which compel mankind to witness the cosmic actions of Light, of Intelligence & of the Sacred Fire before which they know they must bow.

Mighty Victory: