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Mighty Victory, Sante Fe, New Mexico, 10-27-45, excerpts, dictated to Edna Ballard

Beloved ones of Light, in coming to you this evening to bring the radiation & love which are my privilege to expand to life everywhere I wish you to feel what it means to know nothing but Victory. & how do you suppose that realization first came to Me? It came from the explanation of the Law; & how tremendously sensitive the atmosphere about you is to your every thought & feeling under your conscious direction. One understanding that will realize the only possible source of eternal Victory is your own Mighty I AM Presence & the beings from Our great octave of Life. Now then, if you were fiercely determined to rend the veil of the atmosphere & see in Our octave the perfection of Our consciousness which is eternal Victory, your Mighty I AM Presence would say to you, "Here is My hand, at last the barriers are gone." Mankind have not understood how easily the electronic force in the atmosphere picks up & records thoughts, feelings & spoken words of the individual but I say to you when one has become wholly conscious of all that is within the I AM Presence & all that takes place when you speak those Words "Mighty I AM Presence" into the ethers about you you will realize that what seems to be a barrier is not so in reality at all.

Every time you allow the Unfed Flame in your heart to go forth in an I AM decree or the release of the great cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ you are imprinting upon universal substance the authority & perfection of your own Unfed Flame. That is why you came here, because in doing that you draw the universal light-substance into your own consciousness or by your own conscious direction you raise it into the full control, the eternal control of your own Unfed Flame of Life. In other words you have taken universal light-substance by the love & action of your Individualized Unfed Flame, you have fanned it into another flame & it becomes the action of sacred fire within your own Causal Body.

Every time you see your Chart of the I AM Presence thank your I AM Presence that the cyclic moment has struck wherein the Eye-picture of mankind's reality can be brought into the physical octave of Earth. & never fail to make the call when you see that Presence illustrated in the Chart: make your call that every person on this planet on bended knees shall be compelled to see his or her own I AM Presence as it exists in the Chart & also see the ascended host Above--regardless of all human creation that is wound around them at the present time--because if enough people will make the call that all mankind be awakened & compelled to see their source, then the great cosmic beings of the universe who are the cosmic Law will answer you.

Thru the use of the great creative Word I AM with the understanding of the power which is within It & what can be accomplished by Its conscious direction you become the authority over everything thru the sacred fire of your own lifestream which is your Mighty I AM Presence! When you give your I AM decrees it is not just a speaking into the ethers of certain calls & releasing certain vibratory action of energy to produce a manifestation, not at all! This is but a very small result of your decrees. When you begin to deal with the Cosmic Christ which is the infinite I AM Presence everywhere present you are dealing with the ascended masters' action of the fire element, the sacred fire, because the Cosmic Christ is that! Therefore in the momentum which you build thru giving your decrees you are gathering cosmic light-substance which becomes when you reach a certain momentum an action of the sacred fire around yourselves. That continues until you stand forth the jewel in the heart of the lotus of the sacred fire. Then every quality which you have intensified & drawn forth into a momentum bursts when it reaches a certain intensity of action into a flame of that quality.

That is why people who disregard the Messenger's request to come into the large groups are missing the greater action of the sacred fire, because one individual giving your decrees alone at home does not draw the same cosmic momentum & power which the cosmic Law focuses into a room where there are many gathered doing the same thing! It is just the same as the seed planted within the ground. Until it becomes fullgrown you do not have the blossom or the fruit. That only comes when its momentum reaches a certain point. The same thing is true in your decrees, in your music, in anything you do in the business world or anywhere else. When you call to your Mighty I AM Presence to make everything in your world the Victory of the ascended masters' divine plan fulfilled & then you remember to charge & acknowledge that Victory around you constantly, never giving acceptance to anything else, you will find the ethers about you tremendously sensitive! It is just as if you took many sparks &, fanning them, produced the flame. Perfection cannot come without the use of the fire element. The fire element, the sacred fire, has to function thru earth, water & thru air! therefore whatever you are dealing with in the physical world must be blessed, charged, directed & protected by some action of the sacred fire, or you don't accomplish that which you desire.

If there be discord then purify it by the violet consuming flame & still qualify it with the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory & make it your own! Seize it by the use of the sacred fire! Make it your Victory for centuries to come! Build your momentum by the use of that sacred fire, & everything must yield to your I AM commands to fulfill the divine plan. My cosmic Victory qualifies everything with its perfection, then as you move forward you will find a great joy in compelling conditions which seem to be opposing the Light to reverse & make them become the cosmic flame of Purity & Victory! Then you will enjoy the process of cleaning up the world instead of feeling it is such a problem & struggle into which sometimes you almost go down. If you will enjoy commanding everything to become the cosmic Victory of the Cosmic Christ you will imprint upon the ethers about you the patterns of perfection, & the power of the sacred fire will draw forth from Our octave the manifestations of that Victory! Had you ever thought of just acknowledging the Victory of cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ in every cell of your bodies as It bursts into a living golden flame of perfection? In the cleansing process where the whole world is having its habits & human creation reversed We must have a focus of those who understand this Law who will be absolutely inflexible in their acknowledgment of their Victory. Then Our power is like the point of a wedge. In whatever seems wrong We can begin to drive the wedge of that flame into destructive conditions. It is the action of the fire element which burns away everything unlike itself. That is why it is the Victory of Life because it is the eternal cohesive power of the universe.

You see my cosmic power & momentum of the fire element were gathered by the amount of Love & Forgiveness which I sent forth qualified with sacred fire to touch all things! It is a magic wand of power which compels all raised into the sacred fire of Victory! When you raise all things into the great cosmic Love of the Cosmic Christ you have raised them into the activity of the sacred fire, & that is eternal. Now as you move forward you will see the necessity of visualizing, acknowledging & feeling that you move clothed in a sun of dazzling golden flame! If you will acknowledge it as my Victory of cosmic Love & Forgiveness & as my power of sacred fire it will enable Me to draw around each of you who gives that acknowledgment an action of the cosmic Law to intensify your own personal effort with the momentum of my cosmic power.

Feel yourselves clothed in the mantle of Jesus' living Light--within it is all power! Feel him hold you in his loving embrace & know you are the Victory of his Love & Consciousness every hour! The same with Myself, beloved Godfre, mighty Master St. Germain & every ascended being. Forget not your beloved Nada! These blessed ones who have stood guarding St. Germain's I AM activities all thru the centuries have helped you come to this point! Give your acknowledgment & feel you are part of Our flame! Feel you are held in the mighty cosmic momentum of the fire element of the cosmic Love which is Our privilege to be & to direct! Then there are no longer two but just one--the Victory of cosmic Love supreme, the Master Presence of the universe! Everything unascended must one day become the action of the sacred fire! Nothing else counts! Everything which is not the eternal Victory of cosmic Love is but a changing passing vibratory action! BE this cosmic power of the Cosmic Christ & know the power in God's great name I AM! It is the flame of God's Love given to all to produce the perfection which is eternal happiness. Dare to command as We command the annihilation of all that was never intended to be!

May the blessings of the Cosmic Christ, the Mighty I AM Presence & the Higher Mental Body of every lifestream on this Earth, & the ascended host draw into the physical octave a concentrated power of the Victory of cosmic Love supreme! May mankind awaken to its acknowledgement & have the glory & freedom which Life commands TO COME FORTH NOW! Be at peace! Feel yourselves clothed in the mantle of living flame that penetrates all things & raises all things into the perfection & Victory of Life as God intends! I AM Victory to all who want Me forever! May the sacred fire which is at my command reveal itself to you in its fullness & show you what is in my heart for you! I thank you, beloved beloved beloved ones of the Victory of cosmic Love! I thank you!

El Morya & St. Germain: