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El Morya: Letter to Mrs. Ballard, Theosophical Society, Christian Science, Rosicrucian Society, Unity School of Christianity of April 1, 1952

(The following material on the following webpages was originally published in Bridge to Freedom Journal/Bulletin, Kings Park, NY in the 1950s.) It is time that the pioneers of the spiritual highway joined together the energies of their people to more effectually stem the tide of evil that must be rooted out of the human race before the permanent Age of Peace & world Brotherhood can be established.

It is certainly for the spiritually elect, those whose studies & convictions have given them a clearer & deeper insight into the causes acting behind the present manifestations of world chaos than orthodox theology can offer, to put aside their separate interests & individual prides & meet together on a common ground, presenting a united front to the small minority of misguided humanity who are responsible for the menace of communism & war. The founder of the fine organization, The Christophers, wisely points out that less than 1% of mankind is responsible for the major distresses that beleaguer the great majority of the people. Their unpleasant strength lies in the unity of their energies, endeavors & disintegrating purpose.

The purpose of your spiritual organization is one with the purpose of all other sincere organizations dedicated to enlightening mankind & leading them upon the path toward self-mastery & individual completeness. The perfecting & illuminating of each member of the human race, no matter by which road he may travel, is essential to an active effective world Brotherhood in which peace, opulence, health & expanding perfection may be created, sustained & consciously expanded. The old story of the one rotten apple in the barrel is most assuredly applicable to the mankind of Earth.

The greater majority of the people are followers of a few God-chosen individuals to whom they look for their pattern, their course, their reception or rejection of truth or fallacy as the case may be. It is therefore up to the leaders of the metaphysical, the occult & spiritual schools to use the prerogative of their leadership & to exercise the influence of their wisdom & judgment in helping to join forces of the constructive people of the world of tolerant, understanding, active Brotherhood whereby the spiritual energies of their people may be combined to take & hold the control of our planet & its people against the small minorities that choose to plunge us into wars, kill our youth & cause constant anxieties & tension in the hearts of all straight-thinking, constructive human beings.

To do this it is not necessary to forego your own individual teachings, creeds, codes, rules & regulations any more than the Catholic, Protestant or Jewish congregations have lost their individual identities in uniting their strengths. They have however inculcated a new spirit of tolerance in their members & strangely enough found a common band of truth underlying the fundamental beliefs of their separate selves. Many books have been published on the chicanery & invalidity of various movements but none on the common good which is served by all.

Are you not willing to join a spiritual world movement & thru an impartial publication allow the purpose, tenets & accomplishments of your teachings to reach all the peoples on the spiritual path? Thus tolerant understanding, broader knowledge will enable us to blend our strengths, unite our energies &, who knows, we may find the foundation of truth beneath all the movements to be one.

A caravan crossing the trackless wastes is stronger when the company is many although each may have a separate mission, an individual interest & at the end of the journey each may pursue a different course.

We await your reaction & know confidently that because you have been chosen by God to lead a portion of the people you are primarily desirous of forwarding the Cause of world peace, world unity, individual security & planetary freedom for all mankind from the ills to which our race is presently heir.

We hope you will be interested in joining a humanitarian world movement in which all metaphysical & spiritual groups are represented, & thru it knit the energies of each group into the united front against evil, bigotry, intolerance, war, disease & hatreds of every kind. Through the offices of an impartial digest We may give the basis of each group's specialized activities to the world.

St. Germain: Letter of Oct 1, 1952, excerpts

It is to be regretted that in the final hour of mankind's greatest trial the very few lifestreams who are cognizant of the Divine Plan, the Presence of God & the Great White Brotherhood must strain at the gnat & swallow the camel.

It was never intended to start a new activity but to broaden the field of service of the present activity by engaging the competent & willing services of lifestreams not presently allowed full expression of their talents in widening the borders of the Father's kingdom. Many hundreds of thousands of soul have not been privileged to receive the instruction brought forth in My name due to barriers of language, limitation in the production & distribution of illuminating literature & the unhappy "excommunications" which resulted from misunderstandings of a human nature.

Meanwhile the Cosmic Law had given the Brotherhood approximately 20 years to secure the self-conscious illumination of the Earth's atmosphere which alone could be accomplished through the expansion of the Light in the hearts of all men, the three & one-half billion who were presently embodied & the five to six billion awaiting embodiment. A way & means by which We might reach the consciousness of the people had to be devised. The Journal of The Bridge to Freedom was the solution to this problem. Mrs. Ballard was informed prior to any other individual of the purpose for which the monthly Journal came forth & was courteously invited to allow Us the opportunity of supporting her work & perfoming through other well-qualified individuals the task of reaching lifestreams other than those presently blessed by the knowledge of the I AM Activity. We shall continue to expand the workable knowledge of the Cosmic Law & time & harvest will confirm the God intent behind this endeavor.

The Sun cannot limit its shining to one beam nor the Love of God to one human consciousness, no matter how well attuned it may have been to the vibrations of the Masters.

St. Germain: 7-18-53(?) dictation via Geraldine Innocente of The Bridge, excerpted:

We had hoped to the very last to secure the support or at least to avoid the active opposition of Mrs. Ballard, but as this has not been possible We shall have to pass through a period of transition during which the sheep & the goats again must choose their respective paths & then abide in the goal to which those paths will ultimately lead.

It is to be regretted that the very activity which I instituted at so great a cost of energies & such a great investment of Love should have again built into the inner bodies of those who responded to My keynote fear & superstitions that have atrophied the reasoning processes in the mental body & energized the emotional bodies with fanatical zeal rather than God-controlled enthusiasm.

It is so easy for energy to get away from the original purpose for which it was dedicated, especially if the channel through which that energy has been focused diverts from the original motive which became the pulsation of the release.

The Cosmic Law has given Us 20 years in which to accomplish an almost impossible task--the purification of the inner bodies of the race, the raising of the vibratory action of the physical body, the attunement of the brain consciousness to the heartflame & the expansion of the Spirit of god through the souls until each aura emits Light. Although We need thousands of trained lifestreams to assist Us We must begin with a handful & this handful, strongly impressed with the teachings of the various channels through which they have evolved, must be re-educated individually & collectively.

St. Germain: dictations of 9-30-53 & 8-25-53 via Geraldine Innocente, excerpted:

The endeavor of the Great White Brotherhood is to unfold the spiritual nature within every lifestream which must be developed from within the soul of every man. Earth's children must of themselves provide the Light which is required to insure the Earth a permanent place in this solar system. This Light comes through the hearts of men. If they are not given an opportunity to learn the Law & are denied by language restrictions & by limitations of distribution the tremendous accumulated store of wisdom that lies unprinted, how can they be counted upon to contribute their Light?

It was for the purpose of reaching these millions that this endeavor was started not as a new activity but as a complement to the former, a supplement, not a competitor.

Serapis Bey: dictations via Geraldine Innocente in 1950s, excerpted:

Of the one hundred boats that left Poseidonis only ten arrived. Time & karmic conditions were such that the Cosmic Moment could not wait the arrival of the vessels at their locations if they were delayed beyond a certain date for any reason....

When the final island of Atlantis was about to sink beneath the waves the priesthood who had remained true to the spiritual hierarchy endeavored to reach the consciousness of the people & warn them of the impending cataclysmic changes. Novelty appeals to the outer mind, & for a time it was a subject of conversation & considerable interest. But the sustained enthusiasms & interests of the people soon determined the aspirants, the servers, the chelas from the dilettantes, & as the years went by the priesthood became hard, arrogant, superior, so versed in the Law that they closed in a mental shell their consciousness from the pressures of inspiration & from the Christ message which comes like the dove humbly, simply & unadorned. In this spiritual arrogance the priesthood swayed the masses, & those who represented the true spiritual order were very few.

Those of us who did remain true to the Light were informed when it was time for the sinking of the continent. At a certain hour on a certain night we loaded our boats with all the beautiful treasures from our Temples, those that we were able to wrest from the hands of the greedy priesthood. With a prayer in our hearts & the faithful few in our boats we sailed across the Atlantic & the Pacific to many lands.

None of us knew where we were going until we opened the sealed orders after we had left the shore. We knew there was a timing, an element to be considered because the sinking of a continent vitally affects the mighty oceans & we were in small barks which tossed like chips on the waves of the sea.

We found on opening our orders that we were destined for Egypt. The forty of us concentrating our prayer force, faith, physical energies & our endurance spelled ourselves oft day & night rowing to assist the sails, each trying to meet that deadline not so much interested in the survival of our bodies but interested in getting our cargo, the embers of the Ascension Flame which was the spiritual heritage from Atlantis entrusted to us, on dry land before our boat was overwhelmed by the rising sea. & we did! We sailed up the Nile & when we landed in the region of Luxor we carried with us in a golden brazier thru rain, wind & storm a living flame, Heart of the Ascension Temple on Atlantis, to plant at Luxor. with our own bodies we cradled that Flame. Each one of us breathing the flame of our hearts within It & breathing the breath from our lips upon It & the prayers of our souls & spirits kept It alive for that hour when we landed. How grateful our hearts were that there was even an ember. Around that Flame of the Ascension we knelt & as we did the Earth trembled & the mighty Nile swelled over its banks. I admit the tears fell as Poseidonis the heart of Atlantis, the home that we had known & the temples, the magnificence of which has not yet come forth again since that day, our loved ones, our families, passed beneath the waves into the heart of the sea.

We spelled each other oft at the oars rowing against time, knowing that a Cosmic Moment waits for no weariness of flesh, no doubt of mind, no fear in the feelings, nor any externalization of destructive karma of any man who might be a part of that boatload of individuals entrusted with the mission of carrying the Ascension Flame to Luxor. We had to reach our goal despite any & all individual & collective obstacles within a given time. How we rejoiced when we reached the mouth of the Nile & knew we were at last within 500 miles of our goal! the tears fell upon our cheeks as for a moment we stretched our arms & flexed the muscles in our arms & hands to relieve them from the pressure of service at the oars which we had manned to drive our galley forward when the winds did not fill our sails & help us to reach our goal. We thanked the God that made us as we gazed at the still glowing embers of that Ascension Flame, knowing that within Its Presence was the way back home not only for ourselves but for all who would lose their bodies in the sinking of Atlantis & who would again wait at the gates of birth for new embodiment upon the remaining landed surface of the Earth. rising with renewed strength by acknowledgment of our source we rowed up the river to Luxor. I remember the commendable restraint of the members of our company who rather than rushing over the side of the boat as it rode at anchor awaited my disembarking, carrying the brazier within which the Spark of the Ascension Flame still burned. Then forming a dignified procession all followed me ashore. We knelt about that Flame which we had kept alive by our very breath, our prayers & application during the rainy nights at sea, during the foggy days as the heavy winds beset our slight bark. As we knelt thus pouring our love into the Ascension Flame from the embers new Light grew. At the same time as the great Nile River swelled & the Earth shook we remembered Atlantis.

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