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El Morya: Causes & Cores, 1950s, via G. I.

Speaking on the subject of causes & cores upon which you work so much here individually & as a group, have you thought about the picture you hold in mind concerning this cause & core of anything? Looking at your inner worlds of thought & feeling as of course I AM easily able to do I see that to most of you that cause & core seems to you like a dead & still accumulation of substance. I see your picturization of such causes & cores looking something like charcoal, dark & "dead". However, it is very very different from that!

Actually such causes & cores are constantly pulsating accumulations of substance discordantly qualified which send out radiating energy all of the time. This is the heart-center which gives life to the entity. When I say "radiating" substance I did not say "radiant" energy; there is a difference. Let us be specific--I mean that the cause & core of any condition upon which you are decreeing is a living moving thing like a whirlpool of energy with discordant radiation passing out from it.

When you call to beloved Astrea to lock her cosmic Circle & Sword of Blue Flame of Thousands of Suns From the Great Central Sun around such a cause & core & then close in upon it--what happens? Thru beloved Astrea's great assistance the motion of the whirling center within that cause is stopped, the radiation of the destructively qualified energy ceases & the cohesive power which held those electrons together to form a focus of distress then lets go. When that letys go those electrons immediately arise & return to the sun of their source for purification by violet fire & repolarization by divine love so that they may be used again to fulfill some divine plan. We shall be so grateful when you are actually able to see what takes place at your call.

As beloved Astrea moves into action upon that cause & core with her Circle & Sword of Blue Flame that Circle of Blue Flame completely surrounds that whole accumulation & close in upon it. The Sword of Blue Flame strikes down from above directly into the center of that cause & core, loosing the cohesive power which holds it together. Then the electrons separate; they literally fly apart & that focus of discord is no more.

Now conversely you have a constructive manifestation of a cause & core of light in what you refer to as your silver cord, the stream of life constantly pouring from your I AM Presence into your physical heart & your Holy Christ Self which is anchored there. Of course the radiation which pours out from these causes & cores is wholly constructive & is a living constantly flowing activity of light substance. There is really nothing static in this whole universe, beloved ones. Your individualized Presence I AM originally set up the cause of your manifestation here & then the cause & core of divinity was actually anchored within your physical heart. The radiation passing out from this cause & core is good & is the positive constructive vibratory action of your own individualization.

Mother Mary: A Spirit of Grace, Kindness, Tolerance & Understanding

As warmth entering into a room changes its atmosphere into a more pleasant one raising the vibratory action of that atmosphere into comfort, so does the radiation of grace & pure impersonal divine love carry thru the lifestream of an unascended being the transmuting action of the sacred fire to energies which have been solidified thru many bitter experiences in the course of the ages. These are the causes of all hard feelings.

Beloved ones, I have been asked to present to you the inner pattern of this week's activities in their very simplest form. they are the creation by conscious application of a spirit of grace, kindness, tolerance & understanding by which true world brotherhood is expressed. This spirit of grace is a substance! It is a radiation & a pressure of energy! Just as the pressures of discord, the whirls of anger & those various discordant qualities entering into the world of another lifestream can cause distress so do pressures of a constructive radiation bring peace & healing.

The mastery of your own energies becomes the path for your own individual ascension. The mastering of those energies is the process which has been referred to as the darsham of the East, as the grace of the Christian Dispensation & as the violet transmuting fire of mercy & freedom of the New Era under my beloved friend the Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Those of you who have studied thru the years well know that energy is powerful, that there is no beating heart who does not draw energy. The magnetic center within the heart drawing the electrons from the I AM Presence creates a focus of energy enabling the individual to have thoughts, feelings, etheric memories & physical acts.

You are dealing primarily with energy. In fact you are energy centers, vibratory centers sending out into the universe that which is a blessing to life or that which adds to the distress of the world. You chose as did every man & woman who is upon the planet tody to use life to experiment with energy. You chose to learn thru trial & error what energy could do. The returning circle of that energy carries the stamp of your lifestream.

Now, beloved ones, we come to a point where we desire some members of the race to understand just the simple principle that energy does not act except under the direction of some self-conscious intelligence. If you are going to let the bodies which were fashioned for you by the great builders of form direct your life, you will have to handle the return of the indiscriminate qualification of the energies which the etheric, mental, emotional & physical bodies have catapulted forth into the universal.

Instead of this you should give the dignity, authority & power of directing that energy back into the glorious Threefold Flame of God within your heart. Your vehicles were fashioned, blessed hearts of light, as instruments thru which you might create as the Godhead Himself creates thru which you might pour forth into the mental, emotional, etheric & physical realms the perfection of your own I AM Presence. These bodies were not created to be independent, indulgent, rebellious, gluttonous vehicles which steal the energy of the Godhead & send it forth to distress life!

Within the contemplation of your own blessed heart, within the closet of which Jesus spoke, you find the center of your being, that center which has been referred to in previous terminology as the secret place of the Most High. It is the immortal Threefold Flame of God which lives within your heart. There is enthroned your divinity era after era, age after age patiently choosing to inhabit & sustain your form, hoping for the opportunity of fulfilling itself thru the vehicles which it holds in form by the very magnetic power of its divine love that keep it from dissolution.

When you find that center within your heart, when you enter deep within that immortal flame & you can accept the mastery which is there, then in dignity & firmness you can put your house in order. You know, you are afraid of your own bodies! You are afraid of what you will do under stress & strain, of how your thoughts & feelings will act & of how the etheric memories will surge forth. Therefore you are not fully master in your own home! Can you not give to this Threefold Flame the confidence to control the servants of your household? Can you not release yourself from the tensions which are so evident & allow the Lord of Life to assume the mastery of your vehicles? Holding your mind up to your own I AM Presence use it to receive Its divine ideas, use your emotional body to radiate forth whatever constructive quality is required in your homes at any given moment, in your group activities, in your nation or in the world.

The emotional body was created primarily in a very pliable & elastic form so that it could be expanded until it becomes planetary in size if its is a good conductor of that which mankind needs. All of the world, beloved ones, is your schoolroom. There will not be a day pass in which you will not meet energy from the consciousness of individuals who have no idea of mastery & control which will either change your energy into a like turmoil or which you will sublimate & transmute, not by will but by love!

When you are dealing with individuals who require instruction on the Law, when you are dealing with people in pain & distress, in fear or in anger, the very first thing you must have is some capacity to utilize the activity of darsham & draw from your Causal Body God-qualified energies which fill the atmosphere of the room & are the master control before you attempt your service. When you come to the service of handling great numbers are you going to be able to connect your emotional world with mine, your mental world with Lord Maitreya, your physical bodies with Lord Michael? Are you going to be able to plant your feet firmly upon the rocking surface of the Earth or the rushing tides of the sea as Jesus did commanding & securing Peace? Are you going to be a comfort, a balance, a protection, a healing conductor or are you going to be swept into the chaos of the uncontrolled?

Beloved friends, this is a very serious & important activity. Somehow We must reach your outer mind to a point where the holding of your emotional balance, the holding of your peace, the holding of that spirit of goodwill & tolerance becomes important enough to you so that you will relinquish the rights of self & learn to be the outpost of Ourselves which you profess & decree that you wish to be.

Cosmic moments come & go! I have lived thru many! In those moments if you are not prepared & at peace you are temporarily cut off from the Brotherhood as a channel for their outgoing controlled force-- which would but energize your chaos were They to pour it out to you when you were in distress.

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