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Everyone who enters that Brotherhood gives his all to it. It is enriched by each one who has ascended & becomes a part of it. that total momentum of light is accessible & available at the moment of any cosmic risis. The Great cosmic silent Watcher may see certain vortices of destructively qualified energy. He then notifies local Silent Watchers of this situation. These individual Silent Watchers in turn often use the bodies of harmonious chelas as a conductor to funnel constructively qualified energy into these destructive vortices, transmuting their cause & core. In this case the fully gathered momentum of the Great White Brotherhood may be channeled thru the mind, feelings, etheric body & physical body of a harmonious chela. If the particular chela who has been sponsored by some member of the ascended host is in a condition of distress the great Seraphim have to look elsewhere to find some harmonious lifestream, perhaps one wholly unconscious of the ascened masters & therefore not as good a conductor as a student who has used the purifying violet flame. Thru such an unconscious conductor a thread of benediction flows, whereas a conscious chela would be a great conduit of light. Do you see?

The unconscious conductors have served us often thru the ages & they are blessed indeed! However, just as the inside of a pipe becomes corroded & filled with impure substance, so does the consciousness of the average individual become filled with impure thought, feeling & etheric substance unless there is conscious use by that individual of the violet fire which compels the purification of their individual lifestreams. Therefore unconscious conductors do not make as wide an open door for the masters' service as do conscious chelas who have used the violet fire of purification. It is a tragedy indeed for one to have worked twenty years with the violet fire & at a cosmic moment be unfit to conduct the protection which might save a city! Preparation, application & purification are magnificent because thru the forcefields of your groups & thru your individual selves they create a wider & wider conduit of light. The radiation & pressures of the great ones flowing thru them are a great blessing to mankind.

Remember my words! Do less if you must but hold your state of grace, hold the harmony, hold the peace, hold those feelings of love & tolerance so that you may be ready when you are needed to serve. You are going to deal with great numbers of people in the near future, particularly when you learn to become a conductor of the light & gifts of your Causal Body. Your radiation will be different from that of any other person because the creation of your Causal Body has been an individual accomplishment. Your Causal Body has been builded from the day you first received conscious life. All thru the ages which you have lived your Causal Body has grown like a beautiful flame flower, an aureole of living color. The services you have rendered whether they have been patriotic, educational, philanthropic, artistic, scientific, or religious have become your gifts to the Earth. This momentum of good awaits release thru your vehicles as a radiation of light which can benefit the Earth & her people.

Now why let the glory of that Causal Body function only in the inner realms while you are in limitation, while you are experiencing age, disease & distress down here when it is so easy to consciously call forth from your Causal Body into your magnificent Tubes of Light the qualities of perfection which you require to bless life? Why do you not externalize for the blessing of the race that which you have prepared yourselves for centuries? Why do you not this day, entering into that secret place of the Most High, begin the release of your own harmoniously qualified energies of life which abide within your Causal Body awaiting your call?

When you master that art, when your aura is very comfortable to others, when it conducts instantaneous healing power, when you can give mankind that which they seek, you will need the strength to stand & continue to pour out your gifts to life & not be smothered by the greedy & frightened energies of those who will come to you for help. Build today, my friends, build today! Those of you who are group directors use this activity in your classwork, use it! Where you have a group of harmonious students there is no limit to the activities which can be released from the Great White Brotherhood to benefit the Earth at your call. Before you begin the services of your group silently call thru the energy in the room those flames of purity, peace, comfort & understanding & then you can more easily accomplish that which should be done.

Paul the Venetian: Precipitation

I beg you to take my notes in consecutive order for they are like the scientific steps in a chemical process, none of which may be omitted in order to have a successful achievement. They represent the action of the Holy Spirit & must not be considered as entertainment or mere accretion of useless knowledge. I expect every student to study & make this instruction a part of himself that the hue & cry about precipitation may be stilled & this law be utilized to the fulfillment of the divine plan. Neither breathing nor walking nor any other process of living can be accomplished in a haphazard manner nor can the laws that govern the universe be applied by mere wishful thinking or wild ejaculations or incomplete application of cosmic principle. Please get that straight.

Preliminary definitions: 1. The Permanent Atom--a nucleus of the physical form. Some time back Kuthumi mentioned the projection of the permanent atom into the mental form of the desired precipitation. This permanent atom is the nucleus--the cohesive power--around which the electronic substance is drawn to create the perfect physical form required. 2. The Electronic Light--the universal light substance unformed but intelligent. The electronic light to which we refer which fills the universe contains within itself a central core of blue-white flame. 3. The Creative Power--the Godhead, the Threefold Flame. The Godhead is the creative activity of life--the Threefold Flame, the triple activity--Father, Son & Holy Spirit--& this is the only creative power in the universe. Please restudy the above paragraphs until you can differentiate between the Creative Power & the Light Substance which is the essence that obeys & becomes the clothing of the creative flame. 4. The great Threefold Flame may multiply itself without limit & form points of consciousness anywhere in the universe. Whether it is the Godhead direct or whether it is a spark from the Godhead--the might I AM Presence in the individual--this makes no difference. The fire of creation is equally powerful whether it is in the heart of the Great Central Sun or in the heart of the man in the gutter.

The electrons & the fire of creation: As the electrons flow down the lifestream from the mighty I AM Presence into the physical heart they contain the fire of creation & each electron may become the nucleus or cause of whatever form the individual decrees into existence. Thus the electron may become the body of a child, the seed of a spiritual idea, the nucleus of a great international movement, the heart of a novel or a celestial symphony.

The electron which enters the heart & becomes part of the lifestream of a self-conscious intelligence may be consciously projected into the electronic substance & around that minute particle of the fire of creation the universal substance is drawn. Without the permanent atom the universal substance remains unformed. The permanent atom is the cohesive power & divine will that draws the electronic substance into form.

The electronic light descends thru your lifestream into the heart which is the cup that receives the light & then according to the divine plan the electrons ascend again thru the throat into the head. When the electronic stream of energy reaches the heart & begins again its upward ascent the inner eye can see that stream of light pour downward & another ascend in such rapid succession that it looks like the shading of the same stream, but if you interpenetrate that stream of energy you will see that half is descending & half is ascending.

Four steps to create the Permanent Atom of your desire or plan: First step. Make a mental picture of that which you wish to precipitate. Second step. Know & feel that the fire of creation flowing thru you is one with that which created the universe. Third step. You absolutely withdraw all power from the personality as the Doer. Fourth step. From the three centers, the heart, the throat & the head, you consciously project a stream of electronic substance into the mental picture. Result. The formation of the Permanent Atom of your picture is formed. As the rays coalesce they become the Threefold Flame--the Permanent Atom--which draws the substance of the universe around it, & your precipitated form is completed.

How to project a stream of electronic substance from your three centers: First, we use the pink ray, the cohesive power of love. Let Me show you. From the heart the electronic substance flows in a pink ray which is the cohesive power of love, the magnetic force that draws the blue light of the electrons into form. Second, using the gold ray the mental picture is outlined in golden light. From the head comes the gold ray which is the mental picture of the divine will which has projected the divine plan into a mold or matrix. Thus your mental mold is usually outlined in golden light. Third, the blue ray is the focus of power. From the throat goes forth the blue ray which is the focus of power which gives to the precipitation its strength, endurance & ability to stand against the disintegrating powers of the outer world. This is as simple an accomplishment as breathing, but it must be worked out in orderly succession.

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