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Paul the Venetian: Harmony of Creation, via G. I.

All creation in accordance with the divine plan consists not only of perfected forms but harmonious sounds. Cosmic creation takes place in a symphony of exquisite melody. When the Godhead or the Solar Lords create a universe & a mankind you may liken them to a composer creating a glorious symphony on a cosmic organ. Every individual sent forth from the heart of the Creator has a particular note or tone which is established by the consciously-created wavelength of the cosmic energy flowing into the Threefold Flame of that individualization. That cosmic tone emitted by every electron in that particular lifestream flows out continually as a conscious part of the music of the spheres. As the electrons swing around the central core of love their speed determines the note which may be used in any number of blends, & thus creation is a cosmic harmony of sound. There is no such thing as a false note for the will of the Creating Intelligence establishes each tone & halftone, & every succeeding electron flowing from the Godhead carries to its particular lifestream that same harmony & flow of musical beauty.

The electrons as they flow from the Presence thru the personal self carry this same natural harmony within them & take up their place as atoms of the flesh body--each electron moving in a harmonious motion emitting the sound decreed into being by the Godhead for that lifestream. The cosmic note is sounded when the first atom of the physical body is brought forth & the builders of form & the devas of birth coalesce the substance of earth, water & air around this permanent atom in absolute harmony to that inner note. Thus the flesh body in its natural state is a constant radiating center of uninterrupted harmonious sound & color, as should be the etheric, mental & emotional bodies, for the same color & sound follow thru in their particular element.

The life experience has shattered this natural harmony by constant shocks, irritation, annoyances, anger & changed the speed of the electron around the core of love, changed their natural wavelength & put them out of harmony with their divine plan thereby creating a discord & broken rhythm.

Uninterrupted harmony is essential for precipitation because the electrons drawn from your Presence as they sweep into your feeling world are immediately thrown offcenter, & as creation can only take place thru harmony any precipitation drawn forth without this harmony is likewise offcenter & unbalanced. The more uninterrupted harmony there is in your inner bodies the purer & more permanent & more beautiful will be your precipitation. There is nothing that warrants the breaking the harmony of your lifestream. This is the reason that silence & peace & no human opinions have been stressed, for most of you do not even know your note & none of you are expressing your cosmic tone.

You have heard the broken rhythm of your modern music, & when you step into the atmosphere of another human being the jangle & discord of their atoms is more pronounced than even this distorted music. As a matter of fact this distorted music is but a copy of the emanation of the lifestream of the composer!

The music of the Bridge activity, or any harmonious melody, will assist you in rearranging the electronic substance of your body & the heart of the silence will pour thru these electrons their cosmic note again. The mighty being Harmony will give you inestimable assistance as you call forth, command, demand & insist upon unbroken harmony from your own lifestream. No person, place, condition or thing is important enough to destroy your harmony because the individual only condemns that which is outside when he has not mastered that which is within!

Having seen the very smallest electron projected forth from the Godhead, We know that within even one of these electrons is all the power & potential creative activity of the Deity. It is Our endeavor to draw forth for the individual who is ready for such assistance the gifts that are inherent within the Life so freely & constantly given into his use & governing power. As uncountable numbers of these electrons pass into the being of every member of the human race every minute if an individual were to utilize the talents, gifts & creative power within even one such electron he would be amazed at the perfection & generosity of the gift of Life itself.

Kuthumi: The Sacred Fire, via G. I.

Chela. Beloved Master, what is the sacred fire mentioned so often by the Masters?

Guru. Blessed chela, the sacred fire is Life consciously qualified by some God-intelligence with a specific virtue, radiation & activity which is beneficial to evolution.

Chela. Beloved Master, where is the focus of this sacred fire?

Guru. Blessed chela, within your own physical heart is a focus of the sacred fire which is an intelligence quallified by the God-parents who created you. Within this Threefold Flame within your heart is a spark of every God-virtue, radiation & activity which you can develop, nourish, expand & utilize practically in your every experience. Also there are foci of the sacred fire in the retreats of the masters in this physical appearance world, at inner levels, & of course in the hearts of all God-free beings.

Chela. Beloved Master, how can a student tune into the greater foci of the sacred fire which the masters & angels have developed?

Guru. Blessed chela, an individual can tune into the feelings, activities, virtues & radiations of the ascended masters by turning the attention toward any one of these beings. Along the beam of your own life the momentum of the masters & angels flows back into the sacred fire in your own heart & begins to expand that same virtue, quality, radiation & activity thru your own physical, etheric, mental & emotional bodies. It is a splendid practice to develop the latent God-virtues which are within your own spirit spark.

Chela. Beloved Master, can this sacred fire be contacted & seen in the physical world?

Guru. In times past when mankind were purified the sacred fire was visible to the physical sight of mankind. Various specialized qualified foci of the sacred fire have been drawn into the physical world & the very sight of these magnificent flames gave faith, courage, confidence & strength to the devotee seeking added assistance thru pilgrimage to the foci where the sacred fire was established. These days are to come again. They are a part of the new Golden Age when temples of the sacred fire will be erected & certain dedicated lifestreams will magnetize & sustain the presence of the sacred fire so that all who so desire may have the blessings of their radiation.

Chela. Beloved Master, presently the sacred fire is not visible to the student. Why is this so?

Guru. Blessed chela, this is so because man has created about himself a shell of slowly moving energy & looking thru his own atmosphere he is unable to perceive the glory of the Kingdom of Heaven which beloved Jesus said is at hand. Also the present students have not drawn thru their flesh bodies the luminous rays of their own immortal Threefold Flame. This too will be done in the future & every chela & student will be a manifest temple of the sacred fire thru self-luminosity of the flesh & the glorious aureole of color in the aura. At present mankind is so intent on leaning upon outer form that the tendency would be for him to turn toward the visible presence of the sacred fire outside himself rather than turning to the focus of the sacred fire inside his own heart. This would result in a delay to his individual progress made possible by his consciously & persistently turning back into the flame within the heart. This latter procedure stimulates the soul evotion which we seek to develop.

Chela. Beloved Master, does the sacred fire have more than one form of expression?

Guru. Blessed chela, the sacred fire has many forms of expression dependent upon the specialized virtue, activity & service which it is to render. It is one reason why our Lord Maha Chohan has been teaching you to create forcefields, specialize upon one activity of cosmic service & generally prepare yourselves to be guardians of a specific focus of the sacred fire, whether it be protection, healing, mercy, illumination, faith, comfort, love or any other God-virtue & God-activity.

Chela. Beloved Master, how can a sincere student find his way into the sacred fire within his own heart?

Guru. Blessed chela, again I repeat, thru attention upon this focus, acceptance of its reality, invitation to its presence to act thru the outer self & sincerity in invoking the masters & angels who are specialists in that particular virtue which the student or group desire to magnetize & radiate for the blessings of all life.

Chela. Beloved Master, is the focus of the sacred fire within us the secret place of the Most High referred to by King David in the Psalms & is it the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus taught is within us?

Guru. Blessed chela, truly you have spoken. In all religions the spirit of God is thus referred to, although perhaps it is in different terminology, that spirit is always spoken of as being anchored with the heart of each one's being.

Watching the descent of the radiant energy of the lifestream into the individual's conscious use We see the tremendous responsibility that every individual has in being the dispenser of Life. The glorious pure energy of God, each electron of which contains the fullness of the divine plan not only for the individual but for the solar system of all these planets, continues to flow into the individual's use under the conscious direction of the personal self, & for every electron loaned to the individual shall he render an accounting!

When you call to the Holy Christ Self & ask to have released into your conscious use all the powers of your being the Holy Christ Self takes note of your use of God's energy in a twelve-hour period. The energy you use daily is only about ten percent of the allotment of your lifestream. How many of you can say then even one hour of the twenty-four these electrons, this radiant energy, the spiritual essence of divinity has flowed thru you clean & uncontaminated & qualified only with divine love? How then can you be considered fit to be the conscious custodian of more of that precious Life essence?

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