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Hilarion: The Conscious Ascension Process, via G. I.

The awakening consciousness of the individual who desires to fulfill his divine plan cognizes the truth that the immortal Threefold Flame within his heart can & will expand to direct the activity of every electron & atom in his four lower bodies. This is done by the acceleration of their speed as they move around the central core of their own atoms. This acceleration causes the impure substance in the forcefields around the electrons to be thrown off & allows the electrons in each of his four lower bodies to expand their light until the emotional, mental, etheric & physical bodies become self-luminous. This is the process of conscious ascension.

The ascension is not so much a mystic experience as it is a scientific one. In the beginning electronic light took a vow of obedience to respond to & become that which any of God's children directed it to become. Therefore the very electrons which compose the atoms of the inner & physical vehicles of the individual vibrate at the speed at which the self-conscious intelligence has directed them to do. The slower their vibrations the more vulnerable do these atoms become to like vibrations which fill the lower atmosphere of Earth. The quicker their vibrations the more sensitive & receptive they become to the grace & perfection of the higher realms. Thus when a chela prepares for the ascension he is taught how to quicken the vibrations of all the atoms in his four lower bodies, throwing off the discord which has wedged itself between the electrons which make up such atoms & as surely as the sun shines in God's Heaven the quickened vibratory action of the atoms of each vehicle magnetize the heavenly vibrations from the spritual hierarchy.

Each tiny electron moving around its central core of love forming the atom has to be released of the accumulation of discord self-created until those electrons are free to raise the human body into a sphere in which such a one has become fitted to dwell. This can only be done thru the freewill of the individual who desiring such freedom from limitation calls to Us as well as his own Holy Christ Flame & I AM Presence to so raise the vibratory action of these electrons & sustain them, each one, in a state of harmony, peace & love.

Spasmodic raising of the electrons thru proximity to divinity & its messengers often does temporarily raise the consciousness of the chela, but until that chela can & does sustain that divine consciousness within himself he cannot remain aloft nor enter those spheres of perfection toward which he aspires.

Throughout the centuries some chelas have quickened the vibrations of one of their four lower bodies far beyond the development of the other three. Here We must emphasize that each chela should examine himself & ascertain which of his vehicles requires assistance the most. Then scientifically without stress & strain he should endeavor to cultivate a positive & powerful vibration thru the recalcitrant vehicles & bring his four lower bodies into alignment. This of course We help every chela to do in an ascended master retreat & when such an individual applies for the privilege of becoming a candidate for the ascension, beloved Serapis Bey, looking over the four lower bodies of such a one, prepares a schedule of events & conditions to be experienced by the chela which will enable him to completely purify & redeem those bodies which as yet have not been brought under the full control of the individualized I AM Flame of the lifestream.

Let Us warn the sincere chela that one will always feel some resistance from the vehicle which is not yet under control. Centuries of that body's having had its own way have made it stubborn & resistant to God-direction. In the name & authority of your own beloved I AM Presence lovingly command such a vehicle to cooperate with you in the redemption of your world. This would be wise indeed!

Elohim of Peace: Magnetization by Groups, via G. I.

Your group activities form a magnetic field of energy which draws intelligences & beings from the realms of light above the human ocate who have fully developed their own God-mastery & who are willing & able to have their fully-gathered momentums of that perfection available to you & to all who will ask for & accept it. Thru the release of the energy in definite visualiztion as well as thru the spoken word released in invocations, decrees & songs there is formed this magnetic field of energy just referred to which connects with the energies of the higher octaves into which those energies are directed. This makes a sort of funnel cutting right thru the shadowed substance of the astral or psychic realm into the realm of perfection. What then flows down thru that funnel? Electronic fire from our octaves. That fire is the purity & power of the feelings of masterful perfection from the ascended beings. At your call one or more of the great ones in our realm whose attention you have drawn by that call directs his consciously qualified light substance to you here.

For instance when you magnetize beloved Archangel Michael, just what happens? First you draw his attention & consciousness to you by your call to him with your thought & feeling thus fixed upon him. The moment your attention goes to any perfected being that moment his virtue automatically flows out from him to you. That energy is sent to you in the form of a ray of light made up of what We shall call for simplicity & clarification "electrons". This sending forth of the ray by the ascended master is a descending activity. Then when that ray reaches the world of the one who has called for assistance, what happens? That same ray qualified with the blessing necessary to answer the call for help from the supplicant immediately begins its ascent back to its sender as living flame. The very nature of the flame is always to rise & so this ray of perfected light-energy passes as flame up thru the four lower bodies of the supplicant as well as thru the atmosphere around that one.

This activity of the rising flame then completes the law of the circle--the ray which the master sent forth returning to him with the added blessing of the service rendered to the supplicant. Such returning flame then adds to the glory of that master's Causal Body. Whatever purification & blessing has taken place in the world of the unascended one is a permanent gift from the master to that one. However, thru the exercise of his own freewill that unascended one by allowing momentums of certain destructively qualified energy from the past to act thru habits of thought, feeling, spoken word & deed may recreate all over again the same distresses from which he has been set free!

In the case of beloved Michael He directs his attention to the supplicant thru that funnel & adds his gift of faith, confidence, enthusiasm & positively qualified energy into his world, the worlds of all you contact & into the general atmosphere of Earth. If you are holding your world in a state of sustained harmony & peace at all times you then become a living conductor of the fire of God-perfection into this physical appearance world & this fire purifies & raises in consciousness everyone & everything it touches. Thus can you make of yourselves a constantly radiating center of light's perfection.

Gautama Buddha: Rates of Vibration, via G. I.

The words "ascending" & "descending", "higher" & "lower" are more descriptive of rates of vibration than they are of motion thru space. However, because the beloved people of Earth are so accustomed to dealing constantly with form, the word "ascending" just naturally depicts to the outer mind an upward motion of form whereas in truth it is merely an acceleration of the vibratory action which makes up the atoms of the vehicle. The word "descend" as mankind's outer mind visualizes its action is merely the slowing down & lowering of the vibratory action of the electrons which make up the atom.

Now beloved ones, let us take the visible Presence of the great El Morya, for instance. You speak of his "descending" into the sanctuary to address you thru your contact & when you come to the point of enough purification & clarification of your physical sight He will be quite visible to you. Why? Because his "descending" is simply the slowing down of the electronic rates of vibration in his vehicles & the acceleration of the vibrations of your power of sight until the two meet. Then you have your visible tangible Presence of any ascended being.

Now during these years which are being given to Us to help you We are in the process of gradually accelerating the vibratory action of your four lower bodies by speaking to you, encouraging you & by giving you those spiritual exercises, songs & decrees which have accelerated all of your senses & to a degree open your inner sight & hearing. At the same time We are lowering the rate of vibration of Our own bodies of light of course never below that rate which compels & sustains perfect harmony but slowing Our vibrations down in spoken word & radiation so that We may establish a communion between your outer minds & that consciousness in which We all abide. When the acceleration of the student body has reached its apex then will be the manifestation which so many desire.

It is simply a matter of the control of energy. Of course We are always in absolute control of all energy & as Lord Maitreya Himself has said We could so lower the vibratory action of the electrons which spin around the atoms of Our light bodies to a place where We would be perfectly visible to your physical sight right now! This would be a tremendous dispensation of the cosmic Law but it would not cause you to desire to further accelerate your own vehicles. You see, once the gift is received almost without fail the invocation & application of the chela ceases unless of course that lifestream has come to the place of mastery.

God Harmony: Constant State of Communion, via G. I.

As individuals pass from a state of unawareness of the beauty & majesty of Life they gradually become cognizant of the tremendous privilege it is to be the recipients of the countless millions of electrons that are directed thru the channel of their own lifestreams in the journey of the universal life substance from the fourth dimension into the world of form.

The outer self has to still itself repeatedly during the process when the personality first becomes aware of the tremendous responsibility that comes with the dispensation of light thru the lifestream because the outer self has for so many centuries used life so freely & accepted it as so much a part of the personal property of the soul that it take quite a time for the aspirant & chela to reorient his mind & feeling world in order that he may receive each electron that is passing into his keeping for safe convoy into the universe around him with the same reverence, humility & respect accorded the sacred host on the altar in many churches.

The mankind of Earth are in a constant state of communion & should be in a constant state of grace because every electron passing thru them contains the body, the spirit & the consciousness of the Father of all Life from whence it flowed. & as these countless millions of electrons flow thru the lifestream during the course of one day We see that a magic & mystical experience is constantly taking place wherein the spiritual essence of the Father is actually visited upon his children not only on great feastdays or at long intervals but constantly.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from the Maha Chohan