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Maha Chohan: Weekly Transmissions of the Flame, I, via Geraldine Innocente

This morning I come to you very informally to bring the love & the radiation of my friendship, my association & my Presence. Do you know that when the masters choose to speak to you thru the energy of your own electronic stream of light there flows a permanent substance which is part of Our own Life & which actually qualifies the electronic flow from your own Presence with Our consciousness, Our feeling & the qualities which We are privileged to express in this great universe?

For the period of time that your attention is upon Us you feel the comfort of that qualification by the master & you experience for that time something of your own natural feeling when you become master of energy. The upliftment, the peace, the radiation which earnest & sincere men & women & children have felt all thru the ages when they touched the hem of the spiritual garment of some Master Presence of Life was just a foretaste of the natural activity which the God-parents of the race desire for every soul evolving on the planet.

Sometimes people become despondent because after such an exhilaration of consciousness they revert again into their own mental & emotional turmoil, but each time We come, each time you partake of that holy communion it will become a little easier for you to recreate consciously & at will that same happy comfortable feeling that you experience in Our Presence. Perhaps I should qualify that by saying--which any lifestream receives when he accepts Our Presence.

I have witnessed the diversified consciousnesses that make up such a worshipping body, seeing clearly the motive that has drawn the individual to that place, & I have seen the outpouring of the spiritual force from whatever Master Presence has been invoked as the patron. I have also noticed that the benefit which each individual member of the congregation received depended upon the acceptance within feelings & intellect of that Master Presence. Some have gone away from such a place renewed & revivified, others have gone away empty. That is one of the questionable gifts, let us say, endowed upon the individual in the use of freewill, for neither the gifts of God nor His messengers, neither the peace nor the healing nor the comfort of the worded expression can intrude unless the consciousness of the individual opens the door & will accept it.

That is why We are doing everything possible to make you feel that We are actually living, breathing beings who have been the guardians & protectors of this Earth for such a long period of time. That is why We are so filled with gratitude for every opportunity that will bring to the attention of mankind something of the service which the celestial hierarchy renders--those great personages who have chosen to embody the virtues of God & from whose lifestreams emanate those exquisite feelings which mankind seek within themselves & which they think would represent happiness, security or heaven.

The other evening I was sitting with my beloved in Our home in Ceylon & I had just received from those messengers who have been entrusted with that particular facet of service the letters written in sincerity & kindness by hundreds of people here in your Western hemisphere. I do not believe that I could describe to you the happiness within my heart at this phenomenal acceptance of Myself as a tangible, conscious & intelligent being who is as easy of access as a father or a brother or a friend.

You see, up until the last few years my service has been very remote from the consciousness of the average man. I relied almost entirely upon my chohans & their accepted chelas to draw the consciousness & understanding of the people up to a point of adeptship where they became master of all but the most subtle vibrations, & then I would only have a passing acquaintance with the individual lifestream. Suddenly in an almost unbelievable manner considering the many thousands of years such an event was hoped for the Western mind has accepted the possibility of reaching the hearts of those of Us who live beyond the veil.

Every word & every line in every letter written thru the physical substance & energy of some sweet, earnest, trusting & sincere heart, impressed on each emotional body, on the substance of the mental world & written into the ehteric consciousness of the lifestream I read Myself--& back on the flow of that energy once each month (at the first day of each month the Maha Chohan holds a special session) I direct the substance & flame of my Own Presence & it follows the same course, pressing thru the etheric body, the mental, emotional & physical garments of the writer. Now when a man pens his word in mind alone the return current from my world returning to its causative center blesses the mental vehicle. When the gratitude or blessing flows from the emotional body in an upflow of praise the return current blesses the emotional body, but when all of the bodies are incorporated in the physical act of joining the energies of the electronic light of the lifestream the return current from my heart flows thru them all.

Order & system comprise the First Law of Heaven, & an exact mathematical precision one might say is essential for those of Us who govern energies by which planets & evolutions are sustained, & We will never ask of any man anything that does not have an absolutely scientific reason which will bless the lifestream if he will comply with Our request.

My beloved & I sat for a long time that evening just talking informally & thanking God that man is now so consciously interested in truth. It is lovely, you know, to address great numbers of people & exhort them to greater endeavors to serve God, to assume their natural God nature & to externalize the qualities of the Holy Spirit--but do you know I enjoy most drawing closely into the feelings of the few who are my heart-friends & picturizing for you the activities which prove that We too are individuals who share companionship & friendship & who have to evolve out of unexpected circumstances like the present one new methods to bless & help the race.

Wishing you each one a holy & happy Thanksgiving, may the comfort of the Holy Spirit enfold you & all mankind in its embrace of love & light.

Maha Chohan: II

Have you thought in your seemingly arduous journey thru the world of form how much you are loved? From the moment you were called forth from the heart of the One God love has sustained you. Love has created out of the electronic light body of God Himself the electronic form of your own I AM Presence.

Love has drawn forth for you the substance of the elemental kingdom which has made up an emotional body by which you might feel the harmony, beauty, love & every other good feeling which is that of nature. Love has fashioned from the elemental substance a mental form by which you can receive the ideas of the universal & fashion for yourself an individual world, peopling it according to freewill. Love has drawn for you an etheric envelope into which you can have recorded the experiences in the use of energy & vibration. Love has drawn the physical atoms of this world creating the physical body which you wear & use so freely.

All of this electronic light substance is intelligent free Life that chose to forego its happiness in realms of perfection for the questionable opportunity of making garments for your souls & spirits. Love from the heart of the directors of the elements, the builders of form & the kingdom of nature fashioned this planet, a platform upon which your feet might stand, fresh water, the pristine air you breathe so freely, the glorious firmament with the blue sky of day & the star-studded mantle of God at night to give you rest & opportunity to refresh yourselves in your journey thru the world of form.

From the kingdom of nature love has drawn the tiny elemental forms & trained them to embody themselves in flower, tree, shrub, grass & the very substance that thru nature nourishes your physical garment & by its beauty stimulate your spiritual nature to remembrance of the glory you had with the Father even before this world was. It is thru love that the angels are kept in the atmosphere of this Earth where pain & distress exist when they might know the joy & happiness of the heavenly realms where there is no distress or sorrow.

The sustaining power of this outpouring & teaching is love. This is done that there may be upon Earth centers where the sacred fire of creation is drawn & radiated into the emotional, mental, etheric & physical strata into which the masters & angels may come & into which your weary souls may enter & find renewed vitality & spiritual enthusiasm. Within each one of you, dear children, is love which responds to these words of mine, & overcoming the pressure of your individual worlds helps you to lift your thoughts & hearts to Me. I AM with you. I AM loving you. Freewill is yours, beloved. See only love & see only the Christ in each other. Be assured that I see in you only that constant shining light that beats your hearts.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from the Maha Chohan