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Maha Chohan: III

The smallest manifestation of life that can be measured by terms which man would understand is the electron. These electrons are the body of God. They are pure universal light-substance having intelligence within them that responds like lightning to the creative power of both God & man. These electrons in varying forms make up the atoms of the physical world. The geometrical design & the speed of action around the central core as well as other factors determine the particular type of atom, & many atoms vibrate at various rates, for instance, the substance of iron, of steel, of gold or of flesh.

The same universal light-substance is within all manifest form, but the creative power of the Godhead--the triple activity, Father, Son & Holy Spirit--determines the vibratory action of the atom & also its geometrical design. Therefore all physical substance is part of the universal light-substance & all is the body of God. All is fluidic, in constant motion, extremely sensitive & obedient to the God-direction. It is evident then that so-called inanimate objects are moving constantly & pulsating with the breath of God & can be commanded into greater perfection by the alert student. The student should consider to bless those inanimate objects which serve in his daily life.

The flesh body is more obedient & responds quicker than an inanimate object or substance because its vibratory rate is higher & it is in constant contact with the creative power that flows thru it from the heart. It is therefore an easy matter to mold the flesh into greater beauty & harmony. Anyone who will take the time will become a manifestation of the power of the Word of God over the substance of the flesh. Remember, each student is a God-center. Universal light-substance is his without limit to qualify & mold into form according to the specific requirement, or the requirement of the Brotherhood, thru unascended beings. Maha Chohan: IV

There is only One Life that flows thru every one of the ten billion lifestreams belonging to this system of worlds. Every lifestream is a channel for the One Life. There is no difference between the Life that flows thru each one any more than there is a difference between the water that flows thru the faucets on the main floor or the second floor of a building. The Father of all Life & the ascended masters are constantly pouring their peace, their perfection, their mercy & their freedom thru every lifestream, & there will not be even one atom on this planet which will not achieve perfection & immortality.

The great St. Germain who represents freedom to this Earth has achieved this honor because his love was great enough to cause him to stand before the throne of God & demand the opportunity to save this Earth from dissolution. This boon was granted him & his answer was the gift of the violet transmuting flame to mankind whereby they might cleanse & purify & redeem the electronic substance which they so boldly drew from the heart of the Eternal & forced to assume such shape & form as to make the angels hide their faces.

Beloved children, Life is beautiful. It is a magic mystic thing because it is substance composed of the body of God. It is a conscious emanation of the life of the individual pouring forth constantly into the atmosphere of Earth everywhere. It is the electronic energy of love itself taking humbly whatever form is required of it by the user at the moment. The substance of my life is always obedient to my conscious command whether it be to form a flower, a blade of grass, a sheaf of wheat or at times for a loved chela even a dollar bill.

Now the qualities of God are also substance. When I say "substance" I mean just this. When an ascended master answers your call for help what does He do? He draws the essence from God's heart which is a stream of electrons. These He projects toward you qualified with his conssciousness. These electrons are actual substance which can be molded into any form you require, into the answer to your prayer, into health, supply or illumination. ASK & YE SHALL RECEIVE. Your thoughts & feelings mold the substance of the electronic body of God into any shape or form you require. The divine beings who are the ambassadors of God manifest the requirement of the moment to the supplicant as well as enfolding him in their loving Presence. Verily, beloved ones, "Before they call I will answer & while they are yet speaking I will hear."

Maha Chohan: V

"LET THERE BE LIGHT, & there was light." Light is the instrument of the great universal intelligence. It is the transmitter of God's peace, happiness, beauty & plenty. Turn the consciousness to the light within for that is the connection with the Father over which his substance & perfection flows to enrich the individual experience world.

In the urgency of daily living the chela often finds it difficult to spend even five minutes two or three times out of the twenty-four hours in contemplation of the light that beats the heart & which keeps the life flowing thru the body-temple. Or he might consider the light as a sun within the human brain sending its rays thru eyes, ears, nose & throat clearing, cleansing & purifying these channels. Stand in the light & draw to yourself that which is yours. To the aspirant moving forward upon the pathway of self-mastery there comes an hour when all external form must be divested of the power to influence or to sustain him.

If the will of the I AM Presence did not sustain it the flame would not long remain in any human heart. When the chela is shorn of all confidence in the outer it is indeed a period of initiation, of growth, unfoldment & awareness. In the seemingly painful process of turning from disillusionment & confusion the soul leans on God for sustenance & man again lives as he was intended to live--within the light. The light called forth thru an enlightened individual to treat world conditions is a lasting & enriching power. It is a mighty service rendered to the divine hierarchy who so earnestly desire the cooperation of unascended beings.

Taking a five-minute period three times out of twenty-four hours of man-made time preferably at certain specific intervals during which the chela can sit holding the mind completely free from thoughts of people, conditions or mundane duties & keeping the attention on the light flowing from the I AM Presence into the heart, filling mind & body & flowing out into the point on Earth where he is will bring peace, plenty & every good thing flooding the world of the servant of the light.

Maha Chohan: VI

The great Creator in His multiple mercy & kindness created the electronic pattern of each individual different & distinct so that all might enjoy a certain individuality & beauty of form. The electrons of each such individual differ in their elemental structure like unto the snowflakes. Each pattern & form represents the identity of the I AM Presence which will manifest thru the Holy Christ Self in its fullness thru the outer self as the three become one.

As you have been often told before, the pattern of the electrons of Ascended Master St. Germain is represented by the Maltese Cross, that of Lord Gautama Buddha is the open lotus, that of the beloved Regent Sanat Kumara is the perfect star of love & peace. This means that all of the electrons which make up Sanat Kumara, beloved St. Germain & Lord Gautama's bodies are countless myriad replicas of the forms mentioned above thru which the light of God always flows in the prismatic colors of the rainbow. All of the God-energy that they draw from the body of God the unformed once it has come under their conscious control is immediately stamped with these patterns & wherever it proceeds in the universe these electrons will carry the outline of their particular pattern.

In like manner all the God-energy which each chela draws from the unformed immediately takes on the form of his or her own electronic pattern. This is how as the energy proceeds in its circular activity & returns, following the law of the circle, to you with added power that there is a selective intelligence by which the divine beings are enabled to sort, so to speak, the emanations of mankind one from the other. The energy drawn from the universal God I AM which is a voluntary activity comes into the use of the outer consciousness who dispenses that energy freely in thought, feeling, spoken word & action. the personal self does not always see that energy nor his mark of ownership upon it & feels that he can send forth that energy indiscriminately without rendering an account therefor. Every thoughtform, feelingform, word & activity of the outer self carries that stamp which identifies the energy with the person who drew it forth, qualified & expended it. This moves in a circle & returns to its source for redemption bringing with it other energy of its kind.

All of the places on Earth where the elect have sought God & achieved their victory contain yet much of the essence of that individual & it is conducive to the raising of consciousness of all seekers. For instance the place where Lord Gautama Buddha received his illumination is so spiritually charged with the cosmic lotus symbol of his lifestream that all who come into the vicinity feel a definite effect from his consciously drawn radiation. If each serious chela would daily charge the so-called inanimate objects in & around him with the violet transmuting flame he would one day be amazed how even those things he has discarded can & will be a spiritual impetus to soul. Service should always be universal & daily living can make talismans out of every form loaned to you for the enrichment of all life. Some chelas are particularly sensitive to the blessing of inanimate form & the nature kingdom--it is well to encourage one's talents along these lines.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan