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Human feelings have been arrogant so long that when it comes to the final adjustment of plans & conditions of this planet the powers of Light have to be released with such terrific cosmic action & intensity as to almost threaten the annihilation of the human outer identity before that human stubbornness will give way & obey that which it knows is its master, source & superior power of infinity forever! If in just the calmness of your own heart in the privacy of your own room you would say to your Presence, "I AM the cosmic victory of my obedience to Thee." Then you have place all authority originally delegated to you from your I AM Presence back into the heart of the Presence & called forth its cosmic action for the completion of the victory.

Some of the angelic host have been created with the focus of power & victory which moves into outer action cosmic perfection of such magnificence that they know naught else. They are the legions I AM calling into action this morning & to whom I AM directing your attention so their power may come forth thru your acknowledgment in the next 30 days & help you hold protected, to hold the balance in America & to move forward St. Germain's freedom for the victory of all.

The moment each one becomes the victory of the ascension also becomes one of my legions of Victory to the earth! I AM here & I AM there! I AM cosmic Victory everywhere I call it forth! Hold the energy at your solar plexus harmonious & positive. Keep calling these cosmic flames into action & we shall enfold you in whatever is required to make you victorious over everything in the physical world until that hour when you become ascended & free! Just so do we hold the nation in that same cosmic flame of cosmic Victory, but we must hold it thru the people of this nation because it is their freewill by which the nation is governed either victoriously or otherwise. Therefore let us move forward & make America St. Germain's Crystal Cup of cosmic Victory--his cosmic freedom, cosmic authority, supply & protection automatically surging with his freedom for all. The cleansing process is but a matter of continued application until the momentum reaches a point wherein between two seconds the Light surges in a final wave & the human is no more!

Acknowledge: I AM America's cosmic flame of cosmic Victory, & her Light blazes to the annihilation of all else forever, because America's cosmic flame of cosmic Victory means the expansion of the Unfed Flame from within her heart until it enfolds the Earth, & the sinister force is dissolved!" The great song of the universe, the song of Light goes on because as we pour our love & gratitude to each other for service rendered it is our own Light expanding greater perfection, blessing & happiness, filling the universe around us as the cosmic divine plan of creation expands in its mighty cosmic action!

I think it might be very well to call the ascended masters' divine power to forget into action as well to make you forget the things that are unnecessary. Acknowledge: I AM the cosmic Victory of all divine desires of my being & world in everything I do forever! This is an I AM decree which brings your permanent happiness. This is the dissolving of your limitations & problems!

I clothe you in the reminder of your divine birthright--to be victorious by the powers of Light over everything that comes to your attention which is of human qualities. My cosmic flame of cosmic Victory is the cosmic power of Light supreme from the Great Central Sun! The flame & the Light & substance coming forth from the heart of creation are forever the Victory of the Light. Now let us be America's Victory until the world is free forever! Thank you, beloved Minutemen of St. Germain, for this hour.

Mighty Victory, Chicago, 11-12-44, excerpts, dictated to Edna Ballard

My beloved legions of Victory, you who want victory, you who call for victory, you who have been victory many times in the past! Each of you can be as great a power of victory of the Light in your America as you desire. You can be the open door thru which as much or as little as you acknowledge can flow to dissolve human selfishness from within this land which has sought to enslave the people--unless they will acknowledge my Victory. From this hour henceforth, my beloved ones, call forth the cosmic force of my cosmic Love, Forgiveness & Victory which compels human selfishness in the feelings of mankind to be stilled & dissolved as if a streak of lightning had shattered forever those human creations. Your acknowledgment is like the tones of that bell passing thru the atmosphere of Chicago's Loop. Just so can your I AM decrees for cosmic victory sound thruout the atmosphere of Earth & draw from the heart of creation the power of Victory which is the divine plan fulfilled. My dear ones, like it or not you will find that nothing on this planet in this hour of mankind's frightful destruction will ever save you but your I AM decrees, your calls to the great cosmic beings & the recognition of your own I AM Presence first!

Give your glorious I AM Presence your love, your gratitude & your acknowledgment! Use its great Authority of Life thru the spoken Word "I AM" & then issue your decrees for what you wish your beloved Presence to release to you out here.

I ask you to acknowledge our victory for everyone of those precious ones in the national defense. Acknowledge their victory over everything which is of war! Call forth the cosmic force of that Victory which shall shatter in one mighty stroke the hold of all destructive forces upon Earth. There is nothing but a handful of this little human dust down here which says "I am not victorious." You are victorious! & the human dust will simply have to go into the violet flame & become purified! What is it that opposes the victory of the Light? Selfishness which holds substance in a rate of vibration that is not Self-luminous which means God-luminous! So when you call Me watch out! Do you know that human selfishness is the cause of all discord & all discord but a shadow before my flame? If it were not necessary for you to speak the Word, to use the great creative Word "I AM' why do you suppose it would have ever been given to you?

People often say, "Well, if I could just get my own affairs straightened out I would be so much better equipped & I will give my service to the Light, but I cannot do a thing while I am in this mess." That is why you are in this mess! If you would forget your own selfishness, problems & affairs long enough to give your I AM decrees for the freedom of millions of mankind there would flow thru your problems & your world just as much help as you sent out & half as much again, & that would be the dissolving of your problems. If your intellect begins to analysze too much why a thing is not acting you keep your attention upon yourself so long that the Presence & the ascended ones do not get a chance. The easiest way to perfect this outer self is to keep the love from your heart pouring to your own Mighty I AM Presence, go into action & give service to the rest of the universe which will enable the joy & expanding power of the Love & Light from your own I AM Presence & the ascended masters to have a chance to flow forth thru you & in flowing thru dissolve your own human limitations.

All distress is selfishness present & past! Now We are not demanding anything of anybody, & don't go out & tell somebody else that their troubles are their own selfishness. If you will just say when you see something human acting in someone else, "I AM your victory! That thing cannot have you longer!"--in that way you will not become disturbed, you won't be a pressure on the feelings of others! "I AM the cosmic force of Victory's Victory & power of Light which compels that into perfection! I command it into the violet consuming flame & the ascended masters' octave! Mighty Victory, hold thy dominion there forever!" If you will simply take the Authority of your own lifestream--your Mighty I AM Presence--using its cosmic force & command what is wrong to become the cosmic force & perfection of the victory of Light--whether it be in yourself, someone else or something you see passing down the street--you will form the habit of passing all you contact into the perfection of Light! I challenge you to apply that to every person, place, condition & thing you contact or that comes to your attention which seems to have human qualities of distress or unpleasantness!

I AM going to give you assistance in controlling vicious feelings in others, to which I want you all to pay attention & understand completely. Instead of having an argument or adding discord by discussion or opposition, if you will turn to the Mighty I AM Presence & Higher Mental Body of that individual, send that one your love & say: "Place Your hands around the body or solar plexus of that individual & hold that feeling still until it is consumed! Don't let that go out to any other part of life!"--it is just as though the hands of the Higher Mental Body of the other individual reached down, held that one close & stilled the energy until no more could come out or be spoken which would produce discord in the atmosphere about you. My dear ones, if you were to build such a momentum & hold it for years around every individual you contacted, seeing the Higher Mental Body of each individual hold its arms around the solar plexus whenever anyone was talking to you, you would scarcely know what it was to have anyone speak unpleasant words to you. "Mighty Victory or beloved Jesus! Hold control of that energy & make it the victory of your love." You would soon gain a momentum, my dear ones, of not only assisting others but do you know what would happen during the time you were doing that? You would be holding onto yourselves too & that would be just as valuable.

That is what the sinister force does when you become irritated, it strikes right at the stomach--the solar plexus--because when you are irritated that is where the ugly feeling comes forth & where you feel disturbed. If you want your mastery you must control energy about you: hold control of your own energy & let the I AM Presence of the other individual & the ascended masters handle & control the energy in the other person's solar plexus. You have no right to dominate & manage the energy in the body of someone else. However you do have the right & are wholly within obedience to the law when you call to the Mighty I AM Presence & the Higher Mental Body of the individual from whom all that energy has come--& to the ascended masters who are all authority over everything human--to stand behind the individual, close arms of Light around that one & shut off all human selfishness & discord. Now we are headed right into the enemy's camp because the stomach is it! You know that stomach is the bottomless pit, it never stays satisfied! If someone else falls off the mark once in a while, oh help them up! You would have been in a rather bad way if some of Us had not looked in your direction once in a while all thru the centuries.

Mighty Victory: