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Maha Chohan: VII

If you were privileged to look upon the Electronic Presence of every person belonging to the human race you would be amazed at the beauty, perfection & radiation of light which each one expresses. When you had become accustomed to the perfection of face & form, the gentleness of spirit & the beauty of the light you would be able to distinguish one from the other by the particular shape of the electrons that make up each one's vehicles & you would find that those of each lifestream expressing beauty & perfection in themselves were composed of tiny geometrical designs differing from each other.

These designs form the keynote & pattern of the lifestream. The electrons of the Master St. Germain, We know, are in the form of the Maltese Cross, those of the Lord Buddha the open lotus, & of myself the dove. As energy passes from your Presence into your heart it maintains those beautiful designs & thence it proceeds into your universe carrying that perfection into the form of your thought, your feeling & your action.

When individuals like the Master St. Germain or the Lord Buddha speak the words that proceed from their mouths & set up a vibration in the universe are made up of countless millions of tiny crosses or flowers. When They raise their hands the electrons passing from the hand are composed of myriads of tiny forms representative of their lifestreams. The atmosphere around Them is filled with millions & millions of these same tiny forms. The places where their feet have stood have the imprint of these infinitesimal electronic patterns & that substance was imposed upon the garments that They wore, the rooms in which They lived, the trees that shaded Them, the beds that They laid upon. The most powerfully concentrated designs are closest to the physical body or to the place where the individual abode during his last incarnation & that is why you will find a certain identity in spiritual centers where great men & women achieved knowledge & spiritual victories.

Your home, environment & personal effects are likewise powerfully charged with the electronic pattern of your individual lifestreams. That pattern itself is neutral but the feeling that your energy releases thru it determines its radiation. It is like your fancy cookie-cutter that will make a form out of mud or dough. When the pattern of your lifestream is charged into the universal light-substance, if your feeling is harmonious its radiation will be of benefit to all life, if the feeling be inharmonious it still carries your pattern & as it proceeds from you into the universe you will carry the responsibility for all the life it affects adversely before it return in its circle to your world.

There is no man who can stand before the All-Seeing Eye of God & deny that pattern of his own life-energy imposed upon any part of life either constructively or destructively, for where your stamp is, like your footprint, there you have been, & to life you must answer for what was done there. Dear ones, I implore you, use, use, use St. Germain's flame of freedom which is the thoughtform for the year to purify the electrons that have gone forth from your lifestream that still remain unredeemed which bear your stamp & seal before they start on their return journey back into your world bringing with them the unhappy vibrations that manifest as trouble in its countless forms.

Maha Chohan: VIII

For your better understanding I shall again remind you that the light from the heart of the God-Self in its descrent into physical form goes straight into the secret chamber of the heart. From there it is returned to the brain & the impulse of light thus reaches the sense consciousness or what is called the intellectual understanding. The instruction from the I AM Presence thus descends on its ray of light & reascending upward directs the brain cells to follow out certain divine directions which would make the outer self a full representative of the God-Self. The brain cells however are also connected with the five outer senses to the world of appearance & the vibrations from the world of appearance are also constantly reporting to the brain. This is an accretion of fact & fancy picked up from the world without. The brain then has to struggle between accepting the divine direction from the heart or the dictates of so-called reason from the appearance world.

Since it is the way of man to follow the line of least resistance the pressure of feeling therefore prefers to accept the report of the outer senses & so as a general rule the divine direction coming from the heart is ignored. Thus the individual becomes a pawn of the appearance world until thru contemplation & divine wisdom he learns in peace to obey the directions of the heart even in the face of the most appalling appearances to the contrary. Continuing so man will never make consistent advancement upon the spiritual path or be of value to the spiritual hierarchy except in spurts. But be not discouraged, friends of my heart, for I too walked Earth's ways even as you do today. We are grateful & We love you for every spurt & every effort.

By meditation the chela can so train himself to watch the light descending from the Presence into the heart & then reascending to the brain so that he can clearly hear the directions of the Presence as he can hear a voice on the radio, although I might add, in most instances it is more of a flash-picture than a worded expression. The pathway to mastery lies in the controlled consciousness which is a radiating center of the causes & divine direction. You recognize, accept & expand the God-consciousness thru peaceful study, contemplation & one-pointed attention to the light from the heart of the Inner One. & so today as each of my beloved chelas resolves to make a more determined effort to hear & follow the divine guidance from within, in love I pour greater blessings upon you.

Maha Chohan: IX

The electrons making up the physical heart & brain & body of each man come joyously from the land of love. In contemplating this pure light dispensed so freely by God many individuals experience a sense of unrighteousness & a feeling of unworthiness. Humbling oneself before the wonder of the Almighty is good but not when it gives a sense of emotional martyrdom. Such persons are depressing to themselves & to others not only by reason of their own radiation but because unconsciously they probe into the human natures of those around them which still require refinement. This does not assist in your progress because it draws forth the influences which are constantly being released by unascended beings when their personal selves are touched.

In relaxed contemplation the Holy Christ Self will pour forth his fragrance, joy, harmony & peace thru every exquisite electron which composes the physical man. Blessing & acknowledging his lips & tongue each morning as being channels of God's holy breath, the chela will speak with the voice of angels & bring harmony wherever he goes. Blessing his ears each morning he shall hear only the sounds of peace for all else is illusion. Blessing his eyes he shall see only the beauty & goodness of God's Kingdom in each wayfarer he meets, in the flowers & growing things, yea even in the very roads & pavements upon which he treads & which are made by God's strength & energy flowing thru his fellowmen.

The Earth has now come to a point in its evolution when every man must come into agreement with the law of his being & discontinue creating discord & distress. Regardless of the present appearance of confusion being piled upon confusion, the Earth is enfolded in the God-power of infinite love & is undergoing birthpains to bring forth the age of light, of peace, of harmony. To each chela who by his calls for the expansion of the light is assisting at this birth I pour the strength & calm confidence of the heavenly host.

Maha Chohan: X

The light is rhythmically released into the Earth plane daily thru a downward surge of electronic energy & there is also daily an upward flow of electronic light which carries with it all the aspiration & all the upreaching & constructive consciousness of mankind. the chela can consciously tune into this river of ascending energy & thus be drawn into the fully-gathered momentum of Godly-directed energy. this river of light-energy is a requisite for that part of life which has been bound by human thinking in order to strengthen the aspiring God-flame to a point where it can & is disconnected from the Earth-pressure & thus flows freely in God-perfection.

Every ascended being who has achieved the ascension consciously tuned into this river of ascending light which the universal I AM has provided as a conveyor of man's consciousness back to God. It is as though one stepped on a cosmic escalator & were carried by the love of the I AM upward towards the goal which the heart desires. The pressure of this surging sea of ascending light is essential because the mass of mankind is constantly pouring forth energy in a manner opposed to the divine plan. Unless man gets into the rhythmic pulsation of the divine plan as released by the love & light of the I AM he is still a part of the outer mind. Hence the importance of daily meditation & application, individual & collective, rhythmically & at the same hour.

Here is where painters for instance with esoteric vision could learn to place on canvas the beauty of these cosmic truths. Sometimes a painting can convey thru the senses enough of truth to awaken the sleeping soul. In the world & realm of the future the Ascended Master Serapis & other divine beings will spread the light thru canvas, thru sculpture & various other media such as dance, song & melodious music. When the great divine plan for mankind & the Earth is so beautiful it is a tragedy to see millions of people creating straw houses built of their own human imaginings of what life should be. The Elohim are the cosmic builders of the planet & Immaculata, her Silent Watcher, with Helios & Vesta supply the light thru the universal I AM Presence surging thru the consciousness of man as the upward arc. For centuries of time They have waited. Now is the hour of fulfillment & with the speed of Hercules' blue lightning & the calls of the awakened man will be impelled to look to the divine Architect & then build with the forces of nature according to the divine plan. So you can see, my beloved, how precious your calls are, & you truly have Our blessing for your work towards the awakening of the race.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan