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Maha Chohan: XI

Students must learn the value of life. Some feel that life is something that comes to them naturally & is their due & right, & they dispense it with the careless way of giving into the universe around them that the Roman emperors used in throwing coppers to their slaves. Knowing every electron in this universe thru being the cosmic dispenser of energy to the planet Earth in cooperation with beloved Helios, I spend hours of time in admiration & devotion to the ceaseless stream of tiny beings from God's own heart that are constantly pouring into the Mighty I AM Presence of unascended beings. These little beings are the electrons that are spoken of so fregquently in this activity & they have individualities of their own & some will evolve into a race attaining mastery as the human race is today if they choose.

This sea of electronic force is dispensed by the Mighty I AM Presence of every lifestream into the physical form & it is there that the great atrocities are committed which are much more vicious than the crimes of dictators that so arouse the indignation of mankind. For billions & billions of these tiny electronic beings are crushed & battered & so misshapen & distorted that when they reach the aura of the lifestream their mission is completely destroyed, & they disintegrate until they can be purified by some of the messengers of the Godhead & can return home for repolarization.

Precious students, the electrons within you have come with gifts & powers of healing & peace & they will give generously & gratefully their cooperation to renew every bit of muscle, bone & tissue of the lower bodies in gratitude for their safe passage into the universe where their duty is to fill God's kingdom with perfection. Some wise lifestreams invite & invoke these beings by maintaining harmony in the four lower bodies. They will find these exquisite beings filling their aura & their individual lives with the gifts they brought from home & they will continue to serve from the happy aura which will be so much to their liking that they will be completely at peace in their temporary exile. Such a chela will find opulence & health, beauty & a myriad of God's gifts released by the electronic substance. These gifts cannot be coaxed away by any of the dissonance of the outer world. The electrons finding harmony, happiness & love in the third dimensional plane will cling close to the aura & orbit of such a feeder & would naturally not desire to go out into the discordant vibrations which are around the planet.

Maha Chohan: XII

The electronic light-substance which fills the universe is the breath & radiation of the Godhead. It is a naturally expressed activity that flows thru the Great Central Sun & forms the limitless light to all created beings within the spheres of perfection using manifest form. It is the very same substance which the lower consciousness of man uses to create imperfection. It is the body of God! God gives us his own body, the substance by which all Solar Lords, Gods, angels & men create manifestation. Even the most imperfect miscreation is fashioned from the substance of the light body of God. Within this great sea of living light which is pulsating intelligent substance is the wealth of the universe waiting to express itself for the benefaction of all life.

One may wonder, if the heart-center of all creation is God how it can wear a garment that is less than perfection! However, the Godhead in His mercy & kindness has allowed this distortion of the light-substance which is His body so that the individualization of Himself might learn to create perfection. Can you imagine the feeling of that intensely sensitive substance when it is focused into distorted forms & can you also imagine the joy when some part of creation resurrects that substance into its natural channel of beauty? It is a marvelous service to life to resurrect & see the body of God free from imperfection. You may be sure the magnificence of the Godhead is expanded throughout the universe thru this release of true beauty which is within all perfection!

Maha Chohan: XIII

I want you to feel in its reality that you are living & have your actual being within the body of the God & Goddess (Helios & Vesta) that created this system & that that body is made up of countless tiny particles of electronic light-substance which are intelligent & obedient to the self-conscious beings that say "I AM". Now many many of you on a bright day have seen these particles in the atmosphere! These particles of self-conscious intelligent light form the substance of the atmosphere that you breathe in, & any number of them are willing at any time to enter into your world & become part of the substance that you require manifested in form either personally for St. Germain's new endeavor or for the entire planetary evolution.

Mankind may be likened to a man who sits in a room the atmosphere of which is composed of pure gold & does not know how to use it yet cries because of his limitation.

The creation of form is a part of the science of precipitation for which mankind took embodiment upon this planet & which you who are the guardians of this planet & its evolutions must learn. Therefore it is right for you to create consciously beautiful forms & then thru the use of the all-powerful creative words I AM draw into those forms this beautiful, universal, intelligent & obedient light which, drawn into form by your thought & feelings, becomes a manifest expression within your hands for your use & governing power.

The activity of the Maha Chohan in any planetary scheme is to magnetize, receive & distribute as much of the electronic light-substance as is required for the orb to which He belongs & for its attendant evolutions.

Now Helios & Vesta pouring forth this electronic light-substance which encompasses & is the life of every orb that makes up their orbital scheme continue to draw from the Central Sun of the system (Alpha & Omega) more & more of that light substance in such tremendous & prolific generosity as cannot be conceived or cognized by the human mind. The Maha Chohan of each orb magnetizes thru his consciousness & body as much of that light-substance as is required & requested by its various evolutions--the nature kingdom, elemental kingdom, mankind & the guardian spirits. If there is no demand on the great universal storehouse for an increase of the electronic light-substance, those of Us who guard the release of that energy--because We are not wasteful--allow it to flow on to another orb where there are beings who are using their magnetizing power to a greater extent & creating from it something of beauty & perfection.

You might visualize the distribution of the electronic light-substance from the heart of beloved Helios & Vesta as a great stream of light-energy flowing from the Sun to the farthest star & planet, & as it reaches each sphere the Maha Chohan of that orb directs from it a great funnel of light down to his sphere which interpenetrates & encompasses it round about & which forms the life & substance of every expression of evolving life thereon. Each Maha Chohan watches carefully to see that enough light-energy is released to create a sufficient harvest to supply all the needs of his people, enough to clothe them & supply all the necessities for their daily comfort as well as to create expressions of beauty & perfection thru the individualized creative intelligences of some of the embodied lifestreams evolving on his orb.

Therefore, beloved ones, from that great funnel of light which I draw down & radiate out to the planet Earth there flows enough life essence to supply the great nature kingdom which expresses itself in the beauty of tree, grass, flower & fruit of every description. The elemental kingdom uses it to sustain the life energy in the water & air. But the mankind of Earth are for the most part given a great deal more of this universal electronic light than they ever use or dare, I will say, to invoke & mold into form for the blessing of their own worlds & the evolving life all around them.

As the wise engineer watching the flow of water over a dam opens one sluice & then another according to the required irrigation of the ground for which it was intended, so do We who hold the Office of Maha Chohan watch the amount of energy that is being used & release only as much of this precious substance as the evolving life upon our planet requires. Therefore if the orbs nearer the Sun or those following us require more of this beautiful substance than does the planet Earth at this time to fulfill the creative activities of their evolutions, it is but an impersonal & perfectly just balance that they shall receive it.

I say therefore, & it is no particular credit to the evolutions of Earth, that the light-substance released to this planet at this time is less than that released to any of the seven orbs of our system, but I say too for your comfort that I have access to as much of that substance as any one or all of mankind will ask for & that they need only prove by the stirring up of their mental processes & their feeling process in conscious precipitation to give that precipitation life & form. Then it will not only be my pleasure & privilege but it will be my obligation to release more & more of that precious light-substance which is only waiting for an opportunity to be molded into manifest form for the glory of God & the comfort of man.

Now, beloved children, you who are so close to my heart, you whose motives are honest, earnest & God-sincere, you are living in a world filled with intelligent universal life & light. As you move your hands upward or downward, as you walk upon your way, as you lie upon your beds, as you are about the various activities of your daily lives you are actually living & breathing within this palpable, intelligent, unformed life essence which I have taken the responsibility of drawing from that great stream of cosmic release from the heart of beloved Helios & Vesta in the hope that you might choose to avail yourselves of the opportunity of consciously creating thru thought & feeling that which will make you more efficacius, more healthy, more filled with supply & abundance & more God-free.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan