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XIII continued

Mankind has used thought & feeling to imprison some of this substance in distorted forms in this manifest world proving that the science of thought, feeling, spoken word & action may be used in a destructive manner also. But now we come to a new day, we are at the approach of a new era where people are crying for freedom, & freedom only comes, beloved ones, thru the control of the processes by which you create, by reaching your arms into this universal light, loving it, knowing that it is the body of God, that it is drawn into this planetary scheme & entrusted to you by Myself, that it abides in a waiting state that is intellignet, that it will answer you & become for you that which you desire to help expand the borders of the kingdom upon this planet.

Now I have endeavored, beloved children, thru my own personal invocation to get you to feel while your attention is on my Presence that all the substance which your outer mind could desire is within my aura & may be yours for the asking. That substance can become for you the elixir of youth, the vital energy of healing flowing thru your spinal column & your nervous system, reaching into every cell & atom of your being. It will become condensed thru your thought & feeling processes until it is visible & tangible in your hands to use as any manifestation you desire. That substance which is all around you can & will respond to the direction of your own immortal flame thru your positive affirmation in the acknowledgment of the Presence of God within you as the I AM which gives you life & it can & will joyously become for you whatever the requirement of the moment is.

Faith is essential, beloved ones, to the power of precipitation. In studying your Bible you will note that the Master Jesus almost always admonished the beneficiaries of his so-called miracles to have faith. You will note that in Nazareth "He did not many mighty works here because of their unbelief." & his beautiful humility was evidenced in his statement, "Of mine own self I can do nothing, it is the Father within me, He doeth the works." I will be watching with interest, beloved ones, what ye are going to do with this mighty power that I now offer freely for your acceptance!

Maha Chohan: XIV

The Great Central Sun is the distributing center thru which the soul-light flows which forms the body of God & fills the universe. All the planets & stars in interstellar space are composed of this electronic substance & thru this substance constantly flows the rhythmic breath of the great First Cause, or Great Central Sun, which is the heart-center & head of this particular universal scheme. Thru the Great Central Sun came the smaller suns of which Helios is one. Around these smaller suns move the orbs of each system.

That is the large & expansive scope of vision. Let us now see the physical Sun sending forth millions & millions of smaller suns which represent your lifestream & every other lifestream belonging to this system of worlds, each one endowed with self-conscious intelligence & given as much of the body of God as they choose to utilize to create perfection. You see, my children, each & every one of you is a sun in embryo.

The electrons that fill the universe which you term the atmosphere, & which even form the substance of the material gifts which you use so freely, are the body of God. They have come from a pure clean heart-center which is the heart of Heaven. They are imprisoned temporarily in the forms created by man yet they pulsate constantly with life. They have intelligence within them & they are aspiring like all of you toward a full expression of their own godliness. Every table, every chair, every book, every carelessly scrapped piece of paer has within it living organisms & beings eager & desirous of fulfilling their evolution & becoming perfected beings in some future scheme. I have watched mankind use a piece of furniture or a piece of paper & when the required need is over discard it roughly & carelessly. How, think you, do the electrons within that item feel? Think you it is idly that St. Germain has suggested that when such an article has served its purpose it be placed in the physical flame & the electrons freed to return to the Sun? This is a universal teaching applying to all. I have seen a withered flower crushed & thrown carelessly into the garbage--how think you the beautiful electrons that make up that flower must feel, rather than the gratitude of the lifestream that enjoyed them freeing them thru the flame into the universal! This refers to everything that serves mankind, not only people, but the very rugs beneath one's feet, the outworn shoe or the discarded note upon which a message has been transcribed.

Beloved ones, as you pass thru the course of your daily outer world activities if you would learn to be aware of these lovely intelligent electrons that make up the atoms of life & would help them on their course by love & gratitude & prayer you would find your world so filled with the substance of God in money & supply that you would have to secure help to dispense your opulence. The electrons that form the material wealth of this universe love love & they will seek to be in the presence & aura of one so loving. Remember the line from the song, "Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life"--"O, 'tis love & love alone the world is seeking."

Maha Chohan: XV

The consciousness & bodies of mankind are endowed with the life-begetting principle of fertility & can consciously or unconsciously increase & multiply whatever desires, ideas & so on are allowed entrance into the compass & orbit of their being. The life-begetting principle of fertility which is innate in the universal life-substance & which is focused into the formed & unformed as well is the hope & despair of evolving man. Were the universal life-substance not responsive & did not lend itself to the nourishment & expansion of ideas & desires much of the unfortunate creation which forms mankind's chains would have been avoided but likewise all the hope of men becoming co-creator with the Father would be voided were there no source of nourishment by which ideas & thought & feeling could manifest.

Let us then in all our contemplation rejoice in this life-begetting & creative fertility which our beloved St. Germain has said so beautifully fills every nook, corner & cranny of the universe! There is no place or state within the orbit of the Sun where such intelligent substance is not present. Therefore wherever your body may stand you are immersed in this intelligent, pulsating, fertile substance which is taking form & creating constantly according to the working of the mind & feeling force. The blessing of this substance, the accepting of its presence, the purifying power of its radiation are not only tremendous service but also a drawing forth of more of the good from its presence about you, for all substance rushes toward a radiation of blessing.

Maha Chohan: XVI

If you my chelas could see the descent of the radiant God-energy into the individual's conscious use you would realize the great responsibility that every man has in being the dispenser of this essence. this pure energy of God continues to flow into the individual's use under the conscious direction of the personal self & for every electron loaned to the individual he must render an accounting.

Upon your request that you be made & kept worthy to have released into your conscious use the powers of your being, the Holy Christ Self takes note of your use of God's energy in any one twelve-hour period. This energy is but an infinitesimal percentage of the allotment of your lifestream. Can anyone say that even for one hour of the twenty-four that these electrons have flowed thru his channel clean & uncontaminated & qualified with love only? Now then, can the personal self who is not able to harmoniously dispense life for an hour in thought, feeling & words be considered fit to be the conscious dispenser & custodian of that precious life essence?

The life essence that flows gently forth thru the heart of every man is allegorically expressed by David as "the still waters." Let us humbly & quietly kneel before the gift of life & bathe in the still waters & find our souls restored. Let us ask today for help & counsel of the ever-present One in the dispensing of our life-energy each hour. Man is like a sieve with a thousand holes & the waters of God are flowing constantly from each one in emotions, thoughts, in the actions of the flesh & in the spoken word. Be faithful in the little things & you shall be made master over many.

I ask you, my dear ones who aspire to godliness & who desire to have the full use of all the energy at your command, to make conscious effort to guard the life flowing thru you by the hour & to check the thoughtless words, to stop the conscious churning of thought processes that requalify God's energy & to be a channel of peace in action. Then the Holy Christ Self looking upon your use of the talents in hand may double those talents in your experience; otherwise it would not be the part of mercy to increase your responsibility while you are yet unable to dispense constructively the allotment of life-energy that God has given you.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan