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Maha Chohan: XVII

You all know that every electron has a form, color & an identity within itself. If you will take a moment to think of the countless millions of these minute electrons which are sent forth from the supreme source on the sacred activity of the breath, thru which life is sustained in everyone, you will just touch the fringe of the magnitude of the love of the Father-Mother God for His children thru the gift of life. Thru the activity of magnetic attraction these electrons travel on the vibration of light to your individualized I AM Presence & in rhythmic pulsation the Presence of God sends them on their journey with the gifts & powers of the lifestream which have been accumulated in the Causal Body. The individual is thus blessed as the electrons abide with him or pass thru the lower vehicles for the enrichment of the universe.

These tiny electrons leave the heart of the Father-Mother God in great happiness at being privileged to carry the gifts & blessings of the Creator of us all, but when they reach the human kingdom the vibratory action of the lifestream who is the specific beneficiary imposes upon them the quality of energy pulsating in the emotional, mental, etheric & physical bodies. These blessed electrons are often battered & buffeted so violently that their identity is hidden by that infliction of imperfection upon them. They came forth in obedient love & are required to accept the garment which the lifestream provides for them. Further, they must continue on their journey in the world of form clothed in that garment & if it should be one of imperfection remain in that vibratory action until the individual decides to remove the discord which has been imposed upon them.

Can you not see why the chela who is privileged to know of the sacred fire should never weary in the task of purifying his lower garments? You have all done well but there are still many tiny beings of light who must obediently live with you or go to the destination to which you send them with bowed heads & a feeling of depression & heaviness because you chose to misqualify God's holy energy. I counsel you to have respect for all life & in so doing you will not wish to inflict upon that life anything but the love, beauty, peace & harmony of the perfection ordained for all life.

Maha Chohan: XVIII

Not only your physical bodies but your mental, emotional & etheric bodies are made up of thousands of atoms. Each atom consists of a central core of fire around which a series of electrons move in ordered precision as the orbs move around the Sun. The electrons spin in their orbit even as the Earth turns on her axis in the twenty-four hour period. The speed with which the electrons move in their procession around the flame in the center of the atom & the speed at which they turn in their spin determine the rate of vibratory action of your vehicles. The mind of God determined the time & speed with which the orbs circle round the sun, & the Earth has obeyed that law remaining in its orbit & completing its revolution every twenty-four hours within that orbit as well as its circle around the Sun in what has been chronicled as your present one-year period.

Within the lifestreams of the children of Earth there was likewise set a perfect pattern for the electrons moving in each atom & combined with all atoms in the seven bodies it made an ordered universe & a harmonious vibratory tone & color. The natural rate of vibration of the seven bodies of each lifestream was placed at such a rapid rate that imperfection, disease, limitation & inharmony of any kind could no more attach themselves to these rapidly moving bodies than could a cloud of smoke enter into & become a part of the physical Sun.

When the vibratory action of the bodies of man began to vibrate more slowly than their natural rate they had no longer the repelling force which their own rapidly moving energy provided. When men lowered the caliber of their thought & feeling worlds it lowered the vibratory action of the four lower bodies until they became so slow in their movements that every destructive rate of vibration generated by their fellowmen could easily flow into & become one with them because there was no rapid circulation of the electronic light to repel & deflect their intrusion. That is why the more distressed & discouraged an individual becomes the more he is slowing down the vibratory action of his system & the more he is drawing into himself the accumulation which vibrates at this slower rate.

There is only one way for mankind to come back to a state of immunity which was symbolized as the Garden of Eden. That way is to consciously draw the light into the four lower bodies. That light will act as an electric charge as it flows into each electron causing it to spin more rapidly in its orbit, gradually accelerating the vibratory rate of the lower bodies. This action if sustained by conscious effort will bring the lifestream to a state wherein discord & imperfection will not longer register. The student body is like a foolish pilot who sits in the cockpit of a most modern airplane & weeps copiously because the large contraption will not rise into the air, but yet he will not turn the lever which sets the propeller into motion. Unless he will draw the electric force into the great motor he will sit there forever.

Beloved children, you have the way & the means to rise out of the discord of Earth. Why sit ye weeping in your limitations when thru the use of God's limitless light you may rise up & be free? You have faith that by putting your foot on the starter of your car you will start the engine running. Why not have faith in the Threefold Flame in your hearts to raise your consciousness above the discord of Earth!

Maha Chohan: XIX

This morning I again bow before the exquisite stream of electronic light flowing so constantly & so happily from the heart of the great Sun itself into & thru your human forms & containing within itself all the potent powers which man has called mastery over circumstances. Looking at the form & essence of this pure light as it flows to the individual, which appears like billions of beads of light strung together making a river of electronic substance, it becomes my heart desire as well as that of all those who witness the entrance of the God-light into the body that We might convey to you the comfort & knowledge & power that lies within your own light to fulfill all your needs. & yet this great river of force flows thru you for the most part unclaimed, filling the aura of each day with nothingness.

The great world of science has said that if they could build machines powerful enough to crush the atom that from the energy released one tiny molecule would be enough to carry a great ocean-liner across the sea. & yet in the course of a second each one receives into his own heart many countless billions of these particles that pass out into the universe unused because man has not learned the power that lies within his own lifestream, just like an orange that lies upon the table untouched or a nut from which the kernel has not been extracted. One could sit for days with both these articles of food within reach without enjoying the succulence of the one or the nourishment that lies within the other unless an effort was made to unclothe the garment in which their essence was enveloped.

It is the same with your precious light. At the moment you are born into this world your own Christ Self agrees to accept the prana or substance of the air & becomes responsible for as much of that commodity as you will use in the course of a lifetime. Also from the time you breathe your first breath the powers & beings of the air become your servants, the beings concerned with the sustenance of Earth supply you with food & nourishment for your body, the shining sun helps you to perform the acts of your daily living & the elements of the water supply you with your ablutions as well as giving the necessary refreshment to your inner bodies.

All of these elemental beings bend the knee before the throne of the One from which all have come & who breathes the first breath into the nostril of the newborn & sets the akashic ethers into motion. Do you think that it is for naught that age after age & eon after eon mankind has been so served & yet has not signified its willingness to accept the responsibility of using these powers of nature without in some manner contributing even impersonally to the progress of the planet & the race?

At the close of your earth life, my beloved ones, it is I who takes the last breath from your nostril as your soul signifies that you have abode long enough in this vale of tears & that it desires a surcease from the karma of your own making that you may receive light from the suns of Heaven & prepare to return again to fulfill your divine plan. I have met you there hundreds & hundreds of times, your soul clutching in its tired hands the sheaves of its own harvest, pitifully small for the most part, & even I whose energy has sustained your earth journey must repress a feeling of discouragement to see a soul so distressed. So this morning I again endeavor to turn your attention to the power that lies within your electronic stream of light which is your heartbeat. You do not have to look without to any person for within that heartbeat is your precipitating power by which I myself have manifested the glory of each succeeding day.

In the heart of the retreats when We emphasize the philosophy Know Thyself it does not mean that you have to delve into the various doctrines of the day which only result in the manufacture of sheath after sheath with which people have clothed the outer self in this octave, but We do mean that you become acquainted with that exquisite stream of life & light thru which you attain your mastery.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan