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Maha Chohan: XX

When We speak of life We speak of what the scientific world calls electronic energy. I AM a cosmic dispenser of life & therefore know the actual reality of that electronic substance. Men consider life wasted & boring because they do not understand the very nature of that glorious gift of life from God's heart. From the heart of God there are sent forth countless billions of little intelligent beings with winged sandals, shining garments, miniature crowns upon their foreheads all carrying gifts of health, illumination, understanding, love & light. These beings are given into the heart of the Mighty I AM Presence of every unascended being & they are what the world terms life. They are eagerly awaiting passage thru the world of human form as the souls of mankind are awaiting incarnation. The Presence blesses each one of these miniature beings which you term electrons & sends them forth to each human personality in a rhythmic pulsation hoping that they can pass thru the channel of the personal self as an open door & give their gifts to the universe. From the time they leave the aura of the individual I AM Presence they are catapulted by the emotions, thoughts & vibratory action of the physical & etheric bodies & their journey into the universe is completely disrupted by the disintegrating forces of the uncontrolled channel thru which they pass. Their little vials are broken & their gifts destroyed & they pass from the body with practically no animation left in their beings.

The continual procession of these angelic, cherubic, seraphic beings goes on thru every human being on the planet while he wears a physical body, & everyone is the constant conductor of perfection held by these intelligent little spirits that would flow thru such an open door & give happiness & joy to the universe. To be an open door & to stop the crucifixion & maltreatment of the electrons passing thru one's body makes such a lifestream blessed indeed, for where any such a one is found the Father entrusts more & more of his tiny messengers to that lifestream hoping in that way to balance the many who have never reached their full perfection in the outer world thru the personality's discordant vibrations.

Because of the service of beloved St. Germain limitless thousands of these little beings are endeavoring to pass thru your lifestream into activity, & if you could put your personal little self aside & allow them to pass you would learn patience, & knowing the great service your bodies render you would be willing to remain incarnate as long as the great ones wish a means of conduct into the appearance world. This may be compared to the man who lay across the Tibetan abyss with his feet in the roots of one tree & his hands caught on the other side so that the disciples of the Buddha might pass in safety & reach their master.

Maha Chohan: XXI

As it is my privilege, responsibility & honor to be the actual cosmic dispenser of God-qualified energy to the Earth & all her attendant evolutions I bless the ceaseless stream of electronic light as it flows from the universal I AM Presence thru your own Whitefire Being--your individualized I AM Presence--into the chalice of the immortal victorious Threefold Flame within your beating heart. The unawakened amongst men feel life is their just due & dispense it often with careless effrontery into the world about them in vicious thoughts, destructive feelings, hurtful words & violent actions due of course to lack of mastery over the desires & appetites of the outer self.

These countless billions of electrons invested in each individual seek a safe & joyous passage thru your four lower vehicles blessing, raising & renewing such vehicles in their sweeping & triumphant God-ordained descent thru you to bless the universe as a whole. However, when any of the four lower vehicles impedes the free-flowing stream of electronic light in its service in, thru & around you the electrons are temporarily imprisoned inside a casing.

This shows us your own vibratory rate of activity & also the activities of electronic light channeled thru your lifestream. Electronic light abides within your own I AM Presence & in rhythmic pulsation is directed thru you with special gifts, blessings & powers for your use. If however you have literally clogged the stream of entrance of the newly charged electronic light & have even temporarily imprisoned the precious release of electronic light within your four lower vehicles, it can readily be seen that you yourself are cutting off the blessings which are destined to be yours.

Beloved Jesus & his Holy Mother Mary whom we honor during the month of May were open channels for these lightrays & ever cognizant that the electronic energy flowing thru them was the power of God I AM which healed, soothed & made whole each individual in distress whom They contacted whilst serving upon the Earth & in the Father's kingdom. Go now & do likewise. The electronic light is alive within you, has intelligence, motivation & generally the potent fire of creation! Allow it thru you to bless yourselves free & to in like manner bless all imprisoned life everywhere. This electronic light will lovingly renew muscle, bone, sinews, bloodstreams & nervous systems when allowed thru your freewill to do so.

Beloved, these words of mine are a doctrine of enlightenment. Read them, absorb them, utilize their essence & spread the blessings received by such contact with my Presence & my Consciousness. Thus are you truly messengers of my Comfort Flame.

Maha Chohan: XXII

The physical Sun is a conductor of the substance of flame from the Great Central sun. Man is a conductor & his presence on the planet Earth is to draw the electronic substance which is the light & life of the Sun & to magnify that substance in works. The electronic lightrays that form the atmosphere of Earth are conductors. The mountains, seas, trees, birds, bees & countless expressions of nature's manifestations are all conductors of certain radiations which form the formula by which human life can have a sustained existence on Earth.

However, man is the only qualified conductor of the cosmic flame which purpose it is to direct the power, intelligence, light & consciousness of the sun into the planet & its atmosphere. It is the development of this power to draw this cosmic force, direct it & utilize it which forms the basis of the instruction which is released to you by the spiritual hierarchy. Some lifestreams are natural & unconscious conductors due to certain development & dedication of purpose thru the centuries.

The ascended masters are conscious voluntary conductors of more than ordinary outpourings of flame at certain periods & cycles. The infusion of the words, consciousness, radiation & outpouring of the electronic force is required to see the Earth & its people thru this present crisis, & the more attention & dedication of those who know of the service of the spiritual hierarchy the more of this electronic force can flow thru those so cognizant, making them localized conductors of an invisible force which is the atmosphere of the New Day.

Every time the attention is turned toward any facet which the ascended masters represent this electronic substance is given an opportunity to flow into the lower atmosphere of Earth. The intellectual attention, the emotional devotion is all that is required to make the contact by which this substance might flow to enrich the lower atmosphere & it truly makes a localized sun in & around the very environment of the chela which is of more powerful, potent, cosmic import than the chela shall ever know.

Maha Chohan: XXIII

To have the inner sight opened for a short period of time, say for a half-hour, would so transport you into a world of light wherein you could see the reality behind all action that you would never again find form as either an imprisonment or an actuality. If mankind could see the beautiful conductors of cosmic energy which they really are, how the electrons fly from the fingertips, the feet & particularly from any part of the body which is the concentrated focus of activity for the moment, they would find that the display of fireworks in any celebration such as the Fourth of July but a poor imitation of their own capacity to emit electronic force.

Although the entire body is constantly sending forth sparks of light or electricity the tremendous shooting forth of the cosmic particles is concentrated where the attention for the moment is active; thus it passes from the hand in a handshake or from the eye in the process of reading or looking at objects, from the forehead in thought, from the lips in speech & song, & so on. The quality of the electrons of course is determined by the evolution & feeling of the individual.

When two or more individuals meet to discuss any problem or to combine their efforts for a good cause the tremendous release of the electronic particles from all parties into the contemplated activity will have a tremendous effect upon its final outcome & the nature of the participants as well as their feelings during the process of preparing & actually executing the plan will determine the type of manifestation that will outpicture. I most sincerely counsel the chelas to contemplate the foregoing & to consider the pictures which they send out into the universal, knowing always that they are an open book to all who have preceded them into the light.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan