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Maha Chohan: XXIV

The powers within every electron are impersonal--God, deva, angel, man & nature spirit utilize as much of those powers that are within life as they are capable of at a given moment. For instance, within the electron is the power of sight by which all men & Gods are able to see, within the electron is the power of thought by which God & man tapping the same power are able to think, within the electron which is flowing thru the bodies of ascended & unascended beings is the power to qualify or feel & the nature spirit or four-footed creature shares that feeling power. When the human consciousness is ready to utilize the greater powers that are within life a way & means is provided by which the intelligence is made aware of these powers & possibilities within man. It is now within the province of the awakened chela to enter deep into that magnetic power which is a natural activity of life, & in the authority of that magnetic power allow the fullness of the good of the universe to enable him to serve life in a greater & more beautiful capacity. In the same manner the chela can draw the radiation & assistance of the divine beings who cannot refuse the magnetic power that is within life.

Maha Chohan: XXV

How often do you turn your attention to the electrons which are breathed forth from the Father-Mother God & received by your individualized I AM Presence? These millions of tiny electrons have identity within themselves & are received by your Presence in true humility. Do you the recipient of these tiny expressions of divinity love this light & have reverence for this glorious experience embodying the gift of life?

As you know, these electrons are nourished by the heart of the individualized I AM Presence & according to its wisdom are released in rhythmic pulsation. As they make their journey thru the lower vehicles they bring particular gifts, powers & blessings for the lifestream thru which they pass & for the great universal whole. These electrons are joyful that they can be an intensification of the gifts of the Godhead for mankind & all the evolutions on this Earth, but as they enter the human consciousness do you allow them to go forth on their outward journey expanding the borders of God's kingdom on this planet or do you thru the use of freewill desecrate the divine image thru the human consciousness which you have builded thru the centuries?

Often when I turn my attention to my chelas I hear the cry of the soul wondering why manifestations of an imperfect nature are still plaguing them when they believe that they have used & used the sacred fire of transmutation & purification so faithfully. I admonish you, beloved ones, to ponder for a moment the millions & millions of these exquisite God-perfect electrons which you have misqualified thru the ages, & I firmly believe that you will more fully realize that there can be no cessation of application for the removal of the imperfection which you & others have imposed upon these tiny beings of light.

Maha Chohan: XXVI

Let us think what love of the light should mean to every lifestream on the planet, the chelas in particular. Love of the light can be a very beautiful experience when you realize that every tiny electron has a form, face, color & a little identity within itself. If you could see the millions & millions of electrons breathed forth on the breath of the Father-Mother God & received by the individualized I AM Presence in great humility you would understand more fully the gift of life.

These electrons live in the heart of the Presence & then in rhythmic pulsation according to the wisdom of the Presence are sent on their downward journey with particular gifts, powers & blessings both for the lifestream thru which they pass & for the great universal whole. When We speak of "downward journey" We refer to the consciousness which is less than the perfection of the indwelling Christ.

They are overjoyed with their mission & carry their little cups filled to overflowing with the gifts from the Father-Mother God & move happily on their way until they come to the borders of the human kingdom. There they are set upon by the vibratory action of the personal self. Here there little suns are dimmed by the grinding of the human will, they are filled with the pollution of human thinking & feeling & their vibratory action is affected by coarse language & expression. When they finally pass thru the physical garment these tiny angelic beings have the semblance of dead expressions rather than the light beings which they truly are.

When mankind comes to a knowledge of true love & beauty he will then begin to respect life, to welcome these little light beings & to give them safe convoy on their journey, thus enriching the kingdom of Heaven. Since We refer to reverence for life from time to time I thought this picture might be of assistance to you in qualifying the energy which flows thru you with the perfection of the Father-Mother God at all times.

Maha Chohan: XXVII

The great universal body of God is composed of a limitless number of intelligent electronic particles which are constantly being generated by the parent principle into the universe. This forms the sea of electronic light from when is drawn into form every manifest object which has ever been in the inner spheres as well as in the material world. This electronic light-substance must respond to the creative powers of thought & feeling as wielded by an intelligent consciousness whether that be a Solar Lord, ascended being, deva, nature spirit or man. The great planetary cradles of evolving lives are thus consciously focused form & substance sustained by the planetary spirits out of this body of God, but I shall endeavor to draw this cosmic conception down to the use & design of the individual evolving man for the purpose of my creative lesson.

One of the joys which the parent Flame endowed mankind with was the opportunity of becoming co-workers in the kingdom & it is to learn the lesson of such creation that man finds himself presently embodied upon a planet where form has become concrete enough to objectify the principle of individual precipitation thru thought & feeling. There is no form that exists upon the planet Earth today that has not been evoked & drawn into being thru the open door of some individual's consciousness, human or divine.

Let us now examine the workings of this law which will give us a certain freedom in the use of our creative centers for the greater good of all concerned. The universal light-substance can only become self-conscious thru its descent into form & its subsequent evolution as an intelligent, focal, working consciousness. This universal light lives in a realm of innocence, love, peace & harmony & may remain quiescent throughout an entire cosmic age unless called into the wheel of evolution thru the consciousness of some already individualized being, human or divine.

The thought & feeling centers within the consciousness represent the open door thru which the unformed universal light must pass to take on a cloak of matter. The magnetic power within thought & feeling centers is a summons that cannot be denied & the moment that these forces pulsate in a consciousness directed or otherwise the universal light begins to enter the realm of form & begins its voluntary exile as a prelude to individualization.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan