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Maha Chohan: XXVIII

The holy essence which you know as electronic light is charged with the quality of obedience to the sacred fire, & since this light is all-pervading it fills the universe, makes up the bodies of the people, the homes in which they abide & all the services in which they are engaged, & it has instantly obeyed the direction of man thru thought & feeling. The bodies which mankind wear are but the endeavor of the electrons to outpicture the thought & feeling forms which they are commanded to fill & which they in obedience manifest.

Now that we are coming to the end of the cycle the exquisite electrons that have become voluntary prisoners of the will of man are in the process of redemption. From within the electrons themselves as cosmic light increases will come a freeing power which will throw off the fetters & shadows imposed upon the light by human consciousness. Thus their very light within the imperfection will begin to throw off the covering of human concepts & stand revealed in its original splendor. This redemptive activity is taking place at the present time due to the fact that the chelas of the spiritual hierarchy are aware of the glorious activities of the flames of purification & transmutation & which the chelas in obedience to instructions given to them by the great ones are using in a most commendable manner.

As the electronic light within the lifestream begins to quicken it temporarily seems to accelerate many of the conditions of a human manifestation, but be of good cheer for this will be only a shortlived process followed by an entirely new world free of miscreations of thought & feeling processes of the unawakened. As you make further application toward calling forth beautiful light patterns within the bodies of the people you can render a tremendous service to mankind abiding upon Earth & in your own vehicles as well. The electrons are so eager to fulfill the divine pattern that when you choose to reach into God-consciousness you can draw that divine pattern & mold it into the perfection ordained for you & for all life by keeping your consciousness free of all that is less than the divine concept.

This is an activity of precipitation & now when We are directing Our attention specifically to the activities of the Teton Retreat you should find it relatively easy to mold your own garments into the pattern which the Holy Christ Self is waiting for you to externalize.

Maha Chohan: XXIX

When We look at the flow of energy from the heart of the Presence We see a rapidly pulsating river of prismatic light. If We were to slow down the vibratory action of that life-energy We would see that the electrons making up the flame of the Presence carry a distinct design which differs from all others even as the geometrical perfection of the snowlfake is singular. As this energy is molded by the thought & feeling body into form & sent forth into the universe it carries the plan of the original design of the lifestream. The energy goes forth in a handclasp so that the individual receiving the handclasp when the hand is removed has upon the palm superimposed over his own energy many thousands of these tiny forms representative of the lifestream of the giver.

The second individual then goes on his way performing one act or another, yet he carries with him some of the energy from his friend, & this is how one's energy passes on in an endless chain from one to another in handclasps & other services requiring contact in different modes of service until the energy from each one goes out to many many parts of the planet. The outer world has touched the fringe of this in their science of personal magnetism but they refer to the human effluvia which covers the pure particles of light whereas We refer to the life structure & picture within.

The manner in which the particles are charged forth determines the resulting effect upon the lifestream releasing them. The energy may pass to another in a handclasp but the predominant feeling in the emotional body as it goes forth will determine whether its passage thru the universe carries friendship & love or otherwise, & in its return circe of course it will pick up vibrations only similar to its own & so its return again unto its source brings amplified a millionfold the initial vibration with which it was sent forth. If a woman could see the sparks of light going forth from her fingertips when she is cooking & the substance of light that goes into the food she handles she would be amazed to see how much of herself she charges into the meals that she prepares for her family & friends.

It is one of the most important & least understood activities of life that the radiation & feeling that go into the preparation of food affect everyone who partakes of it, & this activity should be unhurried, peaceful & happy. It would be better that an individual did not eat al all than to eat food that has been prepared under a feeling of anger, resentment, depression or any outward pressure because the substance of the lifestream performing the service flows into that food & is eaten & actually becomes part of the energy of the receiver. That is why the advanced spiritual teachers of the East never eat food prepared by anyone other than their own chelas, & if the individual who sometimes is possessed of the only advanced spiritual understanding in the household & who seems to have little time for personal application would make the preparation of his or her culinary efforts an active charge of happiness, purity, peace, opulence & freedom what the other members will not get by study they will eat. I might say that there are more ways than one of allowing the Spirit of God to enter the flesh of man.

The Master Jesus used his hands almost constantly as conductors of the energy drawn from God & charged them thru the electrons of his great lifestream with healing power for those requiring assistance. He & his disciples healed by the laying on of hands. In this manner the electronic particles of the master's energy were charged into the physical structure as well as into the mental, emotional & etheric bodies of those requiring assistance.

The particles of light remained with the individual & radiated the feeling of the master long after He had proceeded on his way. His purpose in this was to sustain his consciousness in the individual thus assisted lest the mass mind draw him back into his former way of thinking. Everybody close to the Master Jesus in that embodiment was literally covered with the stardust of his light which was as tangible a robe of grace as was the white garment which He wore. Likewise the whole planet was benefited by the radiation of his Presence.

Therefore be careful how you speak because every time you speak a word energy rushes forth from your mouth & creates a thoughtform composed of the pattern of your lifestream. If St. Germain were to pronounce the word "cat", his thoughtform would be composed of tiny fleurs-de-lis. It behooves us then to be careful how we use our energy because according to the manner of sending it forth do we receive happiness or otherwise on its return.

Maha Chohan: XXX

The glorious white robe of the Master Jesus is a constant reminder to the initiate & the aspirant that the life & energy of his own being may be woven, & is woven, at every moment into the vehicles thru which his soul must function & achieve at last everlasting peace. "To him that overcometh shall be given a white garment." This garment is woven by the Presence into the substance of the bodies & aura of the evolving consciousness when the attention of the heart is centered on the spiritual center from whence all blessings truly flow.

The aura around the lifestream consists of a constantly moving sea of electrons passing outward driven by thought & feeling & returning inward on the return course of their circular journey to find oneness in the heart of their creator. The radiation from the Presence however is vertical & passes downward thru the bodies & then completes the circle back into the Presence. So you have the directive activity of the lifestream going out in a horizontal line tying you to the manifestation of Earth, & the more ephemereal electronic circuit coming from the Presence made up only of those directed thoughts & feelings which turn towards the source. As the greatest amount of energy of the lifestream is directed into the affairs of the world that circuit is more powerful than the short intervals of contemplation, prayer & devotions that form the divine circle uniting you with the Godhead, & this is the beginning of that white garment, that seamless robe which you see has neither beginning nor end.

Now when the individual is done with interesting himself in the satisfaction of the personal self & more & more of the life-energy is directed towards the Source, the Cosmic christ cloak or seamless robe woven out of the individual's own love for God not only increases in intensity but begins to form a natural protective ring that disconnects the energy of the lifestream from the magnetic pull of imperfect manifestation. It is not the matter of a moment to change the currents of attention from form & manifestation into the joyous contemplation of the God-Self, & yet those individuals who have entered that discipline when seen with the inner eye appear to be held within an almost invisible mist that is barely discernible thru their cloaks of many colors. It would take the trained eye of a free being to show you the potential Christbearers of the Age. But as the person is singled out from the masses & entered under the standard of the Christ Beings that mist begins to take more form & substance & eventually it is the predominant vibration thru the cloak or thru the aura. It forms the garment which Jesus so powerfully manifested that those who touched its very fringe were excused of their mistakes & mercifully reinstated in health & wellbeing.

Weave your seamless robe, dear hearts, each one so that he who touches its hem will be blessed by its nature, its quality, its gifts. To qualify that Cosmic Christ cloak, the spiritual electronic essence which is the protective power of your higher nature, with confidence, healing, spiritual conviction or any one of the countless virtues of the universal is to render an impersonal service--in which your outer self can never either be recognized or acknowledged as the doer--& is the great impersonal blessing which forms the heart pulsation of the Brotherhood.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan