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Maha Chohan: XXXI

To fully understand the power of radiation one must enter the fourth-dimensional activity where the unseen but powerful rays are constantly vibrating from their manifestation of the God-life. There is no such thing as an inanimate object; there is no place in this universe where there is no motion, no vibration, or inertia. Every electron that forms every atom visible & invisible is pulsating constantly with the heartbeat of the Father. Radiation is the vibratory action of those electrons.

Man must let the energy from his bodies go forth to perform their cosmic service with at least as much accuracy as the singing bird or unfolding flower. Every individual belonging to the race affects mankind en masse with the breath that goes form from him. No one lives unto himself but vibration like beads on one string flows thru the entire mankind within three seconds. The radio, wireless & television have proved transcendence of time & space. Man's thoughts & feelings are being broadcast thru the universe by an invisible hook-up & these thoughts & feelings affect the lives of all people on the planet as well as the animal & nature kingdoms. Man therefore should endeavor to love more in accord with the principles expressed by Jesus.

One individual with a radiation of peace & harmony can affect all mankind for good & the masters can use such an individual as conductor of their qualities & hand-feed so to speak the inner bodies of the people. But the masters cannot use these individuals unless they are poised & at peace for the same reason that the medical doctor does not allow a mother to nurse her child if she is subject to fits of anger, depression or distress because the milk would poison the infant.

The magnetic center of atoms is the love of God, & an atom-smasher with all its powerful dynamic pressure can only release electrons in one atom, whereas the energy in the emotional body passing thru the atomis of the physical form completely shatters the magnetic pole within the atoms that make up the body until you have the disintegrated forms manifest by the human race after thirty years of age.

When one comes to an understanding of the law of life he or she must realize that every atom in the body revolving around a core of love is affected by every emotion which sets them offcenter, delaying the progress of the lifestream & more quickly bringing disintegration & death. Harmonious energy strengthens the magnetic center & brings eternal youth, harmony & health.

Maha Chohan: XXXII

The heart-center of God I AM is in constant motion & fills the entire universe with a rhythmic vibratory action even as your body breathes in & out in a steady pulsation of life. The Godhead Himself sends forth that radiation to the periphery of the universe & the entire universe--every electron with that universe--feels every pulsation from His cosmic heart & should vibrate in like manner were it not for the qualification of that energy by the individual lifestream. To understand the power of radiation one must enter the fourth dimensional activity where the unseen but powerful rays are constantly vibrating from their manifestation of the God-life I AM.

There is no place in this universe where there is no motion or no vibration just as there is no such thing as an inanimate object. Each electron which composes every atom visible & invisible is pulsating with the heatbeat of the Creator of all, & the vibratory actions of those electrons form what you know as radiation. Groups of electrons & atoms which are drawn together in a blade of grass, a tree or a man are constantly emitting a pulsation of energy which is the radiation of that particular object or being. The blending of these various vibratory rates in the divine scheme of things provides one great & natural whole.

The atmosphere is formed by the rhymic pulsation of earth, water, sun & air. The radiation from the grass & foliage is provided as a restful outpouring to accelerate the evolution of man. Every manifestation in the entire nature kingdom is governed by my lifestream & that of the intelligences devoted to this particular service, & all such radiation in itself is beneficial & constructive--or if temporarily destructive requires re-education.

Man's radiation is the result of his freewill & the quality of the release has fallen far from the original intent of the divine plan for the universe. The malefic radiation in the world today is the result of misqualified God-energy released thru individuals who know not how or care not to permit pure energy to flow thru their lifestreams for the benefit of all life everywhere. You can readily see that in order to manifest the divine perfection of the golden age man must assume his proper place in God's kingdom & let the divine energy flowing thru his bodies go forth to perform their cosmic service.

Be assured, each one, that your loving calls for the upliftment of mankind are heard by the ascended host of light & Our energy returns to bless you making the calls & to bless the Earth.

Maha Chohan: XXXIII

Vibration & radiation are coexistent with form. Even a blade of grass, a flower, a rock, a tree emits unconsciously a rate of vibration which affects the cosmos as a whole & which mind you by the undulation of its energy rearranges the atoms of the entire universe. Thus all life is constantly contributing to a changing of the actual center of the cosmos. This law applies to the ascended host as well as to men evolving on the Earth's surface & even to the Godhead Itself.

The idea that the higher octaves are in a state of utter peace & rest has arisen from the fact that ascetics who have thru contemplation temporarily loosed their consciousness from the moving sea of vibratory action of the lower realm & contacted the higher realms found the contrast between the two so great that in endeavoring to give worded expression to their experiences they have conveyed the impression of a static state as against the low vibration which forms the atmosphere of Earth; thus often are truths falsely garbed thru human misapprehension. The peace & quietude of the higher octaves is described by mortal mind as a place where vibration does not exist because the vibration of the outer mind means noise & motion & confusion. Let it be here set forth therefore that the ecstatic bliss of nirvana, which is the aura of the universal First Cause, is a vibratory action & not a void.

The universe itself is filled with electronic light which is intelligent. These electrons have power & capacity within themselves to receive directions & by exertion of their own intelligence perform the necessary activities required to manifest those directions. Within this universal light-substance which fills the universe from the heart-center to its periphery are self-conscious beings who alone have the power to set this electronic light-substance into motion. The intelligence within the light-substance does not act until set into motion by a superior power, a thought & feeling focus endowed with God-authority. The electronic light would remain in the unformed state if some God-intelligences did not charge into it a direction for pattern & outline.

These individualized foci of intelligence who are the motivating power behind creation are the God-Beings. Mankind also is endowed with the capacity to rearrange electronic particles, therefore every individual is a student in the classroom of life.

Any individual no matter how ignorant or untrained endowed with a thought & feeling principle is a conscious or unconscious influence upon the distribution & arrangement of the electronic substance of the universe in which he finds being & it is for the purpose that he may consciously cooperate with the design of the Godhead that mankind is now being trained. This conscious control of electronic substance in accord with the God plan lies within the evolution of both his intelligence & his capacity to embrace God-consciousness. Meditate, my children, upon the power of the spark of God that lives within your hearts. Consciously place the problems that beset you in the transmuting flame of its presence. Surrender your human will to its guidance & say with Jesus, "Not my will but Thine be done." Then you may also say, "Whosoever seeth me seeth the Father."

If man could even partially comprehend the law governing energy & vibration he would be in a fair way toward self-mastery. As We have said before there is no such thing as a being without vibration & radiation. Man is in training & he will come one day to a realization that the power to create vibration is not only a responsibility but an opportunity by which mastery & divinity can be experienced thru the individualized ego.

For millions of centuries man by accepting individuality has created vibration which moved from the center of his being to the periphery of the cosmos & is constantly throughout the entire course of his individualization affected by every electron with that cosmic orbit to some degree. Just as when you drop a pebble into the center of a pool you see the eddies go out in ever-widening circles until they reach the periphery, returning again to the center, so everything within that pool is affected by the vibrations caused by the activity at the center. From the very moment man took being the electronic light in obedience to the decree of the Father became his servant.

When the vibratiory action that he set into motion reached the periphery of its circle it began its return journey back into his own experience & the bombardment of the returning light sent back from the sounding board of the universe became that which is known as karma; the more positive & intense the individual, the more powerful the vibration & its amplification back into the lifestream whether the outgoing quality was good or evil.

As the vibratory action around him became more & more chaotic, desire of knowledge & a way & means of finding peace arose within the heart. Then the man became an applicant for Godhood & it is at this point that the training of the lifestream began. The intricacies of vibration are such that I could spend a full week in illustrating the tremendous impact of one individual on the universe, each organism within the body vibrating & emitting certain energywaves that contribute to the light or shadow of the planet. Thus the body elemental alone affects the passion or the aspiration of every incarnate soul. Then the soul has a vibration which when awakened is a powerful force for good, for every seeker no matter how confused the search affects the mass-consciousness of all souls toward aspiration.

Then the mind tunes in & vibrates according to its choice of material, affecting in turn all the mindstuff in the universe, & so We could go on & on in amplification of the powers of vibration, unconscious vibration that is. Now We come to the opportunity of consciously directing into the universal light a vibration that would be of beneficent interest to the universe. The mind, the heart, the intelligence can be incorporated into this experiment: visualize electronic light unformed with every electron receptive, obedient, alert, waiting for your message. Then set up a vibration consciously in your feelings. See the energywaves pass out from you in ever-widening circles & the obedient electrons start into motion. Choose if you will a particular quality or a blessing that would benefit the race.

It is a beautiful pastime for spending an hour of relaxation & is a wonderful trreatment for the body, nervous system & soul. First one must experiment with the mind, heart, feelings & later the ganglionic centers can be trained to send forth these vibrations even when the conscious mind is busy with other matters. The untrained people of the world do this unconsciously in the sending forth of Christmas & Easter blessings.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan