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Maha Chohan: XXXIV

Allow Me to call your attention once again to your individual responsibility for that which comes into your life experience & the absolute importance of controlling your thoughts & emotions, for thus can you make your journey thru this world free of anxiety. The Threefold Flame in your heart is constantly pulsating into the universe the energy of life & the quality imposed upon that energy by the outer self is the responsiblity of the individual. Energy as you know takes on quality thru the conscious direction of the thoughts & feelings of the individual. This energy of light-substance animated by the Holy Spirit is the primal essence of pure divine love from which all can draw without limit.

When discord manifests in any facet of an individual's life it means that the energy which should be pouring forth harmoniously in love has been changed thru conscious or unconscious effort into this discordant appearance. In other words its rate of vibration has been changed, it has been lowered. Energy is the same in love & in hate, in fear & in confidence. It is the rate of vibration that makes the difference in its quality. Therefore, blessed ones, not one of you can say that you are without love, without confidence or without faith, for by pouring primal light or love into hate or fear or lack of confidence you quicken the vibration of that quality & change it into a constructive expression. When these truant thoughts try to impinge upon your consciousness call at once to the master of your choice to pour his light thru you; your call will be answered, your light expanded thru every cell of your body & you will walk in joyous freedom seeing the Christ in your fellowman.

You have been told that when you create a thoughtform you create a cup. This cup is then filled with the substance of the universe that vibrates at the same rate as the original thought pattern, so you see how your thoughts affect your individual life. Whether a student reads truth literature, gives his attention to what is said on radio or television or reads a trashy book, immediately the process of creating thoughtforms takes place in the outer mind for every written or spoken word contains within itself a mental picture & a corresponding thoughtform is exuded from that individual.

It would be wise therefore for the alert student to consciously create thoughtforms either of the masters, the angelic host or any expression of beauty, as well as of abounding health, strength & prosperity. These cups will immediately draw the substance of the universe from the hearts of the perfected ones & will become part of the enriching environment in which the student dwells. They will also be a tremendous protection around him & can be a great expansion of his assets of soul & body. They can also be intelligent messengers that will carry the consciousness of the Gods to other people.

Maha Chohan: XXXV

The faculty of your attention is an activity of the sacred fire, a power delegated to your use for the enrichment of your nature to increase your capacity to serve God & man. Your attention then is one flame of that sacred fire, & if you visualize it as such you can direct it with trendous results toward your own God-Self, to any cosmic or ascended being or anyplace in the solar system from when you desire assistance, illumination, peace or healing. That flame of your attention being part of the sacred fire connects immediately with the object to which it is directed. It forms a definite contact with all conscious substance, feeling & power of the being toward whom you have sent the beam of your attention.

If you were to turn the beam of your attention into the physical sun & spend, undivided, thirty minutes or so just contemplating the perfection that is there, there would ride back over that beam light particles which would renew & rebuild your inner & outer vehicles into perfect health, vitality & wellbeing. When the master's attention is upon you He is using the sacred fire. His attention is drawn to you the instant you think of him, therefore you have the sacred fire in action during the time of your contemplation. This forms a perfect connection over which his gifts & substance may ride.

If you will experiment with this you will be amazed & delighted at the physical & emotional results & relief that such treatment will bring. The master treats not only the physical but the inner vehicles sweeping not only the physical but the inner vehicles, sweeping off into the sacred fire the heavy substance in the emotional vehicle particularly. If you could visualize sheets of flame passing thru the emotional vehicle in soft delicate pink & gold you would find the ease & peace that would make the acceptance of physical assistance much easier than when you are taut & tense which often happens in personal application.

Maha Chohan: XXXVI

Examining the emotional bodies of my chelas who now have an understanding of the cosmic Law beyond the point of theory I find by checking & balancing the mental & emotional bodies one with the other that there is little belief that the hopes of the heart & mind may become fact. This shows a little discrepancy in the application of the earnest chela, for the various vehicles should work together as does a team of horses following the desired God design of perfection into the physical substance of the earthplane & thus release the manifestation prayed for & desired by the heart. The mind is like a mirror in which is reflected the beauty & goodness of the world around you which you have seen & accepted as part of God's glorious kingdom. The mind was created to be impressed upon by the I AM Presence & Holy Christ Self with that part of the divine plan which should manifest at a specific moment.

Often when the outer mind has received an inner God impression the intellect says "it is impossible--for the most part by the individual himself--& others to whom he might tell his anticipated plan. Therefore you have an almost constant rejection of that part of God's kingdom which is ready to manifest in the physical appearance world. The Holy Christ Self has the entire blueprint of the lifestream, or as you call it, the divine plan. The major duty of the Holy Christ Self is to produce the divine plan thru the individual lifestream. When the chela has purified his vehicles thru the violet transmuting flame portions of the divine plan are released for the benefit of the individual & the world at large. Some individuals have received great & beautiful visions for their country & for the future world, but for the most part because of certain weaknesses in holding the God-vision they have failed to bring these into manifestation. Hold the vision, that perfection to which there is no selfish intent. Seize on the inner vision, dear ones, & make the application without tension but with intensity until that which you have gazed upon within your heart is manifest as easily as We choose to manifest flowers on the Earth's surface.


Energy forms pictures. Every utterance makes a picture at inner levels. If you speak the word "book" immediately there is outpictured the type of book you had in mind. Each person who speaks the word "book" sends forth a different pattern for the externalization is made up of the energy of the transmitter, carrying the pattern of his electrons. If an individual has a chalice, a flower or any of the myriad forms which are the electronic pattern of his energy, that pattern will compose the form of the uttered expression.

Now we know that the mental vehicle formed the picture but it was the feeling or emotional vehicle which actually propelled it forth. Thought must be coupled with feeling in order to express. Since the form which is sent forth is clothed in the feeling of the sender if there is anything of an inharmonious or destructive nature in the expression, that will add to the mass entity of imperfection for there is no separation, each seeks its own level, good or otherwise.

Perhaps you can now better understand why We continually admonish you to hold the harmony & clothe your energy in pure divine love so that there will not be all manner of tiny patterns flowing into the universe which add to the accumulation or imperfection which you & We of the spiritual hierarchy are devoting our energies to remove from this Earth. Remember the statement, "thoughts are things."

XXXVIII: O how the mankind of this Earth has misused the gift of freewill endowed upon them by the Father-Mother God for the expansion of the kingdom of Heaven. This improper use of the electronic substance given so freely to man has resulted in the unhappy manifestations & chaotic conditions in the world today.

At the time an individual becomes conscious that he is an intelligent creative being & has within his own being the magnet by which he may draw the universal light & mold it into form according to the dictates of his thought & feeling processes, at that moment he becomes a conscious co-creator & worker in the establishment & maintenance of God's kingdom on the Earth. The universal light-substance as you are aware must be obedient to a command of an individualized facet of the Creator & even when the lower self is at the control it must outpicture what is stamped upon it. All light & life is in the process of evolution & when the universal substance is molded into something of beauty & perfection it proceeds to quickly fulfill the edict & thus furthers its own evolution, for all life must expand in dignity & perfection to carry out the plan of the Father-Mother God.

Now here is a point where your individual consciousness enters, for what you entertain in your thoughts & feelings outpictures in obedience. How much more rewarding it is to you personally to rise on the beam of your attention & bow to the God-power almighty residing within you & there in adoration, dignity & harmony mold the perfect patterns which are required for the expansion of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth! Thus you become a precipitating power of all good which is the divine edict for your individual lifestream to fulfill the plan for perfection which shall manifest upon this dear Earth. You are doing exceedingly well at this stage in your evolution & I counsel you to be ever on the alert for what you entertain in your consciousness.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan