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Maha Chohan: XXXIX; XL

When a man chooses to enter the schoolroom which would enable him to become master of energy thru his conscious will he must understand that the electron light-substance which fills the universe is intelligent & endowed with power to respond to the cohesive vibrations set up by the individual thru the qualifying power of his own life. Every individual divine & human is constantly using this power of qualification to color the magnetic powers focused within his lifestream. The natural magnetic power within life is sensitive to the conscious or unconscious qualification which the consciousness of the individual places upon it as it flows thru his spinal column & energizes his world.

Because the general thoughts & feelings of the individual form the natural tenure of the qualification the electrons that are being drawn toward the lifestream correspond to the quality of the magnetic power within the individual's world. As no individual lives in a vacuum he is surrounded by & indeed embodies electronic light. This light is not quiescent but in constant rhythmic motion is flowing in & out of the lifestream & his aura. The tremendous & rapid motion of this infusion & expulsion of electrons makes each individual a battery of centripetal & centrifugal force. The electrons that are thrown off from the individual represent his responsibility to the universe, & the electrons that are drawn into his individual orbit represent his life experience, his environment & his world.

Until man is absolute master of the qualifying power within his magnetic center his world experience is subject to many changes & is spasmodic in its happiness & depression. But when the magnetic power within him is qualified to draw only that portion of the substance in the material world that vibrates with harmony, beauty, symmetry, health & peace, the selective power within this magnetic force automatically repels the vibrations not in sympathy with it & it can attract electrons from other stars which will complement its vibration.

XL: The spoken word is the creative power of God that molds the universal light-substance into forms similar to the cup which the spoken expression creates, whether it refers to persons, places, conditions or things. The holy breath is within the word. The consciousness of the individual is charged & surcharged with distorted forms thru the misuse of God's energy in speech. In the same manner if the spoken word is peacegiving & harmonious in its expression the consciousness takes on an added glow of light & the individual becomes a comfortin presence to all he or she contacts. Decrees were consciously presented to man's intellect as a balance for the misuse of the spoken word as well as for the impure silent thought produced thru the centuries of embodiment.

In order to shatter these distorted cups one needs energy vibrating at the smae rate but constructively qualified. In other words it is policy to break a cup created by wrong speech by a vibratory action of correct speech rather than by mental force. Secondly the constructive decree which is always an invocation to a member of the ascended host or to your own Presence becomes a cup that the masters or your Christ Self can fill with their light-substance which creates a pulsating vibration in your consciousness of a quality & activity for manifestation that will bring more of the divine plan into expression. Thirdly the spoken word vibrating at the low rate which can be heard by the physical ear is more easily conducted thru the mental & feeling worlds of incarnated spirits, setting up forms of a constructive nature in their bodies & auras whereas the finer ethers of mind substance would by reason of the bodies' density pass around them unfelt & unnoticed.

One of the rules of the Great White Brotherhood is never to picture an individual imperfectly. Every lifestream is endowed with the birthright of perfection. God the Father created everyone in His own image & likeness & decreed perfection as the natural law of their beings. When an individual recognizes imperfection in any other lifestream in the universe he is dishonoring the will of the Father who created all. Every person thru thought, feeling & the spoken word emits energy & substance from his lifestream & when the substance & energy is charged with a picture of imperfection, driven against another individual thru the channels of thought & feeling & intensified by the spoken word, it forms a film or coating around the one to whom the force is directed. This seeks to cover up the divine image which God intended & makes a tremendous karmic link which can only be obliterated by powerful decrees or the use of the sacred fire by the sender of the destructive energy. All mankind are condemned by one another but when an individual becomes a conscious chela he must learn to think as the Father does about his creation.

Maha Chohan: XLI

The great energies from the Mighty I AM Presence of every lifestream are as accessible as is water in the faucet which by a certain motion of wrist is turned on to serve its purpose & which gives the fullness of itself according to the nature & requirement of the moment. From the heart of the great Presence of Life streams that electronic beam of light essence into the human form which animates the body, supplies intelligence in the brain by which all outer activity is maintained & which provides sufficient life in the various organisms for the soul to secure certain life experiences required in the world of form.

But the great abundant energies of the God-Self may be drawn on without limit by anoyone aware of the Presence & by tuning into It in silent contemplation. This Presence can open the floodgates of light which will flow in & around the body in a steady stream of electronic force & bathe not only the physical form but the inner bodies in a radiant bath of energizing, healing, lifegiving force which is far more potent & lasting than any temporary stimulant of the third dimensional plane.

It is the wonder of the host of Heaven that earnest & sincere chelas utilize so little of the electronic substance which is an actual stream of pure life & light which can be released at will just as if you threw open the doors into a brilliantly lighted room & stood in the streaming light that would pass from the room thru the silhouetted figure on the threshold.

Maha Chohan: XLII

The living Threefold Flame which beats your heart is the motivating agent of the primary substance of life which creates within you the sacred fire of creation. In your meditation stand reverently before this holy tabernacle within which this flame abides. This sacred fire which you use so freely in your thoughts, feelings, your worded expressions & actions understanding & reverencing its presence is not mystic nor magic. Your human creation is qualified life imperfectly qualified thru thought & feeling. The sacred fire of cosmic & constructive creation is the same life qualified with harmony, wisdom, healing, peace & supply unlimited.

Each student must become a lord of the flame thru the use of the flame in his own heart & learn to send forth constructively qualified energy to fill his aura & then the world around him with light.

You have individually, dear hearts, made such excellent progress in the time during which we have been so closely associated in these recent years that today I feel I can talk to you intimately. I suggest that you ask yourselves, What are you contributing to the universe? Depression, confusion, shadow, or harmony, wisdom, healing, peace & supply of every good thing? Start each day resolved to bring peace & harmony wherever you move. Remember the power to do this is given you by the Father of all & anchored within your own heart. Let this loving life flow in, thru & about you as easily as you turn the electric lightswitch to illumine a room. God thru you has chosen to express some particular manifestation of Himself on this Earth, to release a perfume from your being as a comfort to others in need, some sacred manifestation of love which only God & your own I AM Presence know can & should be externalized. Remember, some part of the divine plan is hidden within you which has never been fully expressed in this evolution, for all is one yet all different in expression.

Let us now be practical in the application of this knowledge. Every electron which enters your heart thru the silver cord from your own I AM Presence becomes your responsibility. It flows out thru your four lower bodies into your world & eventually returns on the law of the circle to you. Therefore let every thought, feeling, word & deed be bathed in love & in the faith that thru the power of God's life within you you can do all things well. Renounce all doubt, stubbornness & false appearance & know that you are not alone & that you are or can be master of the conditions affecting your life on this earthly plane. I call to Sanat Kumara & all the Lords of the Flame to help you to cognize & utilize the God-power now! In the name of love, life & faith I thank you for your endeavors & I bless you for endeavoring to utilize this instruction for your own mastery & the ascension of the planet Earth at this time!

Maha Chohan: XLIII; XLIV

When a chela takes a real interest in the vibratory action that he allows to pass thru his bodies a state of great harmony & beauty will be expressed within his lifestream. The garments of the ascended masters, the angelic host, the cherubic & seraphic guard are ever growing finer & more beautiful as the energy pouring thru the electrons is ever charged with more light, love & balance. The Master Jesus who ascended many centuries ago is a far more majestic figure than at that time.

As Above so should it be here Below, & the lifestream who has attained to maturity should be more beautiful & exquisite in face & form as the years go on, & so shall it be in the days that are to come. For an individual with a conscious knowledge of this law it would be a glorious experience & manifestation if even a few would choose to experiment with the law of harmony & allow Us freedom to create bodies such as have never been seen on this Earth since it was created. The Holy Christ Self of each lifestream is as beautiful as the most perfect angelic being that you could conceive of & the individual Christ Self will duplicate that beauty thru any flesh form who so desires it--with a little cooperation & conscious study by the personal self.

XLIV: As all mankind of Earth share one air, one sun, one light, one water & one earth, so do they share in a mystic manner a pulsation which forms the heartbeat both of their I AM Presence & their outer self. When the Great Central Sun & Helios & Vesta established a humanity upon Earth a great expulsion of energy was sent forth which formed a stream of rhythmic pulsating fire which like a cosmic bellows fanned every beat of the human heart. This is why it is said that mankind has but one heartbeat in common.

The natural cosmic rhythm of life which flows like the bloodstream thru the human body is tapped by every human being who wears a garment of flesh & so long as the universal rhythm moves thru the inner realm of life so long will such a lifestream have an opportunity to draw upon the limitless life & pass thru the experience which will one day result in victorious mastery.

As the pulse of the human body is disturbed at various times by fever & disease so does this cosmic pulsebeat on certain grave occasions begin to weaken in its flow & at these times of cosmic crisis the Hierarchy dedicated to the service of mankind perform a cosmic transfusion wherein They give of their own pure essence of energy to revitalize the cosmic energy current lest the entire race perish by reason of its own self-created iniquity.

The Presence of the great Sanat Kumara & all succeeding avatars including the Master Jesus gave tremendous assistance to the sustaining of this universal mystic current. Today as we come to the final initiation of the planet Earth we are again faced with the cosmic fever which affects the rhythm of its current in a very serious manner. Every unascended being who draws on this current may also feed it if they will by pouring back thru it the substance of their own life, love & faith & light which makes it flow stronger. This is the service that the Hierarchy is rendering at this hour & to which We call the assistance of all sincere & earnest students who are desirous of working in the establishment & sustenance of a kingdom akin to the heavenly realm of the ascended masters' state.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan