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A tiny child many times when the Light about him is great often looks above your head, he keeps looking up there & doesn't pay much attention to the physical form. So just occasionally send your love & blessings to the Mighty I AM Presence & Higher Mental Body of all mankind & ask the Presence of each one to fold arms of Light about all the energy in the body & hold it absolutely still & obedient to God's Light. Then you would help many people to have poise & Self-control which they had never known before in this embodiment. You have no idea how that will settle nervousness. The perfection you are seeing in & around someone else is automatically photographed upon your own flesh. Mighty Jesus said, "The light of the body is the eye--the I AM was what he really intended, what he really meant & said in those early days--"& if thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light," because if you kept your attention upon the I AM Presence automatically its Light would flow thru you without obstruction, & if it flowed long enough there would be no obstruction to the self-luminosity of your bodies or the atmosphere about you. When you shut off rates of vibration which are discordant within yourself or from the outer world, as soon as you maintain harmony the body automatically begins to become more & more self-luminous.

When you call this activity forth around individuals who might be tremendously stubborn or who have some vicious creation around them, you could call the cosmic force of the Light of thousands of suns, the cosmic force of the violet consuming flame or the Unfed Flame as of a thousand suns to draw all that energy within the Unfed Flame or violet flame, just as though arms of violet flame reached out & held control of that energy & purified it. See arms of Unfed Flame reach out & lock around the individual holding control in absolute balance. Then as soon as you visualize this activity turn your attention to your own I AM Presence & say: "Mighty I AM Presence, sustain that now & give the freedom which enables your cosmic victory to hold command!"

When desire of a certain prressure of feeling surges within the solar plexus & you want to do something, some of you would do it if you blew the earth to pieces the next minute! When that surge gets great enough the outer self does not care what that pressure does! That is why St. Germain said to this Messenger in the beginning, "The human ungoverned is more vicious than the animal in the jungle," because the animal would kill for food, but these individuals tear themselves to pieces & go out & tear others to pieces besides spoiling the harmony of that which is in the world around them. So the first duty of the I AM student is to hold absolute control of all irritated feeling within his or her solar plexus. The moment it starts seize it, call to the Elohim of Peace to clothe you in his mantle of golden flame & hold his arms about you & he will come & give you victory! It can be done! the ascended masters have all done it in the past. Say: "Mighty I AM Presence, hold me in your arms of Light & let no vibration act thru me but the love flame from your heart or the cosmic Unfed Flame as of a thousand suns!" When you call forth anything from your I AM Presence call for it to be eternally sustained or qualified with ascended master consciousness, & then you will have no opportunity in the future for anything to leave the door open for discordant forces to use that energy. It is necessary, my dear ones, to go thru this world holding your peace yet insulated from the outer activities & giving assistance to all who are seeking their way to the Light also.

Call forth the cosmic force of greater cosmic protection to you & all under this radiation, to everyone in America who stands for her freedom & divine justice or the rights of free men thruout the world! Call the cosmic force of cosmic protection around all who want to protect her constitutional government, the honesty, right, justice & honor which she as a nation must have if she is to survive--& she is to survive for the beloved St. Germain has given her the flame of love from his heart & she lives by his Life! (applause, audience rises)

Now in that cosmic sun of even pressure whose cosmic victory is the force of the great silence I call forth its blazing flame to enfold you within its dazzling heart to make you feel its living presence, its living breathing flame of cosmic force of cosmic peace around you. My Victory--my cosmic flame of cosmic Love, forgiveness & Victory--shall go before you! It shall be for you a scepter of power, a mantle of protection & the cosmic dominion of that for which your hearts have called in the fulfillment of the divine plan, for your assistance on the pathway of Light & freedom to all you contact. It shall be the release for your beloved America from that which is not of the Light! May she arise this hour into her cosmic freedom!

I call my cosmic flame of cosmic victory to go forth & seek out everyone in her national defense & hold them clothed in my Love until their ascension. May this hour see the release of American prisoners in foreign lands from the jaws of war forever! Thank you, my beloved ones! May you feel the cosmic force of my cosmic power of Victory & be its assistance to everyone you contact until human selfishness & discord are consumed from every lifestream, & all that the I AM Presence & ascended ones have given you you give for the freedom of your fellowman & the release of your nation into the victory of the Light forever! I thank you & clothe you in my power of Love & Forgiveness.

Mighty Victory, Chicago, 11-19-44, excerpts

I AM watching the expansion of your Light & as you give my Victory your acknowledgment so shall every wave of Light that goes forth from you be amplified. As it be qualified with victory it shall be amplified to help drive it to its destination, to sustain & expand it to do whatever is required to compel the victory of Light for which you call. Eat, sleep & breathe the acknowledgment of the overwhelming cosmic force of the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory from every source of Light & perfection in this universe, & your momentum shall blaze brighter & brighter & the onrush of cosmic power be charged into it with an ever-increasing speed which compels the victory of Light for you who give it recognition!

Since by your freewill & your authority to qualify the energy of your lifestream with whatever you chose you changed that quality--or rather clothed it over with discord that you acknowledged which you felt in your feeling world--as surely as you did that in the past do you have the power to reverse every condition which seems to be of human distress this hour. The winning of the victory of Light is not child's play by any means, but it means that everything brought to your attention if it be not the perfection & victory of Light, you should command it & compel it to become so! That takes dynamic energy! That takes cosmic Authority! That takes infinite patience, the ascended masters' Love & the activitity of the fire element from the Great Central Sun in concentrated action to reverse the momentum of centuries of requalification of the energies of Life with discord.

When you have established a momentum of accepting, acknowledging, expanding, amplifying, intensifying & multiplying the cosmic flames of Victory which you call forth into everything you contact, will you realize what it means to build a momentum thru habit to a point where it compels manifestation almost instantly. With our use of the cosmic speed of action you may undo in a short time that which has taken the human centuries to build.

Tonight if you will determine with Me that America shall have victory & is now that victory of the Light thruout this land, that none (here) longer accept anything but the victory of the Light, you will enable Us to charge you with our dynamic force which compels victory in your own world. It will radiate thru yourselves the feeling of victory to others!

Try: (1) I AM the cosmic electrifying Presence of the constitutional government of the United States of America which reigns supreme thruout this land until the ascended ones come forth. I would also use the statement, (2) I AM by all God's love I know I AM the cosmic protection of the constitutional government of the United States of America as the only authority acting thru this land.

Therefore, (3) I AM the cosmic action of the cosmic flame of cosmic Love's great victory which moves across the face of the Earth, which walks on the waters, which reigns thru the hearts & minds of mankind, which controls the destiny of nations, which protects my loved ones in the national defense, which compels divine order in our daily routine & the outer affairs of this nation & which compels the victory of this nation over the destructive forces of the world. You need the cosmic expansion of all victory of Light within your borders required to shut off & neutralize all foci of the mistakes of the people as a nation. (4) I AM the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory which compels every mistake to be consumed & its energy become the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory forever! (5) I AM the cosmic Victory of that directing intelligence which never fails or makes a mistake! (6) I AM the cosmic guard of the nation which compels her to arise victorious in the Light! (7) I AM the cosmic Victory of in the feelings of the people of the nation which blazes the Light making her victorious over all that is of the shadows! (8) I AM the victory of cosmic action in whatever intensity is necessary to compel all physical conditions to change into the divine plan fulfilled--Victory made manifest in full authority forever!

I plead with you again, please do not go on discussing the political situations with human feelings running rampant. Rather, whenever something is wrong if it needs to be explained enough so you can also give a decree about it, then turn right away from it & command & compel it to become my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory. In five minutes' conversation with your feelings stirred into resentment you can send forth enough energy to sustain those conditions for another year. Now please do not do that thing again! So your responsibility is very great in turning people's attention either to the conditions of the outer world or to the victory which changes the conditions into perfection.

If I were you I would give a daily acknowledgment of America's victory over all the selfishness in the rest of the world which wants to claw upon her people & her resources. It but takes your steady acknowledgment of this mighty Word in order to bring you the outer manifestation of It. Anything that is not my Victory of the purity & perfection of Life is deliberate defiance of the perfection of your Presence. All human stubborness, all irritation, all battle, all domination is nothing but deliberate defiance of perfection, & that is not Victory! Let Me tell you something. Destructive forces dislike tremendously to be ignored, not that you can always ignore them but you can turn away from them & walk off into the victory of the Light of your I AM Presence & abide in that! Nothing human dares look into the Light of my Victory so blazing because it cannot live a second longer.

Mighty Victory: