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Maha Chohan: XLV

Radiation is a marvelous subject for contemplation! Every manifest expression in the entire universe from the smallest molecule to the Great Central Sun Itself is a radiating center of one kind of vibration or another. When you stand near a heat radiator in the winter you feel the heat although your physical sight as a rule does not see the substance that makes up the heatwaves. You have felt the light & warmth from the physical sun in summer & have enjoyed the fragrance of flowers as well as the pleasing aromas that radiate from the food being prepared in the kitchen. All this is an activity of radiation.

All people radiate constantly & the substance that is emitted from their various bodies affects all other people everywhere on the planet. We are endeavoring now to bring every man, woman & child to a place where the radiation from their bodies is harmonious, restful & peaceful so that their lifestreams when they are in contact with each other are uplifted, balanced & enriched. If you will remember that what passes from your body in thought, spoken word or feeling affects all parts of life on the planet--men, women, children, animals, plants & vegetables--either for good or evil you will I know endeavor to express & expand only that radiation which is as comforting & which is as healing as the light from the sun.

The planet as you know is passing thru a very dangerous & chaotic period & if We could depend on your outer selves to hold a certain harmony We could use you without limit in delivering this beautiful Earth from destructive activities & expressions.

From the heart of the Presence of each one of you, beloved ones, comes a stream of electronic light which finds anchorage within your physical heart & forms there a pulsation of flame which has been referred to as the Threefold Flame of God. From that flame with your heart there passes thru all your bodies the electronic energy by which you live. That energy is the God-power that governs the universe & that animates all living manifest form. Within that energy which flows from the heart of your Presence is the power of life eternal & the only healing force in the universe. There passes thru your bodies every second enough of this electronic force from God's heart to heal & completely free you & all mankind from every manifestation & expression of distress. You must, beloved children, like the rest of mankind learn the power that is within your own life. When that power is allowed to unfold it will manifest thru you in the fulfillment of your every heart's desire & you will find yourself to be a perfect expression of the Godhead.

Maha Chohan: XLVI

You have heard & read of the cosmic source of all life & have contemplated that source as your I AM Presence. You have felt that source surging thru you as the breath of life. The Holy Spirit of God is the animating principle of life, & as Representative of the Holy Spirit of the Earth I stand as the cosmic dispenser of every atom of electronic energy which fills this orb in cosmic rhythmic waves. There can be no interference with this rhythmic pulsation, for all that lives depends upon the careful & steady release of this life-energy thru my own body.

Man cannot comprehend the tons of cosmic energy which are released into this system hourly & freely dispensed thru the lifestreams of mankind. This energy is the life of God! It is my joy & responsibility to draw that life & send it forth in rhythmic pulsation thru mankind, the nature kingdoms & the planet itself. My concern is to teach man the proper use of this life in thought, word & deed that he may unfold according to his divine plan. As he must render an accounting for his use of life, so AM I responsible to the Father for all of the energy that is used on this planet & I must return it one day in the same purity with which the Father gave it to Me.

You can realize therefore how eager & desirous I AM to have these chelas in phsycial embodiment become conscious co-workers with Me in the cosmic powerhouse of the universe. My service is manifold & unlimited & my gifts without number & without price. I can offer without limit the substance & energy for those who will be constant, ceaseless, peaceful, radiant physical expressions of my life & love.

As you attend to your mundane affairs by your every loving thought & kindly word or deed you render my service amongst men. When you speak "In the name of the Holy spirit wich is within my heart" the life-energy of the Father rushes forth to fulfill the God-command which you are issuing for the benefaction of the race or any part of life!

Maha Chohan: XLVII

The spheres of activity where all self-conscious life finds a dwelling place are determined by the voluntary use of the creative power of the God-flame which in its very breathing sets up vibrations or in other words moves the electrons of the universe & sets them into a motion which was not present in their original, all-encompassing but quiescent state. As the motion of the musician sets the energy of the universe into vibration thru the means of the physical instrument on which he plays, so does the very breath of the sacred fire play upon the great cosmic energy of the universe & the universal light undulates according to the initial impulse of any particular focus of the sacred fire within the universe.

The universal cosmic light is like a great organ & every man, woman & child in embodiment have access to its great pipes thru the individual keyboard of their own mental & feeling worlds, each one playing into it his or her own harmonies or discords. The conglomerate sound forms the tones emitted by the planet into the universe around it & it is truly said that the sound arising from the Earth is a cry of pain, uncertainty, weariness & questioning.

When a lifestream is individualized he becomes an immediate factor in the vibration of his planet & his own keyboard is never silent again while he maintains a thought & feeling body whether he be in control of it or not. The universal light is constantly set into motion by each lifestream's pressure, conscious or unconscious, & that is the reason for the present chaos & confusion as all live within this soundless sound, dissonance & chaos of the broken rhythm of the unawakened Gods.

When a lifestream considers that he cannot possibly disassociate himself from the responsibility of pressing some chord & key in the universal harmony by every breath & word, thought & feeling, he will begin to understand his responsibility to the whole & the importance of contributing to the best of his ability some constructive & progressive notes that will be felt alike by the masses & be a welcome release & relief from the contributions of the many.

You have heard or read how Kuthumi spends the hour of noonday playing the beautiful melodies of his own heart on his organ from a certain mountaintop, but far more important than the physical tones that are carried into the universal light are the inner vibrations that He is directing consciously, steadily & without interruption into the chaos & discord of mankind's composite creation.

In an individual service & meditation any one of mankind can sit at the cosmic keyboard visualizing the universal light while awaiting from his Presence the pressure of thought & feeling, & then set into action a vibration that will encircle the planet in less than a second. Thus he can project peace, light or purity into the universal song of the people of Earth which will have a tangible & raising effect upon their natures. & so, my conductors of cosmic harmony, I leave you now & shall await your individual masterpieces.

Decree for Purity, courtesy of Bridge to Freedom

In the full power & authority of the beloved Presence of God I AM: beloved Elohim of Purity, Archangel Gabriel, beloved Maha Chohan, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, I love, bless & thank You for your great service to me & to all mankind. Seal, seal, seal me & all mankind in your oval of pure blazing white light which deflects those currents of energy which slow the vibratory action of my inner vehicles! I decree that the purity within every electron in my aura & my four lower bodies shall now expand, expand, expand! & that which is limitation & shadow in my world shall be no more! Come now, come now, come now! Expand, expand & forever expand the light pattern within each & every electron of my lifestream unto the fulfillment of my divine plan!(3x) In God's most holy name I AM!

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan