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Maha Chohan: IIL

It is always my pleasure to present to you ways & means by which you may expand your light & that of the planet & I believe the following will be of assistance to you. The drawing of light-substance which is actual sheets of flame from the individualized Presence of God from the temples of light around the physical sun or from the heart of some master into the lower bodies of mankind is a most marvelous service in easing the pressure of the tension that results from the instability of the modern day.

When peoples' inner bodies are at peace & ease it is so much easier for them to accept the light of illumination & the directions of the Christ Self which when fully accepted, interpreted & manifested would bring in the New Day. Almost all peoples' emotional bodies are in such a state of tension & turmoil that it is difficult for the Christ Self to release any constructive impulses of a lasting nature. You have seen the sheet lightning flash thru & transmute dense matter in the atmosphere--so does relief come from the ascended master into the inner bodies of the people & they are washed just as the rainfall washes the atmosphere & surface of the Earth.

While the outer selves of the majority of mankind are sleeping in the early hours of dawn volunteers who have their consciousness awakened could do tremendous cosmic work with them if they were to enroll themselves in a small band of incarnate spirits who are desirous of drawing forth sustenance & expanding harmony, peace & goodwill. In this way you are treating your own bodies as well as the bodies of the people in your immediate environment & the bodies of a nation & a planet, & you can have a definite & positive proof of the power & powers of light released at your call in the externalized manifestations that will result therefrom.

Maha Chohan: IL

Today we will study the mechanics that govern the inner bodies. Upon contemplation you will realize that the disintegration of the lower bodies begins to take place from the first uncontrolled thought & feeling that is allowed to break the natural harmony of the vehicles that are provided the incoming lifestream. Thus you will see that harmony is a prerequisite to drawing light.

There is only one way for man to manifest that state which was enjoyed in the early golden ages & that is to consciously draw the light into his four lower bodies, & that light will act similar to an electric charger as it flows into each electron causing it to spin more rapidly in its orbit & gradually accelerating the vibratory rate of the lower garments. If sustained by conscious effort this will bring the lifestream to a state wherein discord & imperfection will no longer register.

The purpose of drawing the light consciously into one's body is to increase the vibratory action of the electrons by an added charge of power. As each electron spins around the central core of the atom to which it belongs its increased vibratory action charges the contours of the body & the processes of your thinking & feeling. When this acceleration has taken place to a certain intensity the slower vibrations of discord, disease & disintegration can no more attach themselves to the set of vehicles attaining this state of acceleration than a turtle could mount a speeding car.

Before man comes to the place where he may join the Gods he must master the vibrations of his bodies to a point where they do not create dissonance in their own or another's world. If you will think before you speak & act & feel, it will enable the elements of your bodies to return to their original beauty, harmony & peace because as soon as the pressure of discord is consciously controlled, the lifestream's natural state begins to establish itself as the Holy Christ Self returns the electrons to their natural orbits of majesty & harmony.

Maha Chohan: L

We are determined to place before the chelas again, again & again the ways & means by which the connection & contact of the outer self with the Holy Christ Self may be established & sustained in a manner that will make each one a complete unit of God-force.

In our early training We asked for the contemplation on the stream of light from the heart of the Presence into the human heart & We have endeavored to turn the consciousness again & again to a realization that from the stream of light which is the energy of the Father-Mother God & from that light alone comes all peace, all beauty, all harmony, all love & all supply.

In this week's release I AM endeavoring to bring to your attention the necessity of expanding the light & to establish the electronic circle in greater intensity, which can be highly charged with whatever particular quality the individual is inclined to radiate to the people of Earth. The electronic circle grows & expands & waxes strong according to the intensity & fidelity of the call by which it is charged & sustained. It acts in the third dimensional plane as it lives around the flesh body. It is an accumulation of perfectly qualified energy similar to the Causal Body around the Presence. The accumulated good of the lifestream standing in the Causal Body can be released by the call of the wise chela into this electronic circle & the rainbow rays stored up in Heaven may become available for the use of the lifestream while yet unascended.

Reach into the Causal Body & draw that energy forth & charge it into the electronic circle, building it carefully & visualizing it perfect & thus create a sphere of influence of the third dimensional plane that would be invaluable to the spiritual hierarchy in Their service as well as for the chela's own peace, health, supply & illumination.

Maha Chohan: LI; LII

As there is provided for every life intelligence belonging to our universe a hundred thousand times more electronic substance than such a one could possibly invoke & transform, there is no possibility of the response of the universal light being limited when the magnetic invocative powers of consciousness go into motion in the fourth dimension. You will see then that in the course of the several millions of years during which man's consciousness has been functioning how very much of the universal light clothed in garments of each one's making awaits redemption in the world of form, & it points to the necessity & responsibility of each individual to continually devote conscious application to the purifying, freedom, resurrection & ascension of each such electronic particle which thru the doors of his thought & feeling left the realm of innocence & remains as a blanket of imperfect vibration which circles this recalcitrant star.

Even with all the grants & dispensations which have been given to the chela removing much of the misqualified energy he has sent forth thru the ages he must be ever alert for he never knows when some untransmuted karma will be placed on his path for redemption. When the chela wonders why he does not have manifest some particular good which he has been calling for let him remember that there is some obstacle in his lifestream which he has created of his own freewill which requires transmutation.

LII: Let us turn our attention to the great reservoir of universal light. This mighty fount is unformed just like containers filled with gold or bolts of cloth. The individual I AM Presence of each lifestream draws the unformed at will, for God will never deny the Presence of any lifestream. As soon as the energy is accepted by the individual Presence the responsibility of what is to be done with that energy is vested in the lifestream & that unformed energy is marked with the stamp, the electronic pattern, of that one's individual identity just as a trademark is placed on worldly goods.

Every Presence has a different pattern so as to cause no confusion with the inner records of the universal law & of all the souls belonging to mankind no two are alike. The energy drawn from the universal is stamped with your pattern. It then comes down into the use of the human personality who dispenses that energy freely in thought, word & feeling.

The personal self does not see that energy nor the mark of ownership upon it & feels that it can send that forth indiscriminately without rendering an account thereof. However, every thoughtform, every feelingform & every activity of the outer self carries that stamp which undeniably identifies the energy with the person who drew it forth, qualified it & expanded it. This moves in a circle & returns to its source for redemption bringing with it more of its kind. If it went forth for a good purpose & harmoniously it brings back its like, & vice versa. Blessed is the individual who sends forth his energy qualified with good, for on the return current shall his world be filled with the gifts which are of Heaven's realms.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan