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Maha Chohan: LIII

Every lifestream belonging to the planet Earth has the same life force flowing thru it & is the recipient of the multiple blessings of the Father-Mother God. It is the qualification of the life essence which flows thru the individual which changes the vibratory action & makes each one a radiating center for the different gifts of the One Supreme Source according to the ray or rays to which he has an affinity. This is all on the positive side of the ledger. But man thru his freewill choice in his experiements with energy has chosen thru the ages to misqualify that sacred life force with imperfection stamping the energy flowing thru him with negation. If you do not permit the energy to outpour into the universe as God intended you are imprinting it with a negative or imperfect pattern. Anyone who does not constructively qualify the God-energy is rejecting the gifts of the One Supreme Source & adding to the mass effluvia of the planet.

You cannot put a reel of film which you took on a trip to say Hawaii in your home movie camera & expect to see outpictured an excursion which you made to some other place--that reel of film has recorded the events upon which you focused the camera during that specific time. It is the same with the essence which is constantly flowing thru you--you imprint upon it that which you are thinking & feeling at a given moment & this is recorded on your inner vehicles.

However, thru the merciful action of the spiritual law you can transmute previous misqualifications from being recorded over & over in your lower vehicles & become a conductor for the gifts of the Father-Mother God & fulfill that part of the divine plan which is to be your gift to the universe. I counsel you to now qualify the sacred essence of life with perfection at all times & add to the storehouse of your glorious Causal Body by building daily, hourly a momentum of the virtue of the Godhead.

Maha Chohan: LIV

The visualizing faculty of the mind creates the pattern of the thoughtform which is held within the consciousness unwaveringly with the certain knowledge that the thoughtform within the consciousness must reflect upon the screen of life as a physical manifestation. But no thought ever becomes a thing until it is filled with the substance of feeling, & the controlled energy of the lifestream harmoniously qualified poured into that form fills it with the life essence of the universe & lowers it into manifestation as a harmonious expression of direct precipitation.

Here is where the mental scientists & occultists find the stumbling block. They know that thought is a creative process & does affect manifestation. But they have not learned that feeling is the qualifying power of the vibratory action of the thoughtform giving it quality. Remember, thought is the ideation, it is the form, the outline & the cup. Feeling is the initial vibration that passes thru that thoughtform & sets up the rhythm of the electrons within that thoughtform which they follow obediently until manifestation occurs.

Maha Chohan: LV

When it was perceived that my beloved sons El Morya & St. Germain were going to endeavor to again present certain truths to interested people upon planet Earth I conceived the idea of developing certain specialized foci of harmoniously qualified energy which could be used for the expansion of the nature of God thru the emotional, mental, etheric & physical worlds of man. These foci would depend primarily upon the interest, sustained enthusiasm & inspiration of those who desired to contribute to the impersonal welfare of the planet.

In the ascended masters' octave all beings chose to specialize in magnetizing, qualifying, expanding & sustaining some specific service by which the race as a whole might benefit. It was thought worthy of the time & energy expended to try to obtain such an interest in groups of unascended beings & thus accelerate the progress of the entire evolution in, thru & around the Earth.

Each ascended master retreat is dedicated to the expansion of some such divine blessing. In time with patience, harmony, constancy & love unascended beings will create & sustain some divine blessing which is a power that can be invoked at will by any & all other interested lifestreams in times of crises.

A forcefield usually takes on the form of the actual activity which a group of individuals desires to magnetize & radiate forth for the impersonal blessing of all life. this forcefield is as powerful as the interest, enthusiasm, faith & constancy of endeavor of its component parts. A forcefield will take on the shape of the service to be rendered without the conscious use of the mental faculties of the students but this form becomes more powerful, more clearly cut out of universal light & more enduring if the mental faculties of the leader & students help to sustain it in a certain definite pattern.

If the pattern is constantly changing according to the whim of the leader it is more ephemeral & the responsibility for its sustenance lies primarily with the invisible builders of form. If however the leader & students work together to create & sustain a particular forcefield, energizing it by their life, it gradually becomes more distinct, powerful & efficacious in the emotional, mental, etheric & physical worlds wherein the greatest requirement for assistance presently lies.

In the early golden ages these forcefields were well known to the priests & priestesses who officiated in the various temples dedicated to certain specific God-qualities, i.e., protection & healing. The mass of the people often made pilgrimages to such foci of specialized blessing & benediction, bathing in the fully gathered momentum already established there by those dedicated to this service of magnetizing, sustaining & radiating their gifts of life for the impersonal blessing of all mankind. Again as we enter the gates of the Golden Age of Freedom We are endeavoring to stimulate the desire within the hearts of the few to establish such forcefields. Thus each group becomes a radiating center of certain God-virtues, also learning the power of concentration & impersonal service.

Mankind en masse suffer from many limitations & the range of possible services is limitless. Usually in the unascended state one individual strongly impressed by a desire to help his fellowman will catch a glimpse of one particular service & then in turn thru the power of persuasion gather around himself others who are interested in a similar project. These forcefields are the beautiful flowers upon the person of the Earth. In time all chelas will know what specialized activities are magnetized at certain points upon the Earth's surface & they in turn may ask for the assistance of such already established forcefields to assist them in particular local crisis.

The purpose of the establishment of such forcefields is not to exploit the personality nor the efficacy of any individual or group but to so magnetize & sustain certain God-qualities so that they are always available for the use of all. It is so with the ascended host who offer all of their momentums of perfection to any one member when universal progress will result from such selfless service.

The Transmission Flame Classes were also instigated at my humble suggestion so that the individual forcefields might magnetize into their momentums the already gathered cosmic momentums of the ascended masters retreats. This is done primarily thru the inbreathing of the substance of the flame & virtue of the retreats. Then the sincere & selfless students expand these virtues into their localities. Thus unascended beings are learning to work with & expand the service of the ascended masters retreats.

We are very well pleased with the sincere interest in this endeavor & the kindly cooperation with it by so many individuals across the face of this dear Earth. The forcefields in time can be made permanent & will remain long after the original leader & his group have ascended into the realm where We abide. I recommend most strongly the necessity for examining the motive behind the establishment of such a forcefield as well as recognizing the need for absolute unity, cooperation, constancy of endeavor & true loving desire to impersonally help the race in its uphill climb back to its God-estate. The projection of the consciousness of the students into the actual retreat does not neutralize the activity performed by their physical bodies which are actually breathing the flame from that retreat into & out of their bodies. It rather increases the capacity of each such a one to be a conductor of the light & power of that retreat into their local orbit.

If you have not yet decided upon the type & quality of your group & individual service I strongly recommend that you soon do so! The world & its people require health, peace, illumination, financial freedom, faith in God, liberation from the many woes that spring from conscious or unconscious allegiance to the shadow world! Become a forerunner of an era & age wherein the temples of the sacred fire will again be manifest in this physical appearance world. All large activities have a small beginning, from the embryo to the seed idea of a planet, a system or a galaxy! The improtance is in beginning now!

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan