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Maha Chohan: LVI

I would like to speak briefly on the subject of forcefields. As you know I AM the representative of the spirit of nature for planet Earth. All the species of flower, shrub & tree are held in embryo within my consciousness & released freely to the spirits of nature, the directors of the planetary & localized verdures, flora & fauna. As every manifest gift of nature is primarily an idea, so each forcefield in this exquisite garden of spiritual foci which I AM sponsoring & nourishing first comes as a seed idea into the consciousness of some receptive individual.

If welcomed in enthusiasm the idea takes form in the mind of the chela. The chela then builds that form out of the thought force of his own lifestream & the cooperative energies of any group of individuals with whom he shares the design. The feelings of the chela & his group determine the size, efficacy, quality & cosmic service which can be rendered by that particular forcefield. The constant rhythmic feeding of the pattern keeps it from dissipating into the unformed ethers & of course the ensouling of these forcefields by the angel devas has given much greater strength & radiating power to them.

For instance, besides loving the elemental kingdom there must be a strong positive current that governs their activities in time of crisis. Energy which fills human hearts & elemental hearts as well surges under extreme pressures. One who has stood in earnest contemplation upon the seashore & looked upon the powerful essence in the undines can grasp the truth that the forcefield of an individual & a group would have to be extremely positive to govern a raging sea.

Now the perfume of forcefields as they are nourished & expanded is an actual essence of spiritual light. This impersonally flows over the Earth & thru the sensitive elements of the souls of men I AM the gardener endeavoring to create a beautiful garden of victory for the Earth. The specific service of each forcefield becomes a powerhouse which can infuse its momentum thru the other forcefields in time of crises. No one forcefield can do the work of another. The generalized forcefields of the churches & metaphysical units lose some of their efficiency because they do not specialize. It is my desire to have such specialization.

Maha Chohan: LVII

I have been asking for forcefields for years & for a simple symbol which can be used as the center figure of such a forcefield with which the students who belong to that sanctuary are familiar. That symbol should give those students a specific idea of what their group is doing & what particular service of magnetization & radiation is going forth from it. If the group members have a common symbol it builds strength. Thru unity of mental concentration the students cut out of universal light-substance a good clear pattern & fill it with the feelings of joy & Christ accomplishment as they continue to release their energy in decrees, songs & so on.

Then thru projected consciousness they can travel in that symbol which is a real form created of light-substance, sustained & expanded by the energies of the groups. Thru this projected consciousness the students can visualize themselves traveling anywhere they wish to go & there giving their decrees right into the activities which need help. For instance you can go to the Midle East into areas devasted by destructive climatic conditions or wherever there is a need for your service.

The center of your forcefield can be any constructive pattern. Some of those who have complied with my request have used the Maltese Cross as their center figure. Several have used a large pink rose & one is a large grail of blue flame. As you have seen in your Bridge, thru their calls & directing of energies in their forcefields some of the groups have been dissolving ice floes, stopping storms & rendering service in preventing & removing flood conditions.

Therefore again I point you humbly to this idea & ask if it is at all possible that you decide upon & consciously create just a simple symbol which you wish to use as the central pattern for your particular forcefield in your local groups wherever you live. Beloved sanctuary & group directors, please explain to the people in your groups that the thoughtform of the year is not a toy, it is a message. It comes from the heavenly host & each student who looks upon it is supposed to use it practically to heal, prospher & illumine his own being & world as well as the lives of all with whom he comes in contact. Much of this is done thru radiation alone. I challenge you tonight to see what you can do with this Pink Heart (Sacred Heart Thoughtform of Year) & your group forceifelds for the rest of the year, in the name of God!

Maha Chohan: LVIII

Let us turn our attention to the God-qualities & their expressions. You will realize that those qualities & expressions of virtue are relative. In other words they are determined by the capacity within the lifestream to release constructively qualified energy from its own momentum of the quality accrued thru the ages to enrich the universe. As an example, the light released by the sun is of tremendously greater volume than the light of a solar system orb. The law governing creation however requires of man that his virtue fill the universe according to his capacity. The capacity to serve, to send forth light is the determining factor for which the higher self & the spiritual hierarchy measure the progress or the retrogression of the individual God-focus within man.

Neither God nor highly developed man would expect more from any lifestream than his innate capabilities & capacities will allow. Thus the very timid soul light of one person might be the best that lifestream can offer, whereas a much larger outpouring of light from another more evolved & responsible lifestream might fall far short of the minimum requirement of the universal benefit which that lifestream could offer to the universe to return the balance for good received. No man should try to serve beyond his capacity for when the balance of the spiritual nature is disturbed the individual should seek that balance before expanding his energy on the altar of mankind. The chela of course realizes that it is his personal responsibility to hold that balance & poise thru application, thus increasing his capacity to serve.

The world of form does not require of an infant the balance to life in the form of some constructive service to enrich mankind's cause that is expected from an individual who has achieved his majority, & certain benefits of education & mercy have enriched his consciousness. As the adult has expanded his consciousness he has increased his capacity to serve. A moment's introspection will show you that any individual who has received the instruction, radiation & blessings of the masters has by accepting such instruction increased his capacity to serve & such a one becomes responsible to life for a greater minimum of service than mankind en masse.

Maha Chohan: LIX; LX

My chelas have now reached the point of acceptance of the creative power of every thought & feeling. By their self-discipline & awareness I rejoice today to say that they are close to the doorway of eternal mastery or high consciousness. The ascended master consciousness has been attained by every being who has passed thru the world of form into the octave of all-encompassing light. It is not attained by a passive attitude but rather by an ever-present watchfulness over thought & feeling.

If however after the drawing of the primal essence the energy is pressed backward thru any self-interest, it is an inversion of the law & this is what has caused all diseases of mind, body & affairs of men. Thru contemplation upon the Law of Truth & of Life the chela has lighted the lamp of his own consciousness, & by every thought, deed & aspiration he will now bring light into this world darkened by ignorance & self-interest. He shall cultivate in himself & others the capacity of again enjoying & understanding the gifts of God thru conscious pressure of his own God-feelings. Every little loving word, a kindly deed to smooth the passage of other wayfarers is noted in the Book of Life.

LX: In every age thru the mercy, grace & love of God there have been provided chelas whose service to the people of Earth included the translation of God's plan thru their consciousness in a manner which the outer intelligence of the aspirants & the unawakened might understand & accept. The work of the spiritual hierarchy is hindered because the ascended masters can present their plans to such a limited number of embodied spirits by reason of the fact that the consciousness & spiritual development of the people inhabiting earthbodies are not always fully receptive to the impressions of the divine will.

You my faithful chelas have been among those so chosen at this time to be the cables that hold the bridge from the divine to the human octave. Your great privilege is not always fully understood by your outer selves. Remember always that to help open a way & means by which the spiritual hierarchy may show the divine plan to the people is a great responsibility. When the spiritual hierarchy can contact a group of people & give them conscious & personal instruction it aids the evolution of the planet tremendously.

If the wayfarers upon the pathway can realize that every ounce of God's life-energy used to fulfill the divine plan returns to the individual's storehouse as a conscious magnet which draws the outer self higher in its own evolutionary scheme they would continue to pour out good deeds & fill their storehouse as one would pour helium into a dirigible which would lift more than its own weight at the point when the balloon was full. When the Causal body is charged with enough of this kindly God-qualified energy its own magnetic power will raise the human self as easily as the great dirigible rises above the magnetic pull of earth into the ascension!

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan