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Maha Chohan: LXI

When a group of individuals gather to combine their endeavors toward the promoting of a good God-cause there is a tremendous release of electronic particles from those who will be present into the contemplated ascended master activity. This will have a great deal to do with its final victorious outcome. The nature of the participants will determine the type of manifestation that will occur. If men could see the beautiful conductors they can be of cosmic energy & how electronic particles literally fly from the fingertips, the feet & from any part of the body which is consciously dedicated as a concentrated focus of an ascended master activity for the ascended masters' service they would be startled & amazed.

Although the entire four lower bodies are constantly sending forth substance belonging to God I AM qualified by their outer consciousness, the tremendous radiation sent forth of cosmic particles is concentrated where the attention is focused. This energy passes from the hand in a handshake, from the eye in the process of reading or looking at objects, from the forehead in thought & from the lips in speech & song. The quality of the energy of course is determined by the feelings of each individual & the entire congregation. To have the inner sight opened just one half-hour by an ascended master dispensation would so transport the chela into a world of light that he could see the reality behind all action.

Where a dozen or a hundred individuals gather together for a spiritual activity there is a combined outpouring from all parties concerned. All of this tends to precipitate itself upon the leader, he or she being the center of their combined interests. This is why tremendous assistance must be given to any individual who forms the focus for such concentrated interests, even of a high & exalted nature, for the nature of the students will determine the type of energy which will be catapulted toward the leader even though their interests & motives are towards the highest possible unfoldment for themselves.

Maha Chohan: LXII

There is a saying "In unity there is strength" & there is a beautiful cosmic meaning behind this statement because from the cosmic heart flows the energy which is the motivating power of all service & activity in life. This is even true of the physical heart for the energy by which the body is moved flows from it & the resulting action is dependent upon that flow. When any part of life ascended or unascended by the freewill of the intelligence chooses to dedicate the flow of his life-energy to a given service a stream of energy begins to flow from the Great Central sun into his heart & then from the heart like a river toward the certain goal or obejective.

This stream of energy is made up of countless billions of electrons, the pressure & intensity of the flow determined by the one-pointedness & tenacity of the being engaged in that particular activity. If the lifestream has chosen cosmic service such as healing & remains faithful thru the course of many hundreds of centuries, a tremendous river of electrons proceeding from his heart & focused at some place in space is representative of his momentum gained in that service & those are temples of light. Great foci like the Love Star established & sustained by individual intelligences can arouse the interest of every phase of life & draw volunteers from the very heart.

One may understand the statement "In unity is strength" as the increasingly powerful momentum of Master St. Germain, Jesus & other beings representative of Hierarchy gathering around Themselves countless numbers of the angelic host & many volunteers from mankind. Their Cosmic Service has gained in momentum & power & efficacy thru the combination of the light from various heartstreams. Any chela then who has contributed to this momentum & who by his own heart-desire has become a compassionate co-worker with the master can draw on the full power of that combined momentum at any time to help His cause at any given place. The cause is One & the cosmic momentum gathered is at the disposal of any member who desires at any time to give added assistance in the establishment of the causes of Good.

Maha Chohan: LXIII

The solar system is sustained by consciously directed rays of energy, as a home or other building is wired for heat & light. At certain points in the universe there are foci or radiation centers similar to your lamps & heating units in a physical home. These radiating centers are dispensers of the flowing currents that surge constantly thru the atmosphere. You might have all the necessary electricity in your home or all the heat in your heating system, but unless you have an outlet your home would yet be in darkness & unheated during the hours when such energy is needed.

In the same manner is the universe filled with light & the outlets provide the open door thru which this light is expressed. The great cosmic constellations, the Elohim, beloved Helios, Venus & all other such foci represent mighty God-dispensers of Light. Among the lesser outlets are the angelic, cherubic & seraphic beings, the ascended masters & leaders of sanctuaries & chelas. All represent God-foci for the Light with the difference that they do not remain static as do the instruments of radiation in the physical world but they grow & expand & by the power of contagion result in additional foci.

You beloved chelas are such foci & it is well for you to remember that there are many many lifestreams dependent upon the radiation of your light. In fact in this hour of cosmic import the chela should consider himself a necessary outlet thru which Heaven's Light may flow & join in with the expanding light in other locations to protect this planet in this her hour of crisis. I lovingly send this message to you from cosmic heights believing that you will endeavor to remain in a state of harmony so that the light may flow from your beings in ever-increasing intensity.

Maha Chohan: LXIV: LXV

At the present & in the near future many of you will be training aspiring lifestreams in the fundamental principles of spiritual law. I believe the following is a good lesson to be given them. When the Godhead created the Mighty I AM Presence of every lifestream He focused within the Unfed flame which was the individual's identity a perfect & complete picture of that which the lifestream would one day express. I use the term "Unfed Flame" for many will not have had sufficient spiritual training in the world of form to expand that flame to a point where the term "immortal victorious Threefold Flame" can be used. In other words, an unawakened lifestream.

When the I AM Presence projected the Unfed Flame into the physical form that divine idea was anchored within the physical heart which is the actual part of love from God's heart. This is a constant magnetic pull to the electronic substance from the Godhead which flows thru the liestream & forms the forcefield around the individual.

Every person is a radiating center & the natural flow of electrons as they pass thru the heart takes on the quality & love & color of that one's divine plan. & if allowed to pass harmoniously into the physical substance of Earth the forces of the four elements would quickly coalesce around that divine idea & the divine plan would be made manifest. But thru discord & inharmony the color & tone of the electrons are constantly distorted & you have a radiation which is not true or accurate any more than a dissonance due to wrong chords on the piano.

Some of the apparent annoyance & human qualities in others are really constructive qualities of that one's lifestream that have been played up a note or down & accordingly the discord is manifested as inharmony. Thus the power of God becomes arrogance & the love of God sentimentality. Thru music we can harmonize each one to a point where his own emanation becomes the perfect tone for that lifestream. While the above is elementary to the chela it truly applies to all lifestreams upon this planet who are just putting their feet upon the path of Light.

LXV: I thought perhaps you might be interested to know what takes place when I turn my attention to you. Since my radiation is naturally filled with pure divine love a small thoughtform like a pink ball with wings on it flows down the stream of my life-energy into your world. Every time you think of Me & your thought connects with my consciousness I send back hundreds of these little thoughtforms & I direct them to stay with you to help you whenever you require assistance. Therefore the more you direct your attention to Me the more of these little light happy thought & feeling forms go into the circle of your experience. This of course applies to all members of the spiritual hierarchy & We deem it a privilege to give assistance to you & to all life.

When these thoughtforms are released from the master they are usually asked to remain to serve you & thus they become prisoners of love who but live on whatever crumbs of attention you choose to give them. They are the living breathing body of the master anchored into your world by his kindness. Will you try to acknowledge them every so often because they are far from home & they miss the gentle radiation of his Presence, & the light & love from your heart can reflect to them a little of the longed-for glory of the Kingdom. Have love & reverence for the living breathing body of God within & without you.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan