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Maha Chohan: LXVI

When an individual thinks of an ascended master the lightray proceeds immediately to the heart-center of that master's Presence with the same degree of accuracy that a telegraphic beam is directed from the wires to a distant city or to a boat in mid-ocean. From the heart of the aspirant there flows forth a steady stream of electrons without number & these form a beam or current which connects the thinker with the master's heart & so provides a natural current over which the master's assistance & radiation ride back into the life, experience & consciousness of the student. Thus often in times of stress or strain when one has not the time to phrase a specified request or requirement the chelas by directing his attention to the master can set up this connection with just a simple prayer or invocation & the master's light will return on that current of energy to give the protection, illumination or radiation required.

If the student could realize how instantaneous is the connection established with the master by his call & the return of protection offered, he would truly know that the statement of beloved Jesus, "Lo, I AM with you always," was more than a mere paraphrase of the words "I AM".

Once an individual unascended has the privilege of becoming cognizant of any group of perfected beings, the angelic host or the spiritual hierarchy, he is never alone again because he knows that every time he requires definite guidance or assistance the response to his call will bring immediate help & the master's radiation will flow into his life & out thru him into the condition requiring assistance. If the students were to practice making this contact with the Presence of the masters more often, they would find themselves much less influenced by the appearance world & free from the terror & uncertainty that the outer world creates in the feeling nature when they allow their thoughts to dwell on discordant expressions.

Many people have felt the instantaneous release of light by the use of just the name of Jesus, & the ancient members of mankind were in constant communication with Sanat Kumara thru the reverent repetition of that august title. The use of these holy names later became degraded into curses but We are hoping now that the use of the words representative of the sacred titles & names of the ascended host may come again to mean a powerful & potent force in the lifestream choosing to experiment with this portion of the cosmic law.

Beloved ones, in traveling life's pathway upon which are found many obstacles due to past karma it is a wise student who accepts the advice & guidance of those of Us who have trod the same highway & successfully finished Our journey. As one joyfully anticipates the visit of a well-loved friend so do We listen for the sound of Our names vibrating thru the ethers which tells Us that some beloved friend still on the earthplane is either sending Us thoughts of love or asking Our assistance, to both of which We instantly respond.

Maha Chohan: LXVII

When a perfected being focuses his attention on an unascended member of the race there flows from the consciousness of the master a steady stream of pure electronic substance which is filled with the feeling, thought & very being of the master directing the lightray to his attention. If you could with the inner eye watch the process when the master chooses to pour his consciousness into the aspirant you would see passing from the master waves of light & color which flow into the four lower bodies of the individual enlarging each one of those bodies & also changing the color & tone of the energy released by the chela. During this process much of the psychic & astral substance is washed out of the lower bodies of the student & new hope fills his inner bodies.

If it were not for such a spiritual connection between master & chela the weight of the individual's accumulation of psychic substance would soon draw him back into the mass mind because the heavy pressure of human creation around the earthplane at present is more than the strength any unascended being can pierce thru unaided. It is this spiritual transfusion of the master that gives the added impetus of courage, inspiration, strength & love of the Light to the imprisoned soul which enables that soul to hold the pathway open before him.

That is why Our desire is so great for people to place their attention undivided upon the ascended masters octave, the omnipresent Holy Spirit of God, the angelic host or any member of the spiritual brotherhood as often as possible--because it forms the link or bridge over which may be carried the spiritual food which sustains the interest of the soul & makes that soul a radiating center of inspiration to others. Without such a link, dear ones, the soul-sleep of the centuries would again engulf the people of Earth.

The particular service of the ascended master is to intensify the light in the heart of the seeker that its more powerful & expanded voltage might throw a greater radiance upon his path. The amount of light within the chela will determine his capacity to perceive & cognize truth, & the constant increase of that light thru the consciously projected rays of the ascended master represents the way & means by which the seeker's light may have sufficient intensity to enable him to find the object of his search which is the realization of his own oneness with the eternal Father of all.

As the traveler can proceed with greater ease when the light of the noonday sun illumines his pathway than during night hours when every crevasse & stone is shadowed over, so can the wayfarer upon the spiritual path accomplish his journey with greater ease & safety when the combined, focused & sustained rays of the ascended host make for him a spiritual Light on his path which shows up the hurdles, obstacles & straightway. The individual who seeks to proceed without the assistance of the masters may do so but then it is only his own soul-light that can guide him, which may be likened to one traveling thru a forest in the dark with only the flickering uncertain light of a penny candle, whereas one may proceed in safety with the light of the noonday sun.

Maha Chohan: LXVIII

Chelas' efforts are appreciated. I address you thus because your intelligent understanding of Our explanations of cosmic activities has been of such great help to Us & because your calls & your transmission classes have done so much in forwarding Earth's evolution. Expansion & unfoldment of beauty & glory are the cosmic spiritual law which governs every system in every galaxy of creation. There is no such thing as a static expression of life. The stars & suns & planets with every beat of their cosmic hearts expand their auras & spheres of influence to a greater extent in orderly systems. Just as an infant stretches his limbs to insure growth, so do these cosmic planetary lords expanding cosmic substance by their breath intensify & increase the luminosity of their particular foci in the galaxy in which they are expressing themselves.

The great minds that create a system know no time nor space. These great God-foci seen in the sky are fluidic because the expansion of the whole knows a certain elasticity in unfoldment & the corresponding system automatically unfolds & cooperates in like proportion so that there is no such thing as accident or confusion in its spiritual growth.

Coming back to the smaller sphere on which you now dwell, dear hearts, you have evidence today in man's strivings to overcome the hazards of living in outer space or what your calls are doing for the Earth's expansion. The electronic light which has been sent forth thru your calls has caused an acceleration in the reaching upward & outward of the great scientific minds of Earth, has caused the bursting of Earth's imprisoning bonds & has done much towards helping her assume her proper place in our solar system. My gratitude & blessings are yours. As you have been told there is not only a balance to be met in the universal record but there is a service that the Earth must perform to universes yet unborn which can only come as the whole planet pours forth more & more light. The sum total of electronic light-substance required to be released from the Earth can only be met as each lifestream using the Earth as a schoolroom gives the maximum outpouring. Again I pause here to say thank you to each one of you for what you are doing for this planet.

As you know, countless hundreds of thousands of tons of the primal essence of God have passed thru each one & have been misused. Every electron of this substance must now be redeemed. Your good work towards redeeming this substance is seen & appreciated not only by the ascended masters but by the other members of this solar system & entire galaxy who are patiently awaiting the obedience of Earth to the cosmic fiat to Give Forth More Light.

Maha Chohan: LXIX

Every manifestation whether it be in the unseen or outer world is the result of the use of God's pure energy. We know that the limitless energy with which the Creator has endowed His children is within the electronic light flowing from the supreme source into the individualized I AM Presence. However, when that light reaches the consciousness of the lifestream yet abiding upon Earth & in its atmosphere, the manifestation takes on the qualification of the consciousness in which the unascended lifestream is dwelling at a given time. Every minute particle of the resultant effect of man's use of energy is written in the Book of Life, & before he attains his full freedom in the ascension there must be an exact balance of a constructive nature on that ledger.

We are at the end of a cycle & in order for the Earth to take her rightful place in the cosmic progression of the orbs in the system She Must Emit More Light. The shroud which she is now forced to wear is the result of mankind's imperfect qualifications. This is elementary & you are aware of this fact but the effluvia & the weight of impure substance which man has forced upon the shoulders of beloved Virgo must be transmuted by sacred fire. Then the rays from beloved Virgo & Pelleur's kingdom of light can infiltrate the Earth by reason of a more porous substance comprising her garments.

Along with transmutation of imperfect energy of others abiding on Earth the wise chela knows that there is no unascended lifestream who can bypass the responsibility of balancing his own misqualified energy. I bring this to your attention today for I counsel you not to weary in well doing & every decree which you are so generously making pierces thru Earth's shroud of negatively qualified energy & readies her to take her rightful place in this system. The cosmic law has signified that Earth Must Become Self-luminous, & I appeal to you to continue in your calls for those who are not aware of the sacred fire & its efficacious use. There is a cosmic moment for the fulfillment of every edict of spiritual law & every chela will do well to keep this in mind.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan