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Maha Chohan: LXX

Before man can come to the place where he may join the ascended masters he must master the vibrations of the bodies to a point where they do not create dissonance in their own world or in the world of another. If you will think before you speak & act & also before you feel, it will enable the elements of your bodies to return to their original beauty, harmony & peace. As soon as the pressure of discord is consciously controlled the lifestream's natural state of being begins to establish itself as the Holy chrsit Self returns the electrons to their natural orbits. That is why individuals who have come to the place of mastery & peace attain great beauty & why all the Gods & Goddesses are expressions of majesty, dignity, beauty, glory & harmony.

The appearance of your physical body is determined by the amount of light that is used within the four lower vehicles, the emotional, mental, etheric & phsyical bodies. The natural emanation of light thru these lower bodies forms the protecting wall referred to in your instruction as the tube or Pillar of Light. When the electrons move more slowly in their particular organs & cells they draw less light fromthe Holy Christ Self & the natural resistance of the lifestream grows weaker. When the race becomes harmonious & the energy released thru their bodies is never qualified discordantly there will be no such thing as old age, disease, & the vehicles when abandoned at the close of that phase of life's experience will be in as perfect a condition as when they were designed by the builders of form & the higher self.

I AM willing to assist in this experiment with any or all who choose to make the necessary effort at self-control. You would then be a marvelous example which St. Germain could set before the whole world which would sell the kingdom of Heaven far more rapidly than the precipitation of gold would do. You have full authority to build this same perfection into the children & young people you see around you. The Elohim of Peace, the powers of Harmony & Purity & the builders of form will join you in this, & it will be a very great privilege for your lifestreams to render such a service.

Maha Chohan: LXXI

That which people call The Day of Judgment is an individual affair, as I shall try to explain to you. When the lifestream chooses to finish with the human will & return the outer vehicles & outer man to the use of the God-identity he by that act signifies that he has found himself unhappy in his self-chosen path of separateness & wishes to identify himself with the God-principle that governs the universe & wishes to live by the law of harmony.

Students of the law of life are people who have signified their willingness to relinquish these stolen vehicles back to the God-identity that has sustained them thru long centuries. This noble gesture immediately brings the individual to the attention of Hierarchy, & the Book of Life, or the Book of Judgment, is brought out & his account is read therein.

Every electron that the individual has taken from the unformed light in the heart of God & sent out into the universe stamped by the light pattern of his lifestream must be accounted for. If the electrons went forth in harmony for a constructive purpose to fulfill at least a fair proportion of that person's reason for being, those electrons are released from the debit side of his ledger & become a part of the storehouse for good in the Causal Body. But the countless hundreds of thousands of tons of energy that the individual has so boldly drawn forth from God's heart where it was resting in ease & peace & sent forth discordantly qualified by the willful & selfish thoughts & feelings of the personal self must be returned to the individual in one form or another until that lifestream redeems that energy & sends it forth in love, for it is the law of life that any energy sent forth which does not comply with the law of harmony must be cleansed & purified by the dispenser.

Now when I say "returned in one form or another," I mean that ofttimes the energy sent forth qualified inharmoniously thru the individual's own freewill in one lifetime will come back to him in some particular trait or characteristic in some person around him which is particularly annoying or distressing & that energy coming from another lifestream which baits the temper must be loved into harmony or it will appear again in another lifestream som place on that individual's path. No two people are annoyed by the same traits, habits & characteristics of people, animals or circumstances. Why? Because each one is only prodded by the energy which corresponds to his own failing in some lifetime & which life in mercy brings back to him in order that he may redeem it & so set both himself & the other one free.

When an individual comes to the place where his ascension is in view the return of this energy is greatly accelerated & conditions & individuals seem to pop out of the very earth that cause every conceivable type of annoyance. If one could only realize that this bombardment is but the return of one's own energy which is called in by the cosmic law ere one can pass thru the portals of freedom, that one would not feel so resentful & rebellious. A realization of this, beloved ones, would save you from depression & doubt & you would know that in that very pressure & stress of circumstances there was a promise that Hierarchy knew you were ready to handle the energy & to have the glory of the ascension. So every moment becomes an opportunity to balance your account until the red ink runs dry.

Maha Chohan: LXXII

We know that every realm of the seven kingdoms vibrates at a different rate. The earth kingdom & the water kingdom have the slowest vibratory action, & the air & etheric kingdoms are of a higher vibratory action. Then we enter into the three inner kingdoms of the sacred fire--the Holy Christ plane, the Causal plane, & the plane of the pure Presence. As divine light descends from the heart of God it passes thru & nourishes each place, takes on the form of the substance of the plane in which it first vibrates & then is transmuted into a lower vibratory action to enrich the plane below. Each plane clothes the pure light essence with the atoms of its own sphere & the orderly descent of the God-light thus proceeds into the manifest forms of earth, water, air & fire.

In the evolution of a humanity hand in hand goes the evolution of the nature kingdom. Man in his descent into seven planes, by identifying himself with the elemental substance composing them, in accepting & molding garments made up of the essence of those planes, was intended to be the radiating power to raise the entire stratum into the fire element. This has been done by the beings on the sun & on Venus--the electronic belt representing like a closed accordion or a folding drinking cup the purified essence of each plane drawn up into the fire element. You have seen the picture of the rings around Saturn & that is the ultimate halo of the planet. As the seven bodies of perfected man are drawn into the Electronic, the same is done on a smaller scale.

To recreate mentally & actually mold out of the substance of the water element, the etheric, the earth & the air garments as near like your comprehension of the I AM Presence as possible & then to mentally practice the Presence of God thru you radiating like a sun the divine light of purity, love, healing, mercy & peace into these seven spheres is to recreate the etheric pattern of the divine plan. This will disconnect you from the influence of the lower planes & make you the influence thru them.

Maha Chohan: LXXIII

How often have members of mankind heard those two important words "Know Thyself." Allow Me now to help you each dear one to Know Yourself & in this knowing to bring healing, harmony & the lightness of joy into your life. The physical body is made up of very tiny particles of light-substance which the world of men has chosen to call electrons. These electrons are emitted from the body of God & are loaned to the individual lifestream to create a garment of flesh in the image & likeness of the Holy Christ Self. The Holy Christ Self projects a light pattern of Itself into the universal light-substance of this physical world, & into the center of that pattern the Holy Christ Self projects the cohesive power of love referred to as the Threefold Flame. Then this Threefold Flame from the universal light-substance around it draws electrons to make the flesh body or physical form.

The electrons are in constant motion swing round & round in the body & if you had a high enough power type of microscopic vision you would see that what appears to be a leg or arm is a constant sea of moving light encircling in an orbit, & like the tide of the sea being allowed to go so far & no further than the periphery of its particular border. These circling electrons form what We refer to as the members of the body.

The marvel of man is the cohesive power of love that keeps the electrons year after year circling in their individual orbits & the composite whole making the hand or head or arm or organ, no electron losing its identity or getting caught into another member. The vibratory action of the whole body is determined by the keynote of the lifestream.

Mankind's vibratory action is way below its natural harmony & the electrons in all four bodies are moving a great deal more slowly than is their natural expression. The slower they move the denser the body & mind, the quicker they move the lighter the body. In the ascended masters' vehicles the electrons vibrate so rapidly that they are like the propeller of a rapidly moving plane invisible to physical sight. The process of evolution thru attention to the Light quickens the pace of the electrons in every atom & cell of one's being & when one's attention is on the Light the whole harmony of his individual solar system is increased beyond all outer measures of speed.

In the case of an injured or diseased member the more Light consciously directed into the electrons of that member the more rapid will be the healing. A broken member for instance means that the natural orbit of the electronic life in that member has been temporarily shattered & a new core of love must be established thru the main shaft of the bone, when the electrons are agin drawn in harmony around this core. You would be surprised, dear ones, what singing in love to these little lives in a broken bone or diseased member would do for you. Know, children of my heart, my understanding & my healing & my love are yours forever to draw upon.

Bridge to Freedom Weekly Messages: from Maha Chohan