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Maha Chohan: LXXIV

Few individuals ever think to make calls for the peace of perfect sleep for every soul on Earth. The quieting of the mental & emotional bodies of peoples would give the ascended host tremendous assistance in Our endeavors to revive them spiritually. The sleeping bodies of the mass of mankind are in every sort of depravity & the mental & emotional bodies never cease motion even while the physical body is temporarily unconscious in sleep. Yet the far greater part of Our service to men is done while they are in this condition of sleep for while they may not be completely still at least the conscious mind for the moment is inactive. While people sleep We pour light from the Presence into the heart, thus it is not so distorted & milked dry by the various activities of the mental, emotion & ehteric bodies by the time it reaches the physical form. This is the power of the healing in the deep refreshing sleep sought by men but seldom attained.

It has been said repeatedly that in order to have health harmony & peace of mind are essential, because all the electrons in the universe carrying those qualities must pass thru the mind & feeling nature before they can find expression as healthgiving potent powers in the physical form. The chela know that the pure electronic light is the animating power of his every action. He can grasp the passage of the shining light from the heart of All-Life to the heart of his I AM Presence, but he is confused as to what causes the change in its efficacy in the split-second consumed from the moment it leaves the Presence until it enters the physical heart.

The physical body is the smallest of the four lower bodies & represents the center or kernel of the complete set of lower vehicles. The etheric body interpenetrates the physical, then in succession the mental & emotional body. Peace of mind & harmony in the feeling world must be maintained in order to keep the consciousness of the four lower bodies receptive for the light & God-ideas to reach the heart & then to flow forth as perfect manifestations in the world of form. A perfect example of this attunement was beloved Ascended Master Jesus who was ever at one with the great central power of Light, hence his great works while He humbly walked the Earth. For encouragement may I add that many of my beloved & faithful chelas today are so close to the great awareness of the presence of Light that they too are channels for its wonders!

Maha Chohan: LXXV

From the heart of the physical sun great beings have always come to a planet & its evolving mankind to give of their love & light & wisdom during the infancy & youth of new souls. These beings carry with them all the knowledge which is within the Father-Mother of the system & it is for the use of the young souls if they should choose to accept it.

In the case of Venus these Sun-Gods established a pattern & plan which the evolving souls followed closely, & they never fell from the grace of harmony & peace. In the case of planet Earth I need not describe her present state & it is the love of her sister orb Venus which has sustained her place in the solar system. The Earth herself was not able to give forth enough light to make her place a necessity in the cosmic chain. A planet's light is composed of the heartflame of its people. The light of the world is an expansion of the heartflame thru the souls of men. When the heartflame is smothered under an accumulation of human emotions the planet upon which such a mankind lives becomes duller & dimmer until in time there would be no radiation or emation from it at all.

Beloved Sanat Kumara & the beings from Venus created an aura of Light around the planet Earth which made her continue to have a radiance & a reason for being in the solar chain. They knew that it was the duty & responsibility of Their great consciousness to show men how to contact their own heartflame & how to expand that flame to a point where they might be contributors to the radiance of their planet. This is the primal service of the Brotherhood.

Thus it has been from the beginning & when beings like Master Jesus, Lord Gautama & others are called "The Light of the world" They are truly described because it is Their illumination thru the conscious expansion of the heartflame that provides the radiance which the cosmic law demands to sustain a planet, a star, a sun in the solar system. & now in the cosmic push of the hour the beings not only from Venus but Uranus & Mars are lovingly giving of their light to assist the Earth to sustain her position & We can truly say that the Earth is living on borrowed light!

Maha Chohan: LXXVI

All of the energy in this universe is constantly emitting radiation. The quality of the radiation really represents the whole problem of human redemption as far as the ascended masters' service to man is concerned. There is not an electron in interstellar space that is static or immovable, & the so-called inanimate objects of the physical world are in a constant state of motion as scientists have discovered.

The degree of evolution of each self-conscious individual determines the intensity & length of the rays of radiation that pass from him. The higher the lifestream goes upon the spiritual ladder the greater is the area covered by his outgoing energywaves, & the more life, power & love which are directed to such a one by the Ascended Brotherhood the greater is his responsibility in the solar system to which he belongs because of the ever-increasing circumference of his Electronic Circle.

That is why the responsibility for spiritual knowledge & unfoldment is far greater than is comprehended by the student who is so eagerly desirous of knowledge, of powers & the full use of the activities of the sacred fire. As in the physical world greater responsibility rests upon the shoulders of those in positions of trust & authority so does all spiritual knowledge carry with it an obligation to serve life selflessly. It carries with it the far more important obligation of controlling & pouring out thru the radiation of such a one's being only those qualities which will enrich the universe thru the greater scope of the increased aura.

If people could see how the unfoldment of spiritual knowledge affected their auras & how much greater was their personal ability to affect the entire universal scheme, some would hesitate due to the personal responsibility involved before accepting this outpouring. When individuals have been under the direction of the ascended host for several years as you have been, dear ones, every time one of Us has come to present the law countless tons of energy have flowed into each one of your auras, remaining a part of your lifestreams, greatly enlarging the sphere of influence of all the seven rays. It is therefore expedient that you begin to incorporate into your very beings the ascended masters' peace, poise, serenity, kindliness, tolerance, understanding, love & gentleness because the repercussions from the slightest imperfection upon the law of harmony are much greater when the aura is expanded to such a large extent, for the reason that it affects a greater part of life.

The activity of anchoring the ascended masters' energy into your own bodies, setting up new patterns of thought & feeling, coupled with your own conscious endeavor to hold your lower bodies within a harmonious expression, will do much to assist you. When your outer consciousness is constantly aware that its most essential duty is to maintain an undisturbed state of harmonious radiation--in full knowledge of the effect it will have on the lives of others--your consciousness will become like a sun & your sphere of influence can be used cosmically to set up a like energy pattern in the lives of all those whom the masters will see fit to draw into your environment. Besides this it will have a beneficial effect on every expression of life--plant, animal & elemental--that it touches. Watch your thoughts & feelings, beloved ones, because these affect your radiation & can diminish your usefulness in the ascended masters' present endeavors to raise & redeem a planet & its people. ##

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