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Maha Chohan: March 23, 1952 Transmission, excerpts, dictated to Geraldine Innocente, a monthly offering of the Bridge to Freedom

Every activity & every individual has a forcefield around them. I have chosen to call this the sphere of influence beyond which the directed vibrations are not potent enough to become the master activity. In other words, the farther from the body pass the rays of an individual or a sanctified flame the less strength they have. After that some other creative center dominates the energy from the periphery of such a sphere of influence. For instance, to explain it in a homely fashion a radio or television trasmitter can only send a program for a certain distance & individuals who have receiving sets will find that if there is a powerful station nearer to them than the one in which they are interested at the moment, the predominating power station is the one most likely to come in over their radio despite their choice.

In crosscountry or international transmission of programs for example subsidiary stations take up the original vibration which has exhausted its transmitting power, revitalize it & send it forth again to a new & further point which can be benefitted by such a transmission.

The masters of wisdom thru cooperation of chelas have used this means of transmitting vital forces & directing them for many centuries, but it is expedient in this New Day that the receiving station who becomes part of the lifeline be alert enough to regenerate the blessing & then direct it on its course to a new portion of mankind. Thru the energy of another trained individual or group who is waiting by prearranged signal to receive the projected will of the master as well as the radiation they pass it on until it arrives back again at the original broadcasting center after encircling the planet. If the stations from New York to California did not immediately relay the vibration they carried of a national program, it would be impossible for a New York concert to reach, say, Los Angeles, or vice versa.

In the case of the retreats, more especially the one that is active for the month, those nearest to it are most powerfully influenced & benefitted. It is particularly difficult to project radiation across large bodies of water like oceans. The number of generating centers combined effect the power of transmission of course as well as their individual capacities, but in this new activity wherein spiritual foci are opened for world benefit, if We could establish groups of conscious chelas in key positions particularly along seacoasts & on the rock outcroppings of the various continents they could at set hours receive the directed force from the active retreat & then as mechanically as the radio company transmit that blessing thru the very energies of their bodies to waiting groups in each continent who in turn would project the force without loss of its efficacy.

This in reverse is what the tom-tom drums of Africa do which excite passions of war but which shos the power of conveyed vibrations. It is also the method used in sending mystic messages thru the length & breadth of India in a split-second. However, Our method would depend on conscious, reliable & responsible "way stations" who are always both receivers & transmitters. To be a receiver without being willing to be a transmitter is a grievous fault.

Every active retreat is dedicated to a special quality necessary to the evolution of the race as well as to the individual, & the procedure the masters observe in the transmission of this quality, its radiation & benediction, is as follows.

Around the central focus of Flame representing its God-quality stand a number of liberated beings of Light who consciously draw into themselves the essence of this Flame in a rhythmic breath. They hold this breath for a given time & then breathe it out again in unison holding it outside themselves & mentally projecting it to the periphery of the retreat's sphere of influence. They consciously add their own light & life to the essence of the Flame during this transmitting process & the whole procedure is carried out with mathematical exactness both with regard to the time & place of the receiving & transmitting stations as well as the breathing process itself.

Heretofore as stated above the subsidiary work has been carried on by chelas in the retreats not active, but now it is hoped that in the outer world sanctuaries there will be found those students who will submit to the training of thought transference & thus become active partners with members of the Great White Brotherhood whose service includes this activity. The timing of the activity as well as the placement of the individual or groups could be determined when We find enough students willing to cooperate with Us in this worldwide benediction of the One God-flame.

Let Me not forget to emphasize the importance of directing the soul towards the active retreat consciously before entering sleep. For the impetus behind the directed will, like the power driving the engine, carries the consciousness toward its objective like a rocket, whereas those who are drawn hither thru the magnetic pull established for this purpose without the individual's application of self-conscious direction proceed like a feather in the wind or a lazily-drifting cloud in the sky & reach only the periphery of active benediction.

The transmission of the Flame is accomplished thru the breath. The awakened student is taught the value of deep & rhythmic breath & it is thru conscious participation in thought, feeling & rhythmic breath that this cosmic blending of ascended & unascended consciousness takes place.

The opening of each retreat is attended with great pomp & ceremony at inner levels. For days before the great celebration the Brothers connected with the retreat draw forth all the beauty & artistic development that their ascended master consciousness has at its command, & it is always a surprise & a delight for the masters to see the exquisite decorations that these blessed ones draw forth from life & yet there are never any two alike.

Maha Chohan: Transmission Classes Readied

However, there remained always among the unascended lifestreams still belonging to Earth's evolutions those who had aligned themselves with one or the other of these temples of the past & who have a background of spiritual training along specific lines of religious worship & service all thru the ages. From time to time these unascended lifestreams builded as best they could from memory the glorious temples in which they served & worshipped on Atlantis. There are in embodiment today others who so served & who will assist in the creation of the glorious perfection of St. Germain's cosmic Day.

The unification of energy by which constructive activity takes place is the delight of the ascended & angelic hosts & even in the human octave the lifestreams who can draw & sustain the cooperative endeavors of a number of individuals can effect a greater blessing, whether it be thru an entirely commercial venture or a spiritual endeavor. In Our octave We are constantly looking for opportunities to utilize the energies of great numbers of people when they are drawn together & their attention is focused upon some constructive activity.

It was so that Serapis came upon the idea of utilizing certain musical activities to draw the prayers & aspirations of mankind all together & then by the power of God-beings raise that energy out of the realm of hopeless supplication into the positive demand & command for a return of the blessings of divine love which would be of specific benefit to the race.

The heaviness of most prayers & the hopelessness of most heartcries so qualifies that energy that, as you know, they seldom are able to rise out of the lower atmosphere of Earth & would not if it were not for the intercession of the angelic host who are particularly under the direction of Lord Michael. These angels are dedicated to literally gathering up these prayers in receptacles which they carry to the Throne of Grace in the realms of Light for answering. The service of the angelic host is not only to bring the God-virtues earthward but to carry aspirations of mankind heavenward & they are constantly working on the ascending & descending rays to this end.

The individual lifestream accepts the responsibility for the qualification of energy in each of the seven spheres, in each one of which one of his bodies functions. There is a heart-focus in the Electronic Body, the Causal Body, the Higher Mental Body (Christ Self), the emotional body, mental body, etheric body & physical body. Each of these seven bodies is constantly contributing by the qualifying power within its own intelligence to the activities & actual atmosphere of the sphere in which each one of these bodies functions.

When the ray from the Presence passes thru the seven bodies the essence of Life which it carries is in its natural, pure & unformed state & the responsibility for the qualification of that energy is voluntarily assumed by the incarnated lifestream, knowing full well that under the law of the circle everything that is sent out will return with more of its kind. For a master to assume the responsibility of keeping any of the bodies belonging to an individual from qualifying energy according to the dictates of that one's own consciousness would be to create an automaton & contradict the actual purpose of the Father in allowing the individual's right to draw & qualify energy & in so doing to develop control & mastery thru love in all seven spheres.

The inner bodies & consciousness of each lifestream are always subject to the qualifying power of the consciousness, therefore the energy voluntarily released in any of these spheres is bound to be colored by the consciousness & development of the seven instruments which form the creative centers for the lifestream. There are certain tendencies within the nature of the individual which act almost automatically & the energy passing from the Presence thru the hearts of the seven bodies is literally catapulted into the sphere in which that body dwells, creating form, color & sound simultaneously.

Our project has drawn the interest & cooperation of intelligences who for countless aeons of time have occupied Themselves with the drawing of primal Life essence into Their consciousness, then qualifying it with the particular God-virtues which form the nature of divinity. Thus primal Life magnetized thru love becomes the sacred fire of purity, of peace, of healing, of supply & so on indefinitely thru all God-virtues. This sacred fire is already qualified God-life awaiting use thru the channels of unascended incarnate lifestreams when called forth!

Do you see the opportunity herein? An individual may call forth primal Life essence & thru the agency of thought & feeling endeavor to qualify that Life with power & efficacy to manifest perfection. True! However, such an individual can have the full use of already qualified life if he will connect with Us by his attention & accept Our momentums of sacred fire already prepared & awaiting claiming. It was my idea to create strong forcefields made up of individual lifestreams drawing together in cooperative endeavor, & when they have proven themselves by constancy of service & sustained enthusiasm use these forcefields to conduct the qualified powers of the sacred fire thru them into the world at large.

These Transmission Classes are now ready for this experiment. The breath of the students forms the forcefields, the energies incorporated in the meeting determine the size of the periphery of the field. The quality of the consciousness determines the invocative power to magnetize the sacred fire, & the ability of the leader to hold a concentrated picture of the actual flame & service in the retreat determines the projective power of the group. Naturally the Ascended Sponsor does much to assist as yet, but We are endeavoring to concentrate the responsibility & opportunity for God-expansion thru leaders & students themselves.

Transmissions of the Flame: from Maha Chohan