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Maha Chohan: The First Worldwide Transmission Flame Service

When the Lords of Karma revealed that the plan for the progress of mankind would allow Us to open the retreats of the world to the consciousness of interested students it became my particular desire to interest certain dedicated spirits at various points on the Earth's surface who might at a given moment receive the consciously directed radiation from the retreat that was active during that 30-day period & by the power of their own light recreate the sphere of influence in their locality, forming a transmitting center for the powers, gifts & radiations going forth from that retreat, & then redirect these powers to a further point wherever waiting chelas would accept it & duplicate the process.

On October 18, 1952 We put this plan into action for the first time on a worldwide scale, various members of the Brotherhood volunteering to take the places of unascended beings until such groups could be interested in the activity & assume the responsibility of being transmitting stations themselves. The Light circled the planet round in a rhythmic pulsation from the heart of the Retreat of the Brotherhood at Suva.

From the Retreat at Suva the Golden Flame of Cosmic Love was directed to beloved St. Germain & the Brotherhood at Mt. Shasta who in turn redirected it to Philadelphia & New York. Beloved Lord Maitreya & the beloved ones in New York directed the currents to Transylvania, & from there they passed to beloved Serapis Bey & the Brotherhood at Luxor. From Luxor they were directed to beloved El Morya & Kuthumi at my retreat at Ceylon, & these two Brothers completed the circuit by returning the currents to the Brothers at Suva.

At the instant when the great Surya asked those of Us who were present in Suva to inbreathe the Flame which formed the full gathered cosmic momentum of Suva's Service to Life each of the masters drew that Golden Flame into his own body which immediately became so brilliant with that concentrated essence that Their very auras throbbed with a pulsation of power which has been increasing there since the day of Mu's greatest glory. We all held this Flame within Us adding to the momentum, quality, color & tone of Our Own Lifestreams gained in God's Service. Then at a given instant We all breathed that Flame out across the Pacific Ocean into the Retreat & loving Presence of beloved St. Germain & the Brothers at Shasta.

The picture as seen with the inner eye looked like sheet lightning that lit up the Pacific Ocean as with a Golden Flame & thru that lightning a clearly defined blue ray connected the Brotherhood at Suva with the Brotherhood at Mt. Shasta. When the blue ray connected with the heartflame of St. Germain & his Brotherhood it produced what seemed like an inner explosion at Mt. Shasta, the rays from it running north & south up thru Alaska & down the western coast of the United States & on down the South American continent as far as Cape Horn.

The Light from this Flame emitted from the heart of Shasta then spread out eastward again with that blanketing activity similar to sheet lightning, & the directed blue ray forked off at Chicago into Philadelphia & New York where again a similar blue ray explosion sent a direct current up thru Newfoundland, Greenland & Iceland & southward along the eastern seaboard of the United States into Cuba, the West Indies & the easstern coast of South America. Beloved Lord Maitreya in New York & beloved Victory in Philadelphia again directed the blue ray to the Brothers in Transylvania, & the same sheet lightning swept across the Atlantic Ocean suffusing the British Isles, Norway & the western coast of Europe & Africa.

The Brothers at Transylvania again redirected that explosive action of the electric blue ray northward thru Russia & the Near East, & the blue ray was sent down into the Retreat at Luxor. Beloved Serapis & the Brotherhood there again formed the nucleus of a Light explosion which filled the entire African continent & the Indian Ocean with this blue sheet lightning. The blue ray from beloved Serapis' Retreat was directed to beloved Morya & Kuthumi in India & the Light explosion there directed the flame up thru Siberia, China & Malay, from which point the blanket of Light passed again into the heart of Suva, completing the circuit & giving australia, Antarctica & the eastern seacoast of Asia the beneficence of its Light.

In the course of the half-hour during which the beloved students provided the nucleus of unascended beings which made this magnificent experience possible the globe was encircled 30 times. At the final time the momentum had risen to such a point that there was no longer distinguishable any separation in the rhythm by which the Light was transmitted, the entire globe being held in a Golden Flame, the axis resting upon a Blue Lotus & the atmosphere up to the 10,000 foot level completely permeated with the powerful fiery breath of the cosmic flame of the Cosmic Light, which shall be its redemption.

It is always most difficult to transmit light-energywaves across bodies of water. I thank you, each lifestream, whose breath formed a part of the initial pulsation for a cosmic event whose records will remain on the pages of akasha as a permanent memorial to your presence with Us & the voluntary contribution of your breath to this service.

Maha Chohan: Crown of Light Upon the Forehead, 1957, dictated to G. lnnocente

Upon the forehead of every individualized God-intelligence there is a beautiful crown of light upon the front of which are seven flames in the colors which represent the seven rays of the Elohom.

The first ray is represented at the left side of the forehead by the blue flame of Hercules, then follows the sunshine-yellow flame of Cassiopea, then the pink flame of Orion. The center flame on the front of the crown is the crystal flame of Cosmic Christ purity within which is held a focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God. Around this flame there ascends a radiance of the ray to which the individualized lifestream belongs. Next there follows the green flame of Cyclopea, the purple & gold flame of the Elohim of Peace, ending on the right side of the forehead with the violet flame of Arcturus.

As each Elohim, Archangel & Chohan pours forth the radiation of His ray on successive days of each week beginning with the yellow ray of Cassiopea on Sunday (with Hercules' blue ray on Tuesday!--online editorial correction of original printed matter, RP), each of these rays on the foreheads of mankind is successively nourished & expanded. This crown of Elohim of which We speak is not visible to the average physical sight of unascended mankind but it may be clearly seen by any & all who have their true inner sight well developed, & of course it can be & is always seen by cosmic beings, ascended masters & the angelic host who minister to mankind. This crown is a natural God-gift of light to every God-intelligence incarnated & is the anchorage of the seven rays of Elohim in every brow. When well developed this crown is a certain protection to the brain structure & mental body as well as a focus for the inner sight of the individual thru the raising into God-activity again of the pineal gland in the center of the brain. The anchorage of these seven rays into the forehead of each individual gives the Elohim, Archangels & Chohans an open door thru which They may give assistance to mankind.

When the sincere student of truth becomes conscious of this crown he also accepts each day the radiation of the virtues of the great beings concerned therewith. Consciously tuning in to that virtue thru his attention upon Them much more concentrated blessings are rhythmically received by such a chela.

These seven rays on the forehead act like a spiritual antenna magnetizing the gifts of the seven rays into the individual worlds of those who will consciously accept them. Then according to divine law this lifestream sends forth the blessing received amplified by his own conscious direction.

Anyone who wishes to daily use the following chant to the seven mighty Elohim will find a sense of tremendous balance coming into his life & experience right here in this physical appearance world. To get the best results from its use one should practice it at least once every day at about the same time.

The musical notes for the chanting of the name E-lo-him are the following: F below Middle C followed by the next full tone G, then B flat. The Word "I AM" should be spoken in one's ordinary tone of voice, then follow immediately by singing the tone of F, then G & then B flat. this activity should be repeated seven times focusing the attention each time upon the rays & names of the Elohim in order beginning with the blue ray of Hercules on the left. The chant goes: I AM E-lo-him! E-lo-him! E-lo-him! E-lo-him! E-lo-him! E-lo-him! E-lo-him! Seven times seven I AM E-lo-him!

The words "Seven times seven I AM" should also be spoken in one's own voice tone, & the final E-lo-him taken on the three musical tones, this last time very slowly! The blessings of the Holy Spirit are upon you always as you TRY! Lovingly, Maha Chohan