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Every sinister force has sought to lower the moral standards of the women for more than 25 years thru various suggestions, thru fashion & degrading suggestion in advertising & so forth. There is & has been a concerted attempt to break down the culture of refined living & to lower people's standards to the conditions of the peasantry of Europe & Russia. Keep your standards of culture high! We want to cultivate more than ordinary consideration for each other, more than ordinary culture, more than ordinary refinement in everything you do so we may raise those standards to a height of perfection in the Light that helps hold the balance & becomes the pressure against the downward pull of the suggestions of communism in the country over the last 30 years. When your Light reaches a certain point your body begins to outpicture greater youth & beauty & you have more & more opulence. The eyes of the world will then be upon you & that is your opportunity. While much of this will be from curiosity yet a great deal of it will be life's natural drawing to the Light which automatically raises everything up & into itself to become its purity & perfection. Therefore yield not to any of the suggestions of the outer world nor take on any of its habits of slovenly personal tendency or degraded appearances which have been so rampant in the outer world today. The deliberate attempt is being made thru many channels to lower the standards of this nation, especially by drafting women into war.

I would say, (1) I AM the cosmic flame of the cosmic victory of Light which reigns supreme everywhere, which is all authority & now consumes that imperfection & replaces it with the Unfed Flame sustained forever. Then go about your business. Beloved Lady Betty, if I AM too fast call for help, I shall try to slow down. (2) I AM the victory of perfect relaxation! (3) I AM the victory that gives peace forever! (4) I AM the victory of invincible protection! (5) I AM the victory of lavish supply of every good thing! (6) I AM the victory of the Unfed Flame in my heart which is all Authority forever! (7) I AM the victory of cosmic freedom that beloved St. Germain offers & awaits acceptance! (8) I AM the victory of absolute fearlessness! (9) I AM the victory of the power of instantaneous precipitation for which I call! (10) I AM the victory of all I AM temples made manifest in the physical octave in the service of Light to all!

Tonight I say to you, Victory is the ascended master control of your attention held to your Mighty I AM Presence & the ascended host & your acknowledgment of your victory & nothing else. Please remind yourselves that there is no victory for destructive forces! Victory alone is the cosmic flame of my Love to the Earth & the cosmic Love from the Great Central Sun which contains perfection, charges forth perfection, expands, produces, supplies by, harmonizes by perfection & is the directing intelligence which produces perfection everywhere. That alone is Victory!

You can say, I AM the victory of Light which acts thru the government of America for the protection of the people & the freedom of life from all not of the Light! Unless you call forth the cosmic flame of Victory thru the heart of every individual within your borders, you are not using the full powers of the lifestreams of mankind in this nation to guard the freedom of your land. It takes your direct call in the Authority of the people of America, in the use of their freewill, to decree their victory now made manifest as the reigning authority within this land. I AM Victory over all human selfishness everywhere I move!

LET GO! LET GO! LET GO! of everything that is not my Victory of ease & peace & comfort & freedom unto eternity! How many of you have accepted Me as your daily partner? From this hour let us counsel together & be the victory of that Light which saves America from any further selfishness & blazes thru America that which sets the Earth free forever from all that is of war. One with God is a majority! One with the Mighty I AM Presence & ascended host is All Authority! Be my cosmic Authority of Victory! Blaze the cosmic flame of my Victory! Command the release of my Victory wherever you move & give the freedom of my Victory to America & all which is of the Light thruout the world.

Victory! Victory! Victory! is my name for eternity! Victory! Victory! Victory! is the flame of my Love forever! Victory! Victory! Victory! is the Authority from the heart of creation, & the Unfed Flames in your hearts can sing to you the reminder of my Presence with every breath you breathe & every heartbeat, & every plume of that flame is Victory! Victory! Victory! unto your ascension! Let the cosmic expansion of that Unfed Flame blaze thru your bodies this night & give its blessings to the universe around you!

We shall walk hand in hand & side by side/ On the pathway of Light whate'er betide,/ & in the power of Light & the power of Love/ Compel our Victory--& the flame from Above/ Shall clothe you in armor of cosmic power/ & release my Victory thru you each hour./ You are my friends of the Light!/ I AM your Victory tonight.

Let there be peace & the cosmic flame of Love's release among you to the victory of America & the freedom of the Earth from all that is not of the Light forever!

Remember, I have twelve important beings who came with Me & they too are Victory! I thank you, beloved ones, for your presence here & the effort you have made to give acknowledgment to my Victory over the past week! Will you try it for another week, & I might call again next Sunday. (applause) I enfold you in that cosmic flame forever! Good night!

Mighty Victory, Chicago, 11-26-44, excerpts

My beloved legions of Victory, I come again this afternoon to lift you I trust one step nearer to the mighty Victory, the great eternal Victory of both your ascension & the ascension of your nation, out of the claws of all shadows. I ask you again to remember that without forgiveness, without love you cannot have Victory; & if there is anything of the shadows then it is not Victory. As the beloved Goddess of Light said to you this morning, in this great cosmic action unless you of your own volition face the cosmic Sun of Victory & go into its heart, then the shadows are in the world about you. Therefore if you are to be the open door thru which the Light of victory must come to America then there must be no more shadows in you or your worlds!

Can you take darkness out of this room by any means whatsoever except to bring light within it? Light must be accepted, Light must be acknowledged, Light must be called into action! Light must be loved & Light must be spoken into the atmosphere of earth if Light is to produce a manifestation. The world needs every particle of Light that you can call forth this hour!

In answer to your calls there has recently been released the cosmic action of a sphere of whitefire, or a sun of whitefire if you please, with two golden wings, which this Messenger saw about a week ago. This has been released & is coming to Earth in greater power in order to surround each of you with an activity of whitefire & bluelightning of divine love from the Great Central Sun, which was about each of you in the beginning of your individualization. In the early Golden Ages every individual walked within that blazing Sphere of Pure Whitefire From the Great Central Sun, the outer edge of which was the blue lightning of divine love. That was a natural protecting enfolding power & focus of the fire element!

Then as mankind's attention became more & more enmeshed in the things they were doing they did not go back in love & devotion of their hearts to the mighty Central Sun from whence they came often enough to hold its guard about them. Because of the tremendous electronic force & power of Light drawn forth by the I AM student body thru your I AM decrees & your calls for mercy & assistance to your nation & mankind this outpouring is again offered to enfold the I AM students who will give it recognition & acceptance! Whenever you think of the Light walk as it were into the heartcenter of this Sphere of blazing Whitefire, the outer radiance of blue lightning of divine love, & enfolded in your higher mental body feel its dazzling presence about you! Speak your decrees from within that powerhouse of creation, for this is a focus around you when your attention is held upon your Higher Mental Body.

When you say I AM, I AM, I AM by all God's love I know I AM the only Presence acting! feel your higher mental body enfolding you instantly. Feel that Sphere of whitefire enfolding you, the outer radiance of blue lightning of divine love, & then know I AM the Victory of that Light! This will enable Us to pour forth on your decrees a cosmic action of that whitefire & blue lightning which will enable them to be fulfilled with very much greater speed & force of action.

Now I wish, if you care to accept the idea, that you would charge your hands, your feet, the radiation of your bodies, with the power of blue lightning of purity & divine love from the Great Central Sun to command & compel everything you touch to become instantly self-luminous & as pure as the heart of the Goddess of Purity! This will have a tremendous power of blessing & you will find it much easier to keep the things in your world in perfect divine order as you realize that within your Life & the flow of God's love from your heart you have the power to bless everything you touch into the luminosity or purity of Life's perfection, into the luminosity & victory of My heart's flame! You may produce what you will when you feel deeply that the Light from Above goes thru you & that the Light is the action of all perfection--the manifestation of all perfection--& you as the flame are the intelligence which sends it forth! Can you do anything or has anybody anything else to use but Life? How much do you will things to become as pure as the heart of the Goddess of Purity? If you will turn on the same amount of steam, so to speak, in the power to purify & illumine things that you have to compel by physical force something inanimate to do or go where you want it to, by the power of God you could illumine the Earth in no time if all mankind would use their energy that way.

Since I AM Victory I AM determination & my determination is Light! It is self-luminosity! If you continue to acknowledge I AM the luminosity of this for which I call, you would have it! If you are going to be My family of Victory, My legions of Victory--pardon Me, you are St. Germain's family but you are My legions--but if you are going to have Victory you must have Light! So just make up your minds what fierce determination it requires in the midst of shadows to compel the Light forth!

Now remember, you as the authority & directing intelligence of the Unfed Flame within your hearts are always authority over all that is of darkness! Only the Light is the God-authority of this universe! The Light is authority & by your conscious command & directing intelligence you can draw Light into darkness & wherever Light expands, the darkness ceases to be. There is no end to the brightness of Light & no limit to the intensity of that Light you wish to call forth! Then there is no limit to my Victory, is there? My cosmic flame of cosmic Victory must take the place of every shadow on the planet, & one day it shall!

Now then, the thing that holds mankind in the clutches of destructive forces is the fear imposed upon them by selfishness & their own doubt of the Light of their own Life! I can offer you no more: if you give the command I will do my part & your Mighty I AM Presence & higher mental body will do their part, but the desire to do that & the remembrance of doing it often must come from within you of your own freewill.

Mighty Victory: