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I say to you, your memory has the capacity to remember all the Light it wants to when you hold authority over that memory & command it to remember to do these things which set you free. Stop remembering anything of the shadows, I remind you! Take your stand: MY Mighty I AM Presence is my eternal divine memory & knows not shadows! I AM the cosmic electrifying Presence of blue lightning annihilating shadows in my memory! I replace these by Victory's cosmic flame of cosmic Victory! Blaze thou blue lightning of divine love! Dissolve & consume every record of that same quality in the consciousness of the whole world, of all mankind!

Will you try for the coming week to give acknowledgment in everything you do to my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory & miracles of perfection as the only thing you accept? I might call again next Sunday! (applause, audience rises) Thank you so much. I ask that you remember to qualify everything you touch with the great cosmic miracles of the Victory of Peace thruout the world & the illumination of the minds of mankind thru that Victory so that never again can a shadow register upon you or your worlds. Thank you, beloved ones, won't you be seated. Acknowledge two things, the Victory of Illumination & the miracles of perfection to put an end to the shadows thruout the world forever!

Now do you understand that nothing has a right to exist on this planet but the Light? All else is energy or radiation from the flame which has been covered over with discord. Remember Victory is purity! Then you become the purifying Presence to all beings of nature. You become when you draw forth this power of Light to this intensity the freeing Presence to the forces of the elements which have so long served you & have taken such frightful impurity upon themselves. Now is your opportunity to reverse that & release them & to put Light were shadows seem to be, to put miracles of perfection where struggle appears, & to make those blessed beings of the elements your mighty mighty friends of Light to bring you anything & everything you require to fulfill the divine plan & produce the manifestations here to illumine the Earth once again & make it a thing of beauty & joy forever because the Song of Light is the anthem of creation.

Hear Me today! Use my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory & you shall see the manifestation of the fulfillment of my words! Begin with these bodies first! It is necessary, so necessary that you be given this use of the great Individualized Sphere of Whitefire & Blue Lightning of Divine Love From the Great Central Sun, focused around yourselves. Feel yourselves moving within It, issue your decrees thru It & sing your music thru It. Do everything thru your Sphere of Whitefire & Blue Lightning of Divine Love From the Great Central Sun! Then the higher mental body will release thru you the greater intensity of Light & sacred fire required to remove from the things of the physical world the qualities which prevent them from being self-luminous. This greater protection must be drawn about you before some of these manifestations could be permitted!

Now there are sometimes, a great many times in fact, when thru a sudden sharply spoken word, not with irritation but with terrific force which is in agreement with the law of the Light, you can make vicious human creation let go at once! Sometimes it takes a terrific shock to loosen the hold of those creations upon the emotional body of an individual, especially when they have held it for years. When Jesus said "Come out of them!" He spoke with Authority! That is why if there are voices talking to you & suggesting this or that & you see unpleasant things, say: "Shut up! Get out of here! I AM the purity of the heart of God! I know you not!" Then say to the Presence: "Raise your sword of blueflame & strike blue lightning into that & annihilate it from the universe, do not let it touch any other part of Life!"

All life is one, all substance is one, all energy is one, all consciousness is one! Thus move forward the Authority of that cosmic Love which is so great It loves the whole & is ready to assist the whole & stand by to assist until the completion of the Victory. You must live for the whole & love the Light more than anything else! Did you know your attention is the magnetic attraction of your lifestream? The Light moves in & the darkness is annihilated; there is no battle because One alone is Authority & that is the Light!

I think you could stand some of my Life's flame in the atmosphere over your city today. You can command it to become self-luminous! You can make your calls that all substance over this city be so charged with blue lightning from the Great Central Sun that not one human thing remains. & beloved Helios will assist you as well. He has answered your calls recently, I have watched him! Don't accept for one second anything but the Victory of Light for which you call, the power of Light for which you call, the protection of Light, the opulence of Light! Light stands ready to flood you every moment with all that is within its heart! I say: no more acceptance to the shadows! My dear ones, let no more your attention rest on the shadows! Command the Light to take the place of every shadow & the cosmic Light as of thousands of suns to enter into the structure of Earth & make all things self-luminous with the fulfillment of the divine plan. & war or no war you will find cosmic beings coming to your assistance who will help you to win this Victory of Light & hold freedom for the Earth as St. Germain commands.

Teach the children to acknowledge only the Victory of Light in everything they contact & on their pathway they will have no struggle & no problems!

It is my power of Victory that must be called forth to annihilate hypnotic control & suggestion & to let that cosmic flame which I AM take the place of all human suggestions of the shadows which have been imposed upon lifestreams upon this Earth! So shall it be & We shall move forward into greater & greater victory each hour!

One day you must stand within my flame of Victory from the Great Central Sun & know that your Mighty I AM Presence, your acknowledgment of the cosmic Light & sacred fire are enough for you! Then thru you will blaze the feeling of your mastery over outer conditions. Until that hour comes We stand guard & render every assistance thru radiation & otherwise--as well as instruction--to bring you to the point where you feel the power of your own Light & you watch it go forth & perform according to your command. The day that you see & feel it at the same time & know that this Sphere of Whitefire & Blue Lightning of Divine Love stands around you, then will you know what the Authority of your lifestream means & what is ahead of you in the victory of your own mastery! Thank you for your efforts during this past week in acknowledging your Victory! Go on, & I say, try to acknowledge It more often!

Mighty Victory, Chicago, 12-3-44, excerpts

From great cosmic heights does there flow this cosmic flame of cosmic Victory, infinite & overwhelming to all upon earth which is not of the Light--Victory of which mankind has not yet even dreamed, Victory of such cosmic power, such terrific force, such almighty action as shall still the activity of every vibratory rate on this planet which is not of the Light!

I wish you to feel deeply the mighty cosmic flame from the great heights of Victory to which I call & from which flows forth constantly to the people of Earth all that is required to compel Victory on every hand as individuals will be the open door & let that cosmic flame flow with full conscious acceptance. Since I AM the director of the cosmic flame to Earth the twelve who came with Me are the cosmic guard of that flame & my legions direct it everywhere at your call. Unless you specify to your Mighty I AM Presence & to the directing intelligence of the various beings who direct this world, unless you say you want a concentration of Victory at any particular point the power of Victory is quiescent. Unless you make yourselves the focus into which it can be concentrated & directed where you will it does not act for you! It does not act in the world of human affairs unless harmony is maintained!

Using the Authority of the great creative Word I AM say to Life--first to your Mighty I AM Presence, then to the ascended masters--definitely what you want. I represent permanent perfection! & if you choose to charge my cosmic flame of Victory into all the substance & energy of your worlds & command them to glow & become self-luminous, command It to expand without limit, know It is eternal. Once you feel the manifestation of perfection seize it & say, "You are mine forever!" Then will I say to you, "I know you!" Victory, my beloved ones, is always the action of the sacred fire, because temporary domination by destructive forces is not Victory. Since your mighty St. Germain chose to try out his experiment of bringing this I AM Knowledge into the outer world, if you will remember, beloved Nada & I stood with him. I stand still with him & with his family of Light! I stand to make everything in america the purity, love & forgiveness which enables the Light of perfection to bring forth the fulfillment of the divine plan thruout this nation & keep it self-luminous & expanding thruout all time to come! Could you not remember Me this week? Will you try? Will you try to keep your attention upon Me & the cosmic flame of Victory which I represent to Earth? & Victory casts no shadows! I should not have to come to you every Sunday in order to remind you of my Presence; I would like to have you remember Me every day! O my loved ones, you have no idea how my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory can burn away all substance which is not pure & of the Light.

I wish you might experiment with singing my song of Victory & just acknowledging Victory in everything you do just for one day, qualifying it with my Victory, charging all the substance in your world & refusing acceptance to anything by my Victory. You can do it! Then you will never forget It again & you will never cease to make your calls. You cannot possibly lose by associating with Me! (applause, audience rises) Thank you so much. Now while you are standing may I consider Myself your guest for the week? (applause) I shall be accompanied by my cosmic flame which is just Me, & so I shall have to have room for that to stay where I AM! I trust your homes are large, your business ready to receive Me, & I shall just come in like the sunshine thru the window. I shall just come in & make you warm & comfortable, happy & luminous if you will let Me, for I shall go to work on the substance of your world. If you will make your calls I shall help you requalify all the substance in your worlds with my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory, but I insist that you remember Me! Just charge your memory tonight before you go to sleep with the command that it give acceptance to my cosmic flame of Victory with every breath you breathe, with every heartbeat, in everything you do for the coming week, not accepting anything, any quality less than my Victory.

Now I have another gift. The angels of Victory are very real beings but they must be accepted, invited, called into action. Since they only do the will of Love, may your love sent to them draw them into close association, so close in your daily routine that you are as aware of them as you are your hands & feet. When your heart's call draws from your Mighty I AM Presence a release of the flame of Love from its heart & sends that forth to produce victory for others, the twelve with Me & the cosmic angels of cosmic Victory observe that flame & clothe it with our Love to make it unchangeable as it passes thru the atmosphere of Earth to its destination.

Mighty Victory: