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When you enter into the heart of that flame & pour it forth in ever-expanding cosmic action your joy each day grows greater & you are concerned only with one thing, pouring that flame everywhere so others may know the same joy which is yours. Then your victory becomes the heart of creation, & the cosmic flame, the cosmic Love from each lifestream flows forth to unite with that great cosmic flame of cosmic Victory everywhere. None can know it until they enter in! None can comprehend or understand how great is my joy since I have entered into the cosmic flame & become cosmic Victory to the Earth until they too enter into that flame! I know just by turning their attention away from distress & holding it in the center of the cosmic flame of Victory that mankind too can become & feel my happiness & be permanent Victory in all they undertake! O I so long to do more!

The ceaseless swing of energy is the thing that pulls the attention, my loved ones, either to the heights of perfection & Victory to which you can attain or to the opposite. Then say to that attention: "Go into the heart of the flame of cosmic Victory! Stay there for eternity & never look anywhere else!" It is worth all the effort it takes to command everything in your beings & worlds to become my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory. I shall help you to remember, to accept, to feel & to issue your I AM decrees, your commands for my flame to surge everywhere into all the substance & energy of your worlds, into your consciousness & into all consciousness, & release all that my Victory is to the Earth!

The Garden of My Heart is everywhere that my Victory is called into action! So tonight if you remember to make this call, as you give my flame your first recognition on awakening in the morning, keep acknowledging that Victory from your beloved I AM Presence. Then turn your attention to Me, commanding yourselves to enter into the heart of the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory, & you shall feel our permanent happiness, the Light expand, & your struggle is no more. Victory sounds thruout the ethers & calls every heart Home--into the Light of St. Germain's freedom & the heart of the Elohim of Purity--until all have become the Victory of the divine plan fulfilled.

So feel my Love, my mantle of flame, my heart's call to your heart so all the flame of cosmic Victory that you know how to call forth shall now enter into the substance of your beings & worlds, expand & go forth to free all in America & thru America the world until the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory like a forestfire has swept everywhere & burned out all that is not perfection & happiness forever!

You shall be America's guard & freedom until the ascended ones come forth visible & tangible, until mankind's doubt, fear, selfishness & discord have been consumed & replaced by my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory & St. Germain's freedom & his cosmic Victory are complete forever. Thank you, beloved ones, for your love, your acceptance, your joy & victory tonight!

Mighty Victory, Chicago, 12-10-44, excerpts

My beloved legions of Victory, as I come this afternoon thru the atmosphere of Earth there floods around you a great cosmic circle of pink flame to make you feel the cosmic Power which is within the cosmic Love for which you call, for that is the first part of my Victory! Now let us part company with all that has distressed you. Please therefore hold harmony, go on with your decrees & govern every feeling within your solar plexus--the moment it is not happy & lacks the purity which you know should be there, then command forth the violet consuming flame.

Our greater powers are standing above you like an ocean of blazing dazzling light so bright you can scarcely look into it! However that must be held in abeyance until you, understanding the law consciously of your own freewill, command that never again shall resentment register in your feelings! When a condition is wrong & the individual feels resentment about it, that one feels justified in resenting it & therein comes the trap, because resentment is hate & nothing in all creation justifies you sending hate to any part of life in the universe nor to substance. why should you when your Life contains within It the power & directing intelligence by which you can correct the condition you resent? Now please do not deceive yourselves longer! Therefore with the Knowledge which has been given in this I AM Activity & your conscious acceptance & direction of the various activities of the sacred fire by which you can burn out anything in this universe that is wrong, it is but a matter of application & continued effort! There is no situation on the planet which justifies resentment in your feelings!

My dear ones, you must remember you are dealing with Life every moment & Life acts according to Law! the way to free yourselves & to help other lifestreams to be free whether you are still associated with them or not is to take the things which were given you in love & happiness at the time when you were harmonious & give the command that the good which came thru the individual is now taken by your I AM Presence, sustained & expanded forever, sent forth in victory & held protected! In that way you use every gift which has come from the Higher Mental Body of the other person. Then that which was discordant can be purified if you will but say to your I AM Presence & the I AM Presence of the other person: I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness of all human selfishness & discord! I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness & consuming flame of all human consciousness." Simply give your command that everything discordant which occurred between you is now seized by blue lightning angels & annihilated from the universe--cause, effect, record & memory--so it can touch no other part of life & is replaced by the Unfed Flame which takes & holds dominion there forever. Mankind still are held in their problems because they will not forgive! Remember, if you are to be free you must accept the responsibility & management of directing & qualifying energy because Life is energy, Life acts under Law! The Law of Life is the fulfillment of the divine plan, & anything else but obedience to it brings distress! Now when is your obedience to the divine plan going to be complete? That is for you to decide!

It was the accumulation around the individual which did the discordant things. Your freedom, your opportunity to free yourselves thru being the law of forgiveness is this application of which I AM speaking, & that is to command every constructive thing which has ever come to you from any association to be blessed by your own I AM Presence, expanded, protected & sustained thruout eternity to give victory, blessing & perfection to all! Call to your I AM Presence to strike its sword of blue flame into all discordant energies touching your life & to release every being of one's association from all discord imposed upon the energy of their Life. Some of your creations & some of those which have touched your lifestreams in the past will need the assistance of the ascended masters & cosmic beings because some of those unfortunate creations have been in the channels of war in the past & therefore are sustained by the mass feeling of war in the present.

Do you know why your bodies are ill sometimes? Because you have not forgiven! You have not GIVEN God's love, purity & peace to some of the energy that touched your world thru these experiences. You have held that energy still qualified with the feeling of resentment, so it torments you until you will forgive it by the purity & freedom of your Presence & let the sacred fire pour forth as love & blessings to the rest of the universe! That is why the mighty Goddess of Liberty, mighty Arcturus & beloved Jesus all gave the same decree: "If necessary for the protection of America--the jewel in the heart of God, then that Light as of a thousand suns shall descend into the Earth & dissolve & consume"--what?--"all human selfishness & discord." It will consume the discord from the energy you have held to yourselves qualified with resentment, with those hard feelings which are but hate to some part of life.

Now, if someone does something to you that is vicious & unkind, you who know this law have the full cosmic Authority & Power of your beloved Mighty I AM Presence, of every ascended master & cosmic being & you have every action of the sacred fire which purifies all things. It will release & go forth at your direction into whatever the condition may be, & if you will keep at it, more can be released thru your calls than the human creation contains. Therefore the complete release of each of your bodies from all discord & distress has to come thru the Law of Forgiveness--the giving of the sacred fire thru that energy & substance by burning away the qualities of that which held it close to you to torment you. You don't let go of the distress in your bodies unless you give God's peace, the flame of Peace to fill the place where shadows seem to be. My Love & my Forgiveness are my Victory & so shall it be with you!

When people are unkind & as you say hardboiled, my dear ones, I know it is not easy; but I say to you, you can have an armor of flame about you which burns it up & really never lets it register with you. You can turn away from the condition & call Archangel Michael or Mighty Astrea into action to consume it. Beloved ones, it is a marvelous feeling to be able to move among distressing conditions & hold the peace within yourselves which is the great Forgiveness in the use of the sacred fire, blue lightning, violet flame, cosmic light-substance, & flood it forth in whatever intensity is necessary to burn away discordant quality, redeem that energy, qualify it with God's perfection of the universe & command it to fulfill the divine plan. To a very large degree you do this when you visualize perfection in the place where imperfection seems to be or when you visualize the luminous Presence of an ascended master enfolding the individual or condition which is in distress. Who can tell Me how much action of the sacred fire or great Flame the ascended masters can project into the condition whose likeness you visualize! ("Sacred fire" is momentum of an ascended master, "great Flame" or "Unfed Flame" is simply the universal energy potentiality.)

We are not farther away from you than your own heartbeat because We are one with the flame of your Life! Our Love forgives very readily! We have no desire to hold any feeling against anybody or anything in the universe except to burn away that which is discordant. We have no trouble forgiving & you should not have! & these things will come back in family relationship again, again & again until one or the other dissolves that frightful quality by rising out of it thru divine love. Therefore you do need ascended master qualities! You do need the radiation from the ascended masters to make it easier for you to forgive the imperfections of life which you see everywhere about you! You can realy form the habit of saying to every wrong condition you see in the outer world: I AM the ascended masters' consuming flame & cosmic Forgiveness of that condition! I AM the cosmic flame which consumes those qualities & sets that energy free qualified with the cosmic flame of cosmic Love & Perfection which I know commands the fulfillment of the divine plan. Then go on your way.

If you will do this & if it is done completely so the habit is established of forgiving or just flashing the violet consuming flame or blue lightning of divine love from the Great Central Sun thru all appearances that are less than perfection, will you find yourselves & your worlds released from those same qualities! You will return to your eternal youth & beauty, for nothing ever spoiled it but just discord in your feelings.

Mighty Victory: