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Now you know why I offer you my Love & invite you to come into the Garden of My Heart, for no resentment can exist there, none whatsoever! Resentment, my dear ones, in business activities & in home conditions too is 90% of the cause of financial failure or financial lack in the activities of mankind. Resentment should be handled individually because mankind have charged forth so much of Life's energy qualified with the feeling of resentment; & they have felt justified in doing it--that is the biggest mistake of all. That is self-deception, that is hypnotic control & suggestion to life. Therein, my dear ones, have come the frightful tragedies of war & in this present one you will find the battle is between communism & those who recognize God.

Now if you will really obey St. Germain's request & never enter sleep until you have forgiven everybody that ever did anything wrong to you, you will know a freedom in these bodies, you will know a supply in your affairs, you will know a peace in your mind, in your feelings that as yet you have not experienced--because my Victory depends on your forgiveness & the consuming of resentment. That is why Jesus said, "In all thy getting get understanding." Understanding of what? How energy acts under your power of qualification! How energy acts thru your visualizing faculty! How energy acts & pulls upon your attention! That is the understanding that sets you free.

Go on your way like the wind! You are master of circumstance & wherever you move in the universe purify all things & bless all things, then you are master of all things by your own Scepter of Power if you accept It!

You have accepted discordantly qualified energy, why not accept the supreme authority of the sacred fire to go forth & use your Scepter of Power! That is true happiness: to see lifestreams awaken in peace & happiness & freedom when you have cut away those miscreations! There are three things connected with the outer self which should be completely annihilated--self-pity, self-justification & self-deception. You don't need to justify anything you do. When you do a thing right it is the Presence doing it, so let the Presence of Life justify it to someone else, don't you be concerned about it. All iritation is resentment! Criticism & condemnation & passing of judgment is resentment! & that is why it has held control so long, because resentment has had one disguise after another under which it has acted while gaining energy to live longer to torment mankind.

Mankind has been told thruout the centuries, "I will fight your battles & you shall hold your peace"--& there is no peace in resentment! Now you are going to let go of resentment, I so decree it! (applause, audience rises) Thank you, precious ones, I accept that for your Victory & I qualify it with my Victory of your freedom from all irritation & resentment henceforth! Beloved Master Jesus spoke directly to the disturbing thing--either the discarnate entities of which there were many at that time, or the black magicians which sometimes had control, or the humanly created thought & feeling forms which were causing the distress. He recognized, lived & felt his Authority & in the full Authority of his power of sacred fire said: "Come out of him & let go!" I say to every bit of irritation & resentment that has ever tortured any of you, this hour I take that from you. I say to that thing: Let go! You shall come out of these the beloved of the Light! You shall be annihilated from the universe, & the Unfed Flame, the cosmic flame of Love, Forgiveness & my Victory take your place & BE the Scepter of the Sacred Fire thru these lifestreams forever! They shall be clothed with the power of the Sun & raising their Scepters of Flame shall free others from all discord under which they have struggled. For they have walked the path, they have faced the Light, they have hearned the Law, they have called on the Law of Forgiveness, they have acknowledged the I AM as the only Authority & only Power acting! Therefore they move forward this hour with my Scepter of Loving Forgiveness & Victory clothed with the Sun, the flame of healing power from the sun to free others as they themselves have been freed!

My Victory shall claim all into its heart & the human qualities of distress shall be consumed within the Fire forever! Give to others as I have given to you & Victory shall claim the Earth & St. Germain's freedom shall blaze everywhere to release all life from all that is not the divine plan fulfilled! I thank you!

Mighty Victory, Chicago, 12-17-44, excerpts

I AM come, beloved of the Light, to bring the flame of cosmic Victory closer-centered within your own lifestreams & your activities in the outer world. If the Earth is to have its freedom in the Light then those who know the Light & carry the Light must call forthis this Victory of Light which I AM to the Earth! My Victory must be acknowledged everywhere that It seems not to be! Every set of circumstances which seems to you a problem must be commanded to become my Victory, then shall I establish my flame in & around you if you remember to call It forth.

You might desire victory within your hearts & within your feeling world but unless your acknowledgment & insistence on the release of the flame of my Victory goes forth into the atmosphere of Earth, then It would always remain in you as a desire instead of a manifested condition which gives release & relief to the rest of life around you! If you will always remember to qualify the word "victory" with "cosmic"--that is what belongs to this system of worlds, not all mankind's human creation put together could ever requalify It.

I have loved you a long time, my dear ones, as have others from Venus. For a long time We have poured forth our cosmic flames of Love & Victory for your Victory, & there have been many, or at least six, Golden Ages on the Earth wherein harmony in the feelings of mankind made a condition wherein they could come in contact with Us--because of the harmony of the Earth in those ages. Will you realize that when a condition seems to thwart you or there seem problems & temporary interference from so-called human authority, begin to call my Victory into action, but remember it is cosmic Victory & that is always fundamentally cosmic Love & cosmic Forgiveness & cosmic Victory because there first must come Love before you can forgive!

When the time approaches for the Kumaras to leave Earth when Earth is cleansed, permanently harmonized & held within the cosmic flame of cosmic Peace from the Mighty Elohim of Peace, when that is accomplished the Kumaras will return to their home on Venus as will I & those with Me, but not until Earth has become the cosmic flame of the Victory of our Love--& you are, each of you, a flame within that greater flame! Therefore I want you to feel very close-centered within that great cosmic flame which I AM pouring constantly thru all who are constructive, all who will give acceptance to this Light! No matter what the appearances are in America never yield for one moment to the acknowledgment of anything but the Victory of Light for which you call!

If a group of people knowing this Law continuously call for our Victory, that call goes to the heart of creation--if your calls are to the heart of creation & you are purifying yourselves as rapidly as you can standing steadfast with your attention upon the source of all power & your call is for the Victory of Light to cover the Earth, then that is like a shaft of Light to the Great Central Sun. I have agreed to stay on this Earth until Victory reigns supreme & It must come thru you! You could not have Victory by yielding authority to the beasts of war, could you? There must come within the feelings of the people a fierce determination to have the Victory of Light as the Authority in this land & not the depravity of the sinister force in its usurpted power. If you just said to yourselves as many times during the day as you could "O Victory, Victory, Victory! Take dominion in me & my world, all within us forever," you would give Me certain freedom to act & I AM quite sure you would never have cause to regret the dominion of our flame of Victory. If you don't say "Victory" in the name of Heaven how can you have it? If you continue to acknowledge It how can you escape It?

Double your Joy & Victory each hour. When you understand that our Victory always brings joy to all life except the sinister force--& you couple with It our cosmic Joy in that Victory, then the expansion of the Light is very much more rapid thru your emotional bodies because the Joy of Victory is very great just naturally. So Love, Forgiveness & Victory amplified by cosmic Joy are a combination you cannot exceed anywhere. So these four qualities are the cornerstone upon which St. Germain's cosmic Freedom is built! The violet flame goes before to purify, but Love & Forgiveness, Victory & Joy are the pathway upon which Freedom becomes eternal to mankind upon this Earth. Do you know what a great privilege Forgiveness is? Where would you be if it were not in the universe to act to set you free? Let Me tell you, there is not a thing which will bring you Joy quicker than complete Forgiveness. In other words give God's perfection completely everywhere you move in the place of where the human seems to be. Since this world needs a business association which has a heart in it, then our cosmic flame of cosmic Victory has within it the heart of Love & the flame of Forgiveness!

The outer world knows not the Elohim of Peace but they call to God as they know how for peace--& the God Presence from the Central Sun which provides the focus for the flame of Peace to Earth expresses Itself thru the Mighty Elohim of Peace. Will you call forth the victory of peace, the victory of love, the victory of forgiveness, the victory of happiness, the victory of healing, the victory of every quality you could ever desire, the victory of supply, the victory of wealth, the victory of everything divine?

Do you wonder I have come week after week to get this anchored within you to make you see the importance of your acknowledgment, to make you feel the flame of my Love & my Victory until one day the atmosphere, like a hand drawing the curtain aside, reveals to you my Presence & those who have come with Me! Therefore go on & on & on acknowledging the victory you really want, & in everything which seems to oppose that as if you swept it aside with your hands command the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory to take the place of that which seeks to disturb.

Accept the fire of my Victory & Power & call with your heart's Love & double It each hour! What do you think gave Me the opportunity to be the focus for that cosmic flame of cosmic Victory? That cosmic Love which transcends every human concept, for that is the fullness of cosmic Victory! Acknowledge our Victory for everything constructive & you give Us one open door after another thru which to flash our flame until it goes forth into the outer world & compels the perfection which Life commands to come forth here. So in the cosmic Love that is mine, in the cosmic momentum of my cosmic flame of cosmic victory I seal you tonight! May you feel it in every atom of your beings & where there seems to be distress in the body acknowledge my cosmic flame of cosmic Victory & you shall reveal the beings of health, strength & victory you really are!

I enfold you in my cosmic flame of cosmic Love, Forgiveness & Victory, of cosmic Joy which is mine from the use of the sacred fire of Life for hundreds & (of?) thousands of centuries wherein the Victory of the Flame has come forth at my command. Its pressure is cosmic & It is forever expanding! Remember when you call forth our flame of Victory, my flame of Victory It is the cosmic sacred fire which forever produces perfection, sustains & expands it to bless all for eternity. May every power of Love & Light in this universe attend you & make you my cosmic Victory in everything you do until your ascension! Thank you, my beloved legions of Victory!

Mighty Victory: