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Mighty Victory, Chicago, 12-24-44, excerpts

Since this is the season of victory, Happiness & Light it is quite a propos that I come to give my Love, Blessings & Victory for the reception of your blessed Master Jesus' mighty Love as it increases its intensity & in its outpouring tonight, tomorrow & in that which is to follow. My brother Jesus is the cosmic Victory of Light to this Earth & I AM honored & privileged to herald the greater release as it comes from his glorious Lifestream this night to touch the Earth once again in its expanding radiance, pour forth its healing love flame & bless with that cosmic fire element all upon Earth in the cosmic authority of the sacred fire of Victory forever! May I prepare beloved Mary's way for the greater cosmic flame of her Love & Healing to come to the Earth because as the cosmic expansion takes place each year in the greater acceptance by mankind of all that Jesus, beloved Mary & the Elohim of Peace mean to the Earth I AM privileged to be a part of their Victory too. May I herald the approach of the mighty flame & expansion of its authority, mark you, from the Elohim of Peace & may I lay my mantle of Victory on the pathway before them to let their flames burn thru all upon the Earth until the Victory of Love comes to all.

You, my beloved ones, are part of the garment of Light, the Victory of Life to the Earth! Will you each one consider yourself a part of the mantle of Light-substance which, enfolding the Earth, purifies & raises it once more into the luminosity of its divine pattern? The luminosity of the bodies of the mankind of Earth, of the structure of Earth itself & the atmosphere of Earth alone is Victory! Each lifestream is but an atom of this world. The structure of Earth itself must become luminous for it must ascend into that vibratory action of the ascended masters' consciousness wherein the Light from lifestreams who have embodied in this world becomes the enfolding flame of Love to raise the planet & its substance into the glory of the Sun! The planet Earth must again blaze the Light which sings eternal Happiness to the rest of creation, for the shadows sing not the Song of Life! Only the Light sings the Song of Blessing to Life! Only the Light gives the opulence of the universe for the use of mankind on Earth! Only the Light forgives the existence of shadows! The Light which comes from each one's own Lifestream, that glorious I AM Presence & Higher Mental Body, the Light from the physical Sun & the Great Central Sun, the Light from the ascended masters & cosmic beings who minister to the people of Earth, the Light from the seven Mighty Elohim who built the Earth, the Light from the powers of nature & forces of the elements upon Earth & within it--only that Light is the Victory of Life! Only that Light is Authority on this planet!

I AM the majesty of Victory supreme & only the divine plan's fulfillment could be that Authority & Power. Therefore will you feel That in your daily affairs? If you don't rise into the Authority & Perfection of your own glorious I AM Presence & produce the manifestations of the divine plan fulfilled, you may have a dozen problems tomorrow where you had one today--if you do not fulfill the divine plan! Will you think deeply upon the great flame of cosmic Love which gives so generously to mankind upon Earth the opportunity to be permanently happy, to produce eternal beauty & perfection, to become one with the majesty of the rest of the universe & to be the Authority over all manifestation here by the great Love of creation?

I hope to register within you today a record of what cosmic Victory means to life, & if you will give Me your attention often enough & call for my cosmic Illumination of all that cosmic Victory means to the Earth, I will raise you out of your struggle, problems & limitations, if you will let Me. But if you are to become the majesty of the power of cosmic Victory your attention must go to the gigantic plan of creation & you must realize the part that you are privileged to serve & to express in the fulfillment of the divine plan! Only as you take your attention off petty things of human affairs will you have time & attention to give to that majesty of creation--the Victory of the divine plan fulfilled which faces you everywhere when you look Above! Victory is the expansion of the flame from the heart of your I AM Presence thru your physical forms & the returning to your source in the infinite manifestation of the universe the glory & beauty of the divine plan fulfilled thru you.

I say tonight when in distress take you attention off yourself the outer self regardless of what the distress seems to be! Command that attention to go to the Mighty I AM Presence & the cosmic beings who are rendering service to the whole world & try to comprehend something of the magnitude of those Lifestreams. When Above you is the infinite opportunity for your cosmic Victory why let this outer self make you a slave of its limitations? The beloved Goddess of Light told you that the Higher Mental Bodies of individuals often stand with hands over eyes that they may not behold your iniquity, showing that the Higher Mental Body is not interested in your mistakes or limitations! That is why Jesus said, "See no man after the flesh!"

The shadows can teach you nothing about the Sun but the Sun can annihilate the shadows! The shadows may pass between you & the sun but the shadows never get into the Sun & they cannot take It out of existence! You have the opportunity of being the cosmic Sun of Victory supreme & the divine plan fulfilled to bless all you contact with permanent happiness. Why should you discuss each other or your mistakes? You have been in the shadows for many centuries, you no longer need to stay for the Door opens wide ahead of you: to live forever in the Victory of the Light! Go forward, my brave ones! My Love enfolds you! My dear ones, please from this hour take your stand that the fulfillment of the divine plan every moment you exist here in the physical body is the only thing to which you give your attention, love & energy! He who has the courage, strength & power to place that glorious I AM Presence above all on the planet & say: "There alone belongs the attention of mankind! There will I give my love & devotion! There will I point all mankind to the heights! There will they receive the power which frees them all & to that height alone do I give my all" --is master of all!

That glorious I AM Presence Above you, my loved ones, that mighty adorable I AM Presence, the supreme Victory of the sacred fire thruout creation, can in one flash of a flame from its hand do for you & for others what you cannot do in physical assistance no matter how hard you try. I say to you, know your I AM Presence, dare to put It first. Point mankind to the heights! I AM pleading with you to be loyal to that Self! There must your love & devotion go! There must the credit be bestowed! There must the acknowledgment be given! There alone comes to you--Heaven! Victory means the I AM Presence is acknowledged above all! Jesus attained the great victory & was the example of its manifestation, but he gave that I AM Presence all, & all the Presence had enfolded him in its cosmic powers which made him supreme over this world forever. Who is the Victory of the universe? The Individualized Flame from the Great Central Sun in your Presence, in your heart, in your Higher Mental Body! Linger no longer in the entertainment of physical senses when Above you abides the Master Presence of sacred fire ready to release thru your physical forms those mighty flames that produce manifestations of magnitude, beauty, perfection & joy which are forever a blessing to all creation. Command conditions to yield you the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory, & they will either disappear or become the perfection of happiness worthy of being made eternal.

Make up your minds this hour to be the Joy of my cosmic Victory & that flame shall flash to you as lightning thru the cloud, & I shall reach you everywhere instantly! Call forth the cosmic flame of cosmic Victory to be the mantle which enfolds every person on the planet with the cosmic Sacred Fire that compels all else to cease to be! This power is within your lifestreams else I would not be here!

When the beloved ones in the shadows of the outer world's distress come to you & turn their attention once again to the Godhead of the universe, then do We want you to stand forth magnificent beings of Victory! Then will you say to these who have come from the shadows: "Beloved, here is the Light! There is thy pathway Home! I will lift thee by the hand & thy freedom shall be now!"

The surge of the cosmic Light over the next eight days is of tremendous importance. All cosmic beings are converging in the outpouring of their mighty rays & their cosmic flames to the accomplishment of the Victory of Light everywhere! May you be a marvelous Crystal Cup, receive from them all they want to give, retain it & BE its ever-expanding fountain of outpouring wherever you move henceforth. I want the divine plan fulfilled for you & thru you! May the cosmic flame of my Love's Victory enfold you as a garment of sacred fire! May it go forth this hour to clothe those in the distress of the rest of the world (i.e., the soldiers of the free world) & like lightningflashes thru the sky make one flame after another go forth & wrap itself around those precious ones to bring them back here happy & the Victory of my Love forever! I will do if you will call & together we shall move forward & hold the hands of all till Victory of the divine plan fulfilled thru cosmic Love's great power shall flood the Earth & forever still the human from mankind this hour!

Mighty Victory: