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Mighty Victory, Chicago, 12-31-44, excerpts

Now as the flame of Victory, the Joy of my Victory is amplified & released from the Royal Teton tonight so everyone of your lifestreams as flames of Victory within that greater wave shall continue in action, amplifying & expanding by our cosmic action of the fire element whenever you direct it & werever you decree it to go & it shall be held in sustained action if you so decree it. I AM determined to stand guard with you & do everything I can to make you victorious in your every heart's desire! After all, whenever there seems to be danger threatening, make your call to your Mighty I AM Presence & the ascended host to stand guard & increase your protection & then command yourselves to be my Victory! Acknowledge your Victory! Don't spend time looking back or regretting anything. You are here this far, the Light is ahead of you. Nobody can keep you down but yourselves & you are not the kind to stay down. I shall see to that! (applause)

We stand ready to make every constructive thing victorious on this Earth if mankind will keep their attention upon the Victory they really crave & which is the only source of permanent happiness. I do hope that during the coming year whenever you think of Me, whenever you acknowledge Victory you shall always acknowledge the Joy of Victory, my Joy of Victory, the ascended masters' Joy of Victory, the cosmic Joy of Victory. If you want something done just acknowledge the Victory of it already manifest. Acknowledge your Victory first, my precious ones! If you will do that it gives Me the opportunity to flash the flame & wrap it around whatever the condition or activity is, & then as you draw it into association with yourselves you will find it carries the quality of my Victory.

Let us set this pattern at the beginning of the year & be determined that it shall be the controlling authority for the entire year in everything you do. Let us see how much momentum of our Victory & Joy--our Joy of Victory--you can draw forth into your worlds in the coming year. So you really become as it were a powerhouse & individuals in the rest of the world are sort of relay-stations. In that way the greater your Victory the more joy you have & the less sense of struggle, the easier it will be to expand their Light & let the Light help control all conditions in those localities in which they move. At this time in world history because of the greater means of travel of modern times, the faster means of travel, this Light has been enabled to spread thruout the entire civilized world, so there are great streams of the flame of the Sacred Fire & cosmic Light, especially the Unfed Flame--the activities for which you call--that are drawn forth for your blessing here. Your etheric bodies stand tonight in the radiance of the Unfed Flame which always has to come before the outer physical manifestation of it can be established permanently in the outer world--where people understanding its sacredness & its power purify themselves & then come into its radiance to receive its cosmic assistance.

That Unfed Flame established in the Royal Teton has for long centuries generated its power there & was called into action as a sustaining focus for those bodies. You who tonight will pass thru that retreat will at the inner level receive of that sustaining radiance also. & the beloved Sanat Kumara who has for many centuries drawn its mighty activities here to the Earth, feeling the pull of that Love go forth & enfold those blessed ones in the midst of such frightful conditions, will pour forth his enfolding Love about that radiance, & as you accept It & It is drawn within your atmosphere by your own Higher Mental Bodies tonight I want you to feel it. This is no idle imagining! This is an inner action of Life's great blessing to you! It will give you very much greater power of accomplishment!

When you add those two powers together, the power of that Unfed Flame & the Joy of my Victory, there is no reason why everyone of you in this room tonight & all under this radiation should not move forward into magnificent accomplishment during the coming year. You should be the outstanding lights of the world to give the assistance to others which they so much require at this time! My dear ones, you do not yet know the capacity all of you have to assist many many many of mankind! The Knowledge which you have attained thus far you can go forth & give to others where they are receptive, but never intrude It! Thru your radiation of purity, peace & kindness, just your natural harmony & this power of the Unfed Flame drawn around you, each of you tonight, the very radiation around you should be able to carry illumination & assistance to those who come to you from the outer world.

Life is very wonderful, my dear ones, in providing these special activites for the assistance of mankind at this hour of distress. Life is always trying to help mankind undo the results of mistakes, & it is my joy--joy that is positively ecstasy--when I see one lifestream after another released from those conditions which have distressed them for so long. Only as you observe the radiance of our assistance tonight & experience its blessings & greater powers over the coming year will you realize how great has been the gift of Life & Love to you. Your privilege is very great!

Don't allow any sense of depression to come into your feelings because perhaps you have not lived up to the action of the Law as much as you would like. Because you fall off your perch a little is no reason you have to be downhearted; just laugh a little & crawl back up, but be twice as determined to stay up. May we expand with cosmic Love & again flood around the world our cosmic call for Victory until every heart turns to the Victory of the Light & is free from distress forever.

My precious ones, none of you yet comprehend o but in a very small way what the gigantic cosmic power of the cosmic flame of Joy & Victory of the cosmic Love from Venus means to the Earth! There is no such thing as failure to that cosmic flame of cosmic Love which sustains a planet in absolute perfection. As you go to the Royal Teton & stand within the radiance of its mighty Sacred Fire I want you to feel that you draw into your world in & around yourselves a cosmic action of the ascended masters' consciousness which is always Victory. If you will remember, the Great Divine Director commanded the Unfed Flame into that focus & it was established there centuries ago. He was the one who commanded It into action, & since he is Authority over the lifestreams of mankind, then as each of you goes there in your etheric body & you absorb the outpouring of his blessing you must necessarily become more of the outpicturing in your daily activities of the joy & perfection of his great Love which drew that Fire into a focus there.

May you feel my flame of Victory so tangibly & use it so constantly & feel Me so insistently within it that the time will not be long when We can come to you in the visible tangible bodies, talk with you direct & then plan & assist St. Germain in the purifying & perfecting of America & in laying the foundation for the permanent Golden Age to the Earth. You sit here in this clean pure atmosphere held within my consciousness of Victory & I want you to feel that no matter what you attempt to accomplish if you will call my Victory into action first & acknowledge the cosmic flame of cosmic Love, Joy & Victory from your Presence first, then from Myself, from Venus, the Great Central Sun & the other ascended beings, truly will there be a steady recognition in your feelings & a steady acceptance which will just day after day expand one flame after another in & around you just like a flower unfolding its petals. & you will stand forth revealed as a thousand-petaled lotus of that cosmic flame of Love & Victory & Freedom from the Great Central Sun which is the divine plan of your lifestream!

So do not feel discouraged but do stand on guard! Do not let down the bars in your calls for protection until you stand wholly ascended in Our octave. So tonight in preparation of your great privilege, as the mighty mighty lightrays & those activities of the fire element--those great spheres of blue flame--are projected into the conditions of the war, may the gathering power at the inner level of the Sacred Fire burst thruout the Earth & put an end for all time to any way & means of holding war on this planet for any reason!

May every power from Venus assist you this coming year to make you the happiest people on Earth & to release thru you the powers which raise the rest of mankind out of distress. Let the Love, Victory & Joy that Life wants to bring on this Earth flood forth to take command of its own & dissolve the shadows by the Victory of Light forever! I clothe you in the Presence of the flame of Love from my heart & may my mantle of Victory be so tangible about you that you feel it as powerfully as you do your physical garments. Then others will feel it & together we can bring the Victory of Light to the world.

Mighty Victory: